Continuing his journey, Cole McGrath sparks back to life to take on the Beast in Infamous 2.

In the inaugural moments of Infamous 2 you will have the chance to continue your game from inFAMOUS. Either good or bad you will gain a bonus for progressing through the original adventure. If you haven't played the highly recommend original or just want a fresh start you can choose “Start a new Game” to begin your endeavor with a clean slate. However, I urge you to pick up the original, either as a 'Greatest Hit' or a free gift from the PSN welcome back program. Even though the bonuses are not overly expanded, it is a nice to see 'Sucker Punch' give something back to all those loyal inFAMOUS gamers.

For all those who haven't played the original, a graphic art styled prologue gives a full explanation of the back-story while leading us forward into the sequel. The set-up for Infamous 2 is elementary; prepare for a battle with the Beast. You meet this formidable foe in the initial events in Infamous 2, and from that moment it is crystal-clear, Cole has his work cut out for him. Face-to-face with the colossal Beast, Cole os forced to retreat from Empire City and lick his wounds. Rebuilding and evolving in the dynamic city of New Marais, Cole builds up his strength to take on this powerful rival.

Being an open-world action adventure the new location of New Marais (with its obvious New Orleans influence) feels more alive than Empire City, and even better, it's less repetitive. Leaping from one area to another Infamous 2 is instantly vivacious and visually impressive. Considerably sharper, the colour and lighting effects are easy highlights that bleeds down to the fluid animation of our hero. Compared to other 3rd person action games, 'Sucker Punch' overachieves. Even though glitzy lights don't make the game, it sure helps to make you feel like part of the world; like the super-hero 'Sucker Punch' wants you to be.

Cole and his small support group help him refocus his skills in order to return to Empire City. This first change is a much needed addition, a melee weapon called “The Amp.” The amp is like a metal pipe version of a baseball bat that does a good amount of damage while adding a new close up element to the combat. Like every aspect of Coles' powers, including the Amp, his powers evolve and can be upgraded by earning points during the game. Points are earned by doing good or bad deeds in and out of combat. This includes finding 'Blast Shards' that are scatted all over the games space. All this is done with real-time feedback so you know how your actions are affecting your alignment (good/evil.) This not only keeps you engaged with the character and the combat, but it also keeps you thinking of more creative ways to earn greater rewards. Improved combat, you bet.

Thankfully 'Sucker Punch' didn't make too many adjustments when it comes to the gameplay. This is a good thing since the first inFAMOUS was so tight. As you expect electricity the key element in Infamous 2 along with its "Parkour" element; meaning you will being doing your fare share of 'Assassin's Creed' climbing combined with 'Tony Hawk' styled grinding (minus the board.) Unlike other 3rd person games, Infamous 2 can feel a little lacking without a wide assortment of missions that don't require combat. Yet, it works because Cole is a brash hero that lives for combat, he's just that type of guy. The only real sense of disappoint comes with the loss wonder that the original created. Cole McGrath and the world of Infamous is such a great idea, it is a shame that this super-hero tale has become slighty wearisome.

The concept of Cole's morality comes back into play, which greatly contributes to the replayability of the game. However, they are mainly superficial choices basically work out as a good excuse to pick one path over another. Choosing good or evil karma side-missions and how you carry yourself in the game can lead to a different experience. Both sides feel powerful, but the darkside has that abandoned scene of madness create an evil, yet fun grin on your face. Growing into the narrative you will also start to grow closer to one of the two female sidekicks that determine if Cole's added element of fire and ice. Although for some reason both "side-kicks" lack the emotional connection when compared to other super-hero tales. Maybe next time Cole can find a little more depth within his world.

Another new feature is the ability to create your own content into the game. These user-created missions appear in game space as little markers, if you're connected to the internet. Random mission can be started in your single player game with ease, rated and recommended if you wish. On the release date, "Sucker" has put a fair amount of content in the game that shows the diversity in the engine. No doubt it's a feature that will appeal to the more hardcore gamer. However, I wasn't too impressed with the missions created by 'Sucker Punch,' although I'm sure Infamous 2 will spawn some creative bonus content; best yet, it's free!

Infamous 2 is a solid follow-up to the original game, although it doesn't bring anything overly new to the series, it still provides an excellent vice for superhero escapism. The depth of gameplay is deep and with the added bonus of user-created content, there are several reasons to keep you connected. Infamous 2 might not bring in any new fans, but the old ones should be generally pleased. Fans of third-person open world adventure games, do yourself a favour and check out Infamous 2 (and the original, if you haven't do so yet,) its might not be premier action game of this generation, but the series is slowly growing to be a memorable footnote.

  • Lots to do, lots to see, and a lot of bodies to fry
  • Good/Evil Karma enhances the replay factor
  • New "Amp" melee weapon improves combat
  • Improved visuals, environments have more diversity
  • Gameplay has a great flow that is continuously entertaining
  • If you're inclined, you can create your own missions
  • Although fun, the missions lack diversity
  • Not much new from the original
  • Slight camera issues, expected in a 3rd person action game
  • New "side-kicks" lack emotional depth

Quote: "Infamous 2 is a solid follow-up to the original game, although it doesn't bring anything overly new to the series, it still provides an excellent vice for superhero escapism."

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 06.10.11

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Infamous 2


Sucker Punch Productions


US Release
June '11



Players 1
HD 480-720p
Dolby 5.1/ DTS
2.8GB HD Space
U/C Content