Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy
Jan 14th 2005

Introduction:The original Mechassault helped Microsoft launch the Xbox Live online service and gamers found out that online play on a console can be fun, especially when you're driving a towering mecha of destruction. Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf is the sequel which works hard at giving us everything we enjoyed about the first game plus more.

The Game: Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf is basically a giant robot type of game, although the developer Day 1 Studios have added some cool twists which help differentiate Lone Wolf from other generic mecha-styled games. The main twist comes in the form of your lead character; you'll be in control of a guy named MechWarrior (not too original) who is pilots the Mechs. These mechs are basically giant robot war machines with a nack from destruction. What makes your character, the MechWarrior special is that he is much more than just a guy in a mech, now he can run around your human self or hop in one of the many vehicles available in Mechassault 2. The coolest addition to Mechassault 2 is the MechWarriors power suit which allows you to jack other mechs in the game, oh its sweet. As you can probably tell things are a little different in Mechassault 2, but the diversity and freedom to make it more than just a carbon copy sequel. It's not exactly Samus in GTA, but you might get that feeling.

Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf follows the story of some Wolf's Dragoon survivors as they fight and tackle and opposition which might come their way. The story is woven into the gameplay more then the original Mechassault game, although its a fairly genetic plot. You can tell that the developers wanted to add more depth to the game, but how scary can I feel when the enemy is attached with a name like Blake. It's a nice attempt, but really I could care less. I just want to crush things!

Mechassault 2 is packed full of mechs offering six new mechs, and other vehicles to control which gives the game a total of thirty five vehicles, not bad. Included are tanks, planes, battle armor, mechs and more. I really enjoyed the new addition of the battle armor and he integration of the jump jets combined with the ability to grab on to buildings, mechs and anything else you feel like holding onto. The battle armor is a great concept and Mechassault 2 has perfected the feeling of being variable and invincible in split seconds. Of course the mechs are the real stars of the game and none recreates the feeling of size and power like Mechassault 2.

I did encounter some minor gameplay issues besides the long distance between checkpoints. One issue I had was mainly because of a mistake of mine. I had a mech that I hacked on top of a building, so I got out of my power armor and accidentally fell off the building. Yes my guy didn't die, but I was mechless and pretty much had no option, but to reload. Again, it was my fault I fell off the building, but little instances like that one don't help the flow and fun-factor of the game. It would have been nice to have another solution to a simple situation like this rather then loading a previous save.

Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf's single player game isn't too long and could probably be completed in a weekend if you're renting. If you're buying the game make sure you're into it for the multiplayer and single player aspects, and then it becomes more of a valid purchase. The multiplayer aspect is great for Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf and takes advantage of Xbox Live 3.0 with Clan support. There are bunch of standard multiplayer modes which are fun like Team Destruction and the Capture the Flag. There are also some new modes including Snatch It and Not It, and the impressive Conquest mode which has more behind it then just a quick thrill. If you enjoyed the first Mechassault game on Live then there is no doubt you'll be wrapped in for hours with Lone Wolf.

Graphics & Sound:Graphically Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf gets the job done. The game is a step up from the original and rightfully so, since it's been a few years. The environments are more full, detailed and carry over that destructive quality from the original. The explosions and other special effects look great, stand out and are vibrant, which carries over to the mech design which is equality impressive. The animations and detail of these towering monsters and supporting cast of humans is excellent and makes this sci-fi world all the more believable. Great job.

The audio is Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf is right up with the graphical presentation. The special effects sound great and this game has the big echo down. The voice over work is good giving that the characters the typical group. The music is decent enough and is quid up with the action on the screen and helps pull the player in.

Innovation:The most innovative part of Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf was the developer's ability to change up its previous formula and think outside of the mech, literally. The ability to play the awesome powerful mecha and other vehicles is great and helps switch up the gameplay. The mech hacking was something I didn't expect and I loved its inclusion. It's executed so it's not annoying, but it's just challenging enough to get your blood going when the screen is full of action. Day 1 has really looked at the original Mechassault and put out more of the same with just enough new aspects.

Mojo:Who doesn't love giant robots? It's always fun destroying things and when you're in control of a 40ft tall machine filled with enough firepower to wipe out an entire town, it's almost fun guaranteed. If you're a fan of Xbox Live then you'll defiantly have a mojobone for Mechassault 2. Online is where the real battles are fought and usually leave you breathless and more excited then the single player missions in the game. I can't wait until they make Mechassault vs. Godzilla. Now that's a good time. Mecha-Mojo-Madness.

Lowdown:Gamers who enjoyed the first Mechassault will love this under the radar sequel. Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf has enough action to make it worth the time, the single player campaign isn't going to blow you away, but the multiplayer modes just might. If you haven't been a fan of "giant-robot" games in the past, this could be the one that grapples you in. Check it out; spend a few bucks, at the very least Mechassualt 2: Lone Wolf is worth a rental.

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 8, Innovation: 7, Mojo: 8. Final: 8

  • Get out of that 'Mech: In MechAssault 2 , you're the man, not the machine. So, for the first time ever, you'll now have the ability to get in and out of your 'Mech to experience warfare up-close and personal. Attach to ally and enemy 'Mechs, scale walls, or hitch a ride on a VTOL aircraft.
  • Protect yourself: With BattleArmor, you can hijack enemy 'Mechs and use them to help your teammates rain down destruction on opponents.
  • Get a new sense of scale: MechAssault 2 uses the graphic superiority of the Xbox to introduce a new perspective that allows you to fully appreciate the size and power of your massive 'Mechs. With action and graphics this realistic, you'll feel like you've been fully immersed into a world where 40-foot 'Mechs reign supreme.
  • Enjoy a compelling, brand-new single-player experience: Delve into the deeply enhanced single-player campaign, filled with seamless storytelling that opens up the universe to a more compelling single-player experience.
  • Experience evolutionary Xbox Live gameplay: Battle for the Inner Sphere against opponents from around the globe via Xbox Live . Whether you live in the United States, Sweden, or anywhere inbetween, you can strategize with teammates about the most effective way to search-and-destroy, while talking trash in real-time to opponents from Germany to Japan.
  • Bring on the destruction: MechAssault 2 pushes the graphical capabilities of Xbox. Experience more incredible explosions and devastating destruction. Witness intense, jaw-dropping weapon and damage effects. See lasers light up the sky, Raptors disappear, and Javelin LRM launchers fly though the air, wreaking havoc on the evil Hand of Blake. 

Mechassault 2:
Lone Wolf

Day 1 Studios
Dec. 2005