Extreme Gamer is a Canadian gaming media site that is focused on updating our readers with the latest reviews for the handheld and console market of gaming. We also update our news feed daily keeping up with the latest news, press releases, game releases, and rumors. Our staff is filled with dedicated and talented souls who wish nothing more than to spread their views on gaming. Since 2004 the amount of reviews have grown in numbers long with our presence on the internet, beyond our humble beginnings as an 'Xbox only' review site. Extreme Gamer now handles the next-generation of gaming along with the respected handheld gaming devices.

Extreme Gamer is a globally marked brand, however being located in Canada, we keep a strong focus the Canadian consumer and as a result our site is gowning expediently in the Canadian sector. Go Canucks! In comparison to other locations around the world 66% of our readers are located in Canada, and has become a popular destination for people in British Columbia and Southern Ontario. Thank you, Abbotsford and Hamilton!

The reviews we provide are intended to help inform the gaming community about games they are thinking about purchasing, or have already purchased. Since games aren’t cheap we want to reader to have a dependable source for honest reviews, along with an up-to-date source for all the latest industry news. You also might notice a variance in a scale compared to other popular gaming destinations and this is mainly because we passionate about the games and give them their fair judgment without bias.

Our rating scale which was developed in our conception takes a different approach than other gaming sites with a strong focus on innovation, gameplay, presentation (graphics & sound) and mojo. Since the majority of the writers have been playing games for over 15+ years, it only strengthens our rating system. We are not here to simply "pass out" high ratings, we take our reviewing responsibilities with pride and importance. Very few games have landed the elusive perfect 10/10 rating at Extreme Gamer.

I would like to thank all our readers and staff who have contributed to Extreme Gamers success over the years, I'm sure we have a few more in us. Well, enough talk, let's get back to the games!

• Review count: May 2010 - 831 games reviewed
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• Quick Demographics - 66% Canadian Readership, Mainly males ages 18-34, No Children, College Educated, Earning incomes of 60K-100K.

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