Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 11.04.05

Introduction:The SSX franchise is back with more style and flash in it's intro then we seen in other games whole products. SSX On Tour is fun, filled with over the top that is rocking out to the MAX! Fans of the series will be ecstatic at this new doodle inspired version and newbies will wonder what they have been missing. Take a minute and read our impressions of SSX On Tour.

The Game: Keeping with the SSX tradition, On Tour has the same over the top style that the series is known for, accept this one one ups the previous SSX 3. Forget trying to keep up with a more realistic based game like Amped, SSX On Tour is pure fun. The pace is quick and the tricks are insanely unrealistically, you'll catch some massive air and you won't have a moment of free time. It's a high intensity "sport" and there is no need to slow the action. SSX On Tour does a great job of capturing the sense of speed which is very important to capture the real life intensity.

The controls in SSX are excellent and streamlined to make you get the most out of the game, which has to be one of the best aspects about SSX On Tour. The controls are easy to learn which is great for all levels of gamers. From the hardcore to the most awkward, caffeine hands non-gamer can pick this one up and feel like a wizard. SSX On Tour does a great job making you feel instant satisfaction just by hitting a few tricks with a few button hits. Having good controls can't make a game, but it sure helps.

The main game of SSX on Tour is single player experience. SSX On Tour is named "On Tour" for a reason because you'll be competing in a tour mode proving yourself to the boarding stars and leader board. The challenges jump around and cover a lot of different ground based upon Races, Tricks, and other Style events. Of course they start out stupid easy and then jump to insane. I'm not the best at SSX, but with a little practice I'm coming around. The races I found to be pretty easy overall and I'm guessing ever player has their section they succeed in more then the others. It's been argued in the past that SSX has always been a too easy but I'm sure those people are not experienced the series because it can be pretty hard accomplishing certain goals even with smooth controls.

Like a lot of games now you get to create a custom character and bring them out to the mountain. In an interesting switch up you can decide whether you want to ski or snowboard. I'm assuming most people will pick the board, but then again times are a changing. If your really miss the old cast of SSX you will see them pop in and out of Tour mode. It's time for you to shine and those punks are already forgotten. You can also upgrade your characters appearance, but more importantly you can by new gear. Having better gear can turn a 3rd place into a 1st place and I suggest if you have the extra cash by a new board, or two. SSX makes it easy for you to make some small bills, but if you want something expensive you'll have save, save, save. There should be enough for everyone in this mode, and they even have a few whacked out characters you'll get a good laugh at.

So we have the modes, and the characters covered, we need to talk about this environment. Rather then have a bunch of different mountains with a crazy amount of new and different paths, we now have two giant open-styled mountains. Like Amped it basically will give you different start points for some goals. It was a smart move to make bigger mountains and not more because it makes the game come together and feel more real. This mountains doesn't get boring either because of its HUGE size and it switches from night to day which adds a nice contrast in taking paths. A little example how big it is... a multi lained street runs through the mountain, so you will be tricking over moving cars. Pretty cool, yes.

SSX on Tour plays ridiculously well and is pretty solid with it's tour mode. The only low point is the standard multiplayer, but it's forgivable. The new changes are good and things are looking positive for the new style of SSX.

Graphics & Sound: The graphic style of SSX On Tour is the first thing that is going to hit you! It's very stylish combining the in game graphics like the characters with this black and white drawn look. It's really refreshing and I haven't seen another menu system with this amount of life. The style carries through the whole game from the level design, wild customizable characters and all the other little touches during the game. Basically it's pretty cool. Although when playing the game you might have the chance to notice things aren't overly detailed which could be improved on but isn't necessary a draw back. The frame rate runs smooth and the animations look decent and that's more important then obsessive detail.

The sound in SSX on Tour pulls together all these visuals with a well rounded soundtrack and good sound effects. Not all Soundtrack is great, but there are a few classics in the jukebox. The other effects are good enough for what you expect and in the end, SSX On Tour really captures something new and rocks at full volume.

Mojo: "Run To The Hills, Run For Your Life", No I'm not talking about this game. Don't run... Just jump in and rock out. The Iron Maiden intro is classic and it really hits the retro metal rehash that has been going around. Who would of thought that Maiden would be bringing the house down once again! Yes, Maiden Mojo. Yes, Unicorns with Guitars Mojo. Yes, Flashing Fist of Metal. Yes, Crazy Doodle Madness. I could get carried away, so I will just have to say SSX On Tour is overloaded with cool. Try it and you'll see, it's better experienced then read about.

Lowdown:SSX On Tour is smooth like ice, slapped with a green hair mohawked snowboarder and a few flashing fists of metal. This is one wild game which can be enjoyed by all levels of gamers. Although I haven't always been a huge fan of the series this is the one which will bring you over to the dark side. Do It, You'll love It. SSX On Tour rocks out large.

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 9, Innovation: 7, Mojo: 10. Final: 8.5 / 10


  • Develop Your Ego: Create your alter ego join the world of SSX action. Define your style as a boarder or skier with tons of customizable assets including licensed equipment, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • The Tour: Create a snow-slicing, gravity defying mountain icon and climb the ranks of the circuit to become the ultimate black-diamond rockstar.
  • All-New Shred Challenges: Raise your status on the mountain by dominating off-track races that reinvent the way you face off on the slopes. Once you prove yourself in the shreds you'll be ready for the first stop of The Tour.
  • New Tracks: SSX On Tour brings you 12 new tracks explore day or night. From crowded groomers untouched powder fields, ndetail is to small in this diverse environment as you seamlessly explore all four unique sections of the mountain.
  • Try On Twin Tips: All-new skiing lets you create tricks in a unique way and add another dimension the racing gameplay.
  • Huge Air and Monster Tricks: Defy gravity and throw down the all-new Monster Tricks with a touch of the right analog stick.
  • The Culture Comes Alive: Experience life on the mountain like never before with fresh art, pumping music, grown-up bosses, and new Monsters of Metal and Style Blaster events.

SSX On Tour
EA Big
EA Sports
Oct 2005