Frank West and Chuck Greene team up for some zombie slaughtering fun in the first downloadable package for Dead Rising 2 called Case West.

The testosterone kicks in early as hardened Chuck Greene meets up with the original zombie-slayer, Frank West, the lead protagonist from the original 'Dead Rising.' Pleading Greene's case of set-ups and corporate espionage, Frank teams up with the talented motocross racer under the guise “I don't always believe what I see on TV.”

Heading west from the confines of Blue Castle's mini-Vegas, West and Greene plan on peeling back another layer of "the truth" by doing a little unlawful B&E, and as expected this minor investigation / "peek" turns into an all out zombie vs. human bloodbath as both heroes start out swinging (literately) at the hordes of zombies. Having the two leads placed within the same title is pure fan service that should make the zombie-bashing loyalists who love Capcom's “Dawn of the Dead” simulator very happy.

The familiar gameplay mechanics continue from 'Dead Rising 2' following the same principles -- grab a weapon and start swinging. Even familiar, 'Case West' still feels a little fresh since you have a partner to keep you company during your escapades. Co-Op play is excellent and really works even with the CPU controlling your companion. Co-op won't be the main draw, but it is a lot of fun and if you haven't had a chance to test out this feature in 'Dead Rising 2,' here is another excuse. Really, I can't think of a better way to kill some time with a friend. Zombies make such good fodder.

The delivery isn't much different either with the game switching up between cut-scenes, action segments and timed missions. Albeit the game is shrunk down, its like a mini version of 'Dead Rising' just like the first expansion pack that was released prior to the main game. Capcom has played their cards right with the 'Dead Rising' series and 'Case West' extends the drama of the series even more (even if all the Phenotrans madness is a little bit too much.)

Taken away from 'Dead Rising 2' was Frank's photojournalist capabilities to snap photos, so rightfully it has returned although it really doesn't effect the game too much. Overall it's probably something you will fool around with for a bit then forget. It's also a drag that Frank is just an NPC (offline.) Hooking up online is the only way to actually play Mr. West. I guess we'll take the good with the bad.

What is stimulating about the new entry is creating new weapons of death. 'Case West' includes a few new combinations to build with a few “classics” returning along with new ones that will put a sickening, yet good smile on your face. Ah, blood, zombies, weapons of death, that's gaming. Peace and love, y’all.

Who you're going to kill is more is simply more of the same (a good thing in a zombie game!!) however, a few human element has been added, much like the original, you will be hammering your fellow species who might be a little more greedy at heart. The human direction adds some variance, but its a direction I would like to see LESS off. I like killing zombies, that's why I play 'Dead Rising.' If anything I would like to see more “zombified” creatures. 'Dead Rising 3: Into the Zoo' sounds like a great idea!

'Dead Rising: Case West' doesn't have the same initial draw as the first downloadable offering, which is understandable given 'Dead Rising 2' wasn't even out yet. 'Case West' is more of the same action you can find in 'Dead Rising 2' with the bonus of killing in pairs. While it is great to see Frank return and alongside Greene, this new "expansion mission" feels redundant at times. Still 'Case West' will satisfy those who haven't sold their copy of 'Dead Rising 2,' otherwise I would hold off until the next instalment of zombie-bashing from 'Blue Castle.' If you need a zombie fix, return to the other "full" disc editions of the game.

  • Two protagonists are better than one
  • Continues the twisting lore of 'Dead Rising'
  • New weapons to craft
  • Original 'Dead Rising' fans, West is back
  • Feels redundant at times
  • Why not play Dead Rising 2 instead?
  • Can't play Frank offline

Quote: "Case West will satisfy those who haven't sold their copy of 'Dead Rising 2,' otherwise I would hold off until the next instalment of zombie-bashing from 'Blue Castle.' "
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 01.19.11

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Dead Rising 2
Case West DLC


Blue Castle


US Release
December '10


Xbox 360 DLC

Players 1
Co-Op 1-2
Online MP 1-4
HD 720p (PS3)
HD 1080 (X360)
HD Install (PS3)
5.1 surround
800 MS Points
1 GB D/L