Engaged in another power-tripping fantasy of destruction you become the second virus infected Prototype.

'Prototype 2' takes itself pretty serious with a downright eerie opening cinematic that sets the tone for the war-zone apocalypse that you will be engaging in. Taking control of Sgt. James Heller you become the infected when you cross paths with Alex Mercer (the protagonist from the first Prototype venture.) During this opening/ interactive sequence, Heller becomes another vengful Prototype with rage in his eyes. Similar to Mercer, the path to self-descovery gets you into the groove. However, the build is rather slow until you get things moving, but once you start digging deeper in the plot with blood soaked fists 'Prototype 2' finds its stride.

Havoc will not be Denied
For those who played and enjoyed the first Prototype, you'll be more than excited to slice through the second adventure. Playing the first game isn't required due to the pulled together storyline and quick-to-learn gameplay. Both "Prototypes" play by the same principles; free-roaming destruction. However, 'Prototype 2' tries to put a little more emphasis on the story. The focus in "2" revolves around the conjunction of our new hero and Mercer. As expected this also includes a mixed up tale involving Blackwatch (the main antagonist faction) conspiracy theories. This starts with 1960's Biological weapon and moves on to the “blame game,” right and wrongs, drama-drama-drama.... well really, whatever. Truth is, we just wanna cause havoc and play with some cool powers. Thankfully havoc is not denied and you get to unleash awe-inspiring powers through various slaughter missions. 'Prototype 2' has all the tools in the world to be the most exciting game on the planet, but it doesn't always live up to that grand potential and can be rather droll; surprising, but true. Again, thankfully it's never dull for extended periods thanks to a variety of mission styles that can crank the throttle up.

Beyond the groveling of (some) monotonous missions, the godlike powers that 'Prototype 2' surrealistically grants is good enough to keep most players interested. This power-fantasy is an easy win; and like its predecessor, once you start levelling up, things get more interesting. Unlocking powers and earning XP all while you murder half the population of this poor unexpected city is sadistically fun. You can shape-shift, run up buildings, throw tanks city blocks far, and more. Think “Spider-Man” meets “Wolverine,” then let “Pinhead” at them for a few hours of hell-tinkering and you might have a version of 'James Heller.' James is “Bad-ass” and you'll feel it when you are roaming the streets in a blizzard of destruction. Just don't expect to gravitate to his personality. It's a "power" game here.


Becoming the Predator
Switched up from the original, 'Prototype 2' shows a tighter combat system with a few adjustments to the power-sets. It's not a major overhaul, but some rightful tweaking. This includes a new “Sonar” (viral sonar pulse) type ability that aids Heller in pinpointing targets. The sonar feature can be slightly burdensome until you get used to the “pinging,” but once you do, you feel more in-control, like a true predator. Additionally, more weapons have been included, but like the last 'Prototype,' weapons fall secondary to the powers. Not to miss... a new power-selecting wheel helps you get what you want, when you want it. This is a simple, yet commendable adjustment that makes for easier transitions from what used to be a little frantic in high-pressure situations.

Adding some visual Mojo
Spicing up the “look” developer 'Radical Ent.' invoked a slightly more stylistic approach that keeps things interesting. In comparison with the first 'Prototype,' which was rough around the edges, the edges have been smoothed out with a little more visual “mojo.” For a reference to graphics and style think something like 'Infamous,' which also has a similar feel in gameplay. What does stand out is the colour pallet, which has some nice blues and reds added into all the dark browns and greys. Understandable 'Prototype 2' wasn't going anything too over-stylized, but its nice to see some lighter shades involved. Secondly the game runs at a lightning fast speed with virtually no slowdown or load-times. Geez it took awhile, but it finally feels like the “next-gen” is here within 'Prototype 2.'

The environments are also more destructible and littered with more activity. More attention has been paid to make the city to make it feel more alive, and it does. There is a lot to check out, however, you probably will miss most of the nuances thanks to blood being spilled over these soft touches. The main complaint, and one that fallowed suit with the original 'Infamous' was the lack of diversity within the city/gamespace. It is mildly disappointing, but doesn't effect the overall "feel" of the game. Like any game stuck in one (while large) space, if it's not really tinkered with, it can feel slightly boring after 10+ hours.

A Proto-comparison
As a sequel 'Radical Ent.' did a great job reinventing the series without reinventing the series (if you get what I mean.) The new hero/anti-hero works and the gameplay has only been tweaked for the better. Although some of the innovation and mojo has been lessened (mainly because its not as fresh,) 'Prototype 2' still holds its own. For those wondering which game is better, it's truly hard to say. Both “Prototypes” have their strengths and like most sequels, it is hard to reinvest that “mystique.” There is a valiant effort here; but in "awe" factor it does fall a little short. I know I said it “holds its own,” but that is more of straight-up gameplay comparison, which is enough, but not enough to be the 'Arkham City' to its 'Asylum.'


From Mercer to Heller, this tale of biological warfare balances the narrative with total destructive freedom. While slow to start and a somewhat fluctuating pace can be frowning, there is more than enough action when the heat is turned up. Gamers who have enjoyed the original, or new fresh-blood entries into the series; 'Prototype 2' has enough bang for your buck by commanding a strong (and unique) presence in the over-cluttered action gaming market. If you like open-world action games with a flair for mayhem, 'Prototype 2' is an easy pick.


  • want violence? Prototype 2 has got it for you
  • doesn’t forget its past, very involved from the original
  • quick gameplay with lots of destruction
  • great sense of "power"
  • some visual improvements with a rock-steady frame-rate
  • slow start
  • fluctuating pacing (very up and down)
  • not as impactful as the original
  • while Heller works, he's no Mercer
Quote: "'Prototype 2' has enough bang for your buck by commanding a strong (and unique) presence in the over-cluttered action gaming market. If you like open-world action games with a flair for mayhem, 'Prototype 2' is an easy pick."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 05.14.12 | Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360

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Prototype 2




US Release
May '12


X360, PS3

Players 1
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p
D/L Content