Four months after Dragon Age II's release, Bioware is offering up another Darkspawn killing adventure via download.

Dragon Age II offers up another slice of DLC with the story-driven add-on called Legacy. Picking up at Galmen's house or the Hawke Estate depending how far you are in your game, you will embark on another adventure told through the memories of Varric, of course. The DLC can be activated at anytime after you reach the city of Kirkwall, this includes gamers who have already finished the game. For reference; I completed my run through of "Legacy" with a level 22, Hawke who has already finished the main campaign.

The DLC starts with your crew dealing with a clan of Carta dwarfs who are fanatically seeking "the blood of the Hawke." Dealing with these possessed dwarfs unveils a deeper plot that entangles the ancient Darkspawn Corypheus and your father who once worked with the Grey Wardens. Following the footsteps from your father you will head deep into the 'Vimmark Mountains,' an ancient Grey Warden prison that holds this beast at bay. Along the way you will learn more about the Hawke's lineage, unlock a new weapon and twist-and-turn through another dungeon-like environment. In basics; enjoy some dialog, follow the little yellow arrow and kill everything that moves.

Helping you on your journey is the supporting character Larius. Larius is a half-crazy Grey Warden who was actually around when your father last visited this area. Interacting with Larius makes for memorable sequences and is another example of Bioware's nack for characterization. You really never know Larius' motives which makes for an interesting run as you follow him through the mountainside prison. Now only if Larius could come back to the main game because he would off up some much needed spice to your travels within Kirkwall.

When selecting your party to take on the "Legacy" DLC is a good idea to take either Bethany or Carver with you since you're dealing with exploits of your father. Digging deeper into their lineage helps to flush out your character, which was something missing from the initial adventure. Really, it's too bad that this "mission" wasn't included in the main game because it would have helped gather a tinny bit of extra interest in being a Hawke, not to mention add some depth to the Darkspawn for those who didn't play Dragon Age: Origins. Still, "Legacy" has some weight for those who want a greater perspective on the Hawke clan as they deal with their deep seeded emotions.

For the most part "Legacy" is your standard dungeon crawling affair, although Bioware managed to sneak in the unique twist of 'Hawke's Key.' This key, which drives a portion of the narrative, also doubles as a sword... and not just a simple one time hacker, a sword that absorbs magic from pillars scattered throughout the prison. At each pillar one type of magic can be selected to add a nice little boost to the weapon, and best thing, it can be brought to the main game after your DLC tribulations have ended. Aside from the obvious elemental bonuses that you would expect, you can also acquire bonuses that increase your attack speed, health drain, armour penetration, improving your chance for critical damage and so on.

The enemies you'll face in "Legacy" mainly consist of dwarfs and Darkspawn. From your first rumblings with the Carta you will work your way up to fighting Genlocks (and Genlock Alpha) which are large pack roaming creatures who are the muscular opponents who resemble a demonic gorilla. You will also take on a more intelligent Darkspawn breed called the Hurlock who command the lesser creatures making them a excellent first target. Lastly you'll face off against the Bronto (pictured below,) which is a huge beast that are used for trade and transport. Once provoked the docile beast fires up and unleashes a strong stomping attack. While the additions don't add much to expand on what you've seen already through the normal game, the final boss battle is worthy of being called a boss. I actually enjoyed the end battle more than most battles in Dragon Age II, which is surprising given the short amount of time you have getting familiar with this monster-sized foe.

For a little over $10.00 you can escape back into the world of Dragon Age II. However, the two hour run time might not be enough to real you back into its dungeon spelunking world. Playtime vs. price is the major deterrent here, but if you miss your Dragon Age II and want something new, you'll likely enjoy your time exploring the Grey Wardens' prison, even if it's only for a brief moment.

  • Adds some depth to the Hawke family lineage
  • New loot, enemies and location (even if it's only underground)
  • A worthy boss battle
  • Feels more like a outtake than a worthy piece of DLC
  • Run time is short
  • Doesn't stand out enough from the regular campaign
Quote: "Playtime vs. price is the major deterrent here, but if you miss your Dragon Age II and want something new, you'll likely enjoy your time exploring the Grey Wardens' prison, even if it's only for a brief moment."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 08.01.11

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