Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy - 12.01.05

Introduction:Its not 1979 anymore, but that didn't stop Rockstar from making a gaming adaptation of the classic movie, The Warrior". This novel turned movie, now to game has just as much impact as the original content. The Warriors takes you deep into old school gang warfare in the streets of New York City . If you like, beat em up styled games, and then no doubt you will find something to dig in The Warriors.

The Game: No ones else could of made this game like Rockstar, The Warriors is a brutal violent game which recently made the top ten violent games list of 2005. If you have seen this game in action, you might agree with that accusation. Just a little shy of the overly manic Manhunt, we have a creation that seems to borrow from Rockstars own library of titles. Although violent, Its all relative to the content and the pace of the gaming and it brings us closer to the dangerous rough times in gangland, as set in the movie. The armies of the night move against the Warriors, and you have to step up against the challenge with your fists.

"The Warriors" is a gang based out of Coney Island, Brooklyn and you this is where you start the game as youngest member Rembrandt. The gang's personalities play a big role in the movie and as well in the game. Cleon is the leader and one of the toughest members of the gang, but you also have the stereotypical muscle-head Ajax. The rest of the gang is made up with seven others with good names like Snow, Cochise and Cowboy. The Warriors are mixed up in a plot where they are framed for killing Cyrus who was uniting all the gangs in the area. The Warriors are on the run, and trying to clear their name at the same time. This is near the end of the game, but the meat of the action is just as the game set outside of the movie. If you get into the game, I really suggest you check out the old school b-styled classic movie, and you see why it has developed into a cult favorite.

The other gangs in The Warriors are the Destroyers, who are also on Coney Island , and the first gang you run into. You have to battle these drunken punks for the turf on Coney, tag their turf, and show them who is the big dawg of Brooklyn. Next there is The Punks, All girl gang The Lizzies, The freaky Soho Mimes labeled the Hi-Hats, Chinatowns Savage Huns, Rich kids thrill seekers the Jones Street Boys. breathe. there is more! The Turnbull Ac's from The Bronx, The Harlem pimpin' Boppers, The Spanish Harlem representatives Hurricanes, The Orphans, and Bronx natives Moonrunners.. Yes.. more! Maybe the most famous of the groups the Baseball Furies with bats included, Hell's Kitchens Rouges, the bikers Satans Mothers (yes what a name!), The Saracens, and lastly the biggest gang of them all Riffs. Wow, so as you can see the game has a lot of content and variety inside. You won't ever get bored of fighting one gang because The Warriors switch it up and at times, it can easily get out of control.

The gameplay is essentially a beat em up styled game, but there is so much more. It would be unfair to think The Warriors was just your standard affair. One of the great things about The Warriors is the variety of gameplay where you can choose from a free roam approach, or mission based action. There is a lot of gang related activates to keep you busy; here is a sample of some of the thugin. To make cash you really have to work for it in the Warriors and cash is made is several ways. First, there is good old standard mugging for a small amount of beans. Work your way up and you will find Breaking and Entering, smash and grabs are more profitable, but more dangerous. You have to watch it on these and make it quick, because Johnny law will be on your case. Lastly, to earn money besides just randomly beating down people you can steal car radios old school style for some extra loot. The controls are interesting for these events while each have a different control to execute. I should also mention "Tagging", even though it doesn't bring you money it has to be the best example of fresh new innovative controls. You tag by following a pattern made on the screen with the analog stick, it is simple, but when it's in the game, it really fits the part. Now only if Tony Hawk thought of it first.

The Warriors also has a Rumble Mode, which can be enjoyed with friends. This is pretty much an arena battling in single fights or gang fights. In this section, you can use any character in the Warriors once they are unlocked. This mode also lets you create your own gang of mismatched characters to give the beat down on your friends. The Rumble Mode isn't anything too interesting, but it adds a little extra if your friends get bored of just watching you play the game.

The last feature I want to mention about the gameplay is the "War Chief Commands". The War Chief commands basically let you issue controls to your gang members. It's a good idea to learn for the larger fights or avoiding the fuzz, you might not use them at first, but later these commands could save your neck. You can even just let them loose by calling out "Mayhem" and they go to town on everything around them, smashing anything that can break. You can also tell them to "Scatter" when running from the police or "Watch My Back" when taggin walls, plus there are other stand commands like "Wreck'em All", "Lets Go", and "Hold Up". These commands help bring a little more depth into The Warriors and totally surprised me how well the game has been put together.

Overall, the gameplay in The Warriors is fresh concerning the games genre. It is just a beat em' up game in the core, but Rockstar has done a great job adding a fairly long story mode of 23 missions, plus a free roam environment. The controls are easy to master, instinctive and innovative all at the same time. Fighting is deep enough for most gamers although not too complicated with an enough grapple, kicks and punches. There is plenty to do as these thugs before the word of hip-hop gangstas and the gameplay is Grand Theft Auto smooth.

Graphics & Sound: The Warriors is an overall average looking game when speaking about the quality of the visuals like texture and game models, but when you add in style, animation, and settings this becomes a good well-polished, good-looking game. The sound is remarkable, and the packing sounds of the fights are great. You will know you are playing a mature title from all the vulgarity, which isn't bad because it helps convey the games brutal theme. The Warriors seems like an advance on the Manhunt graphics, which is good, but maybe a next gen game is what Rockstar needs to pull away from their traditional look. The Xbox supports 720, which is nice concerning we have to deal with the Xbox 360 now. Overall the visuals and more the sound make this one of Rockstars greatest. No doubt, the Toronto team has spent their time reviewing the movie as well as its old New York Setting.

Mojo: The mojo is flat out jumping in The Warriors. I haven't been this surprised by a movie-based title since Activision's Spider-Man 2 game. I know, Spiderman is totally different, but still top a notch experience. Playing the Warriors, a movie I first seen about ten years ago is great. I have always been a fan, not a fanatic of the movie and think its great someone pulled this one out of the vault. It's violent, it's retro cool. The Warriors has the mojo, believe me this! You dig.

Lowdown:The Warriors has to be one of the biggest surprises this year. It is great that even under the controversy Rockstar can release another GTA game (PSP Liberty City Stores) and an ultra violent "M" related title in The Warriors. The new Toronto team has given us something special that fans of the movie will like along with gamers. The Warriors has reached another audience and might just become a cult game, along side the movie. Send the Word!

Game: 8, Graphics/Sound: 8, Innovation: 7, Mojo: 9. Final: 8.5 / 10


  • Rockstar has recreated and expanded on the storyline of the film.
  • Authentic New York environments were reproduced in great detail to maintain the sense of style and atmosphere of The Warriors film. For example, Ferris wheel cars swing on the Wonder Wheel, and there are highly detailed textures for buildings and city streets.
  • Play as each of the nine Warriors throughout the game-Cleon, Ajax , Swan, Snow, Cochise, Cowboy, Rembrandt, Vermin and Fox. Each will serve as the leader of different missions in the game.
  • Three different fighting styles include: Street Fighting, Brawler, and Kung Fu.
  • Deep fighting system includes diving and tackling, reversals, tandem attacks with other Warriors, beating opponents while pinning them on the ground, dragging and throwing enemies into fences and walls, finishing them off with a stomp while they're trying to crawl away, using grab attacks to cause serious damage, and much more.
  • Rage mode allows you the ability to do new massively powerful moves that will clear the area and cause tremendous damage.
  • Exciting split screen, 2 player . Co Op mode allows you to play with a friend for increased brawling mayhem. Easy, pick up and play action can be had for a small part of a mission, a whole level, or the entire storyline, the choice is entirely up to you.
  • There will be varying degrees of progressive damage in the game, like facial lacerations and bloody clothing. Warriors can be cured by taking flash.
  • The environments will be littered with objects that can be used as weapons against such as wood planks with nails, bricks, pipes, boxes, garbage bags, televisions, and more. There will also be multidimensional objects, such as bottles, which can be broken, then used as a stabbing weapon.
  • In addition to environmental weapons, you will also find weapons such as Molotov Cocktails and Blades scattered throughout each level, so be sure to explore your environment.
  • Giving more freedom to the user than any other brawler before it, The Warriors can steal car stereos, mug pedestrians and loot stores to make money. They can also use spray paint to throw up the classic Warriors "W" over rival gang tags.
  • Full gang control allows the player to select War Chief commands, some of which include having your gang move quickly, hold up, or trash everything in sight.
  • Gangs from the game are pulled straight from the film, including the Gramercy Riffs, Turnbull AC's, and The Orphans.
  • Based on the 1979 Paramount Pictures film, directed by Walter Hill, adapted from the 1965 novel by Sol Yurick.

The Warriors
Rockstar Toronto

Oct 2005