Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy
August 9th 2004

Introduction: It's been a long time since I've had the chance to play an Army Men game. I know the series has a large number of games and none of them have been groundbreaking. Now with Global Star's copy of Army Men: Sarge's War, I prepare to experience a new chapter in the series.

The Game: First off, my expectations where not set high for the Sarge's War, so i'm not really disappointed with the game. Army Men: Sarge's War is your run of the mill third person shooter. There is nothing new to see which you haven't seen before. That's not a problem, but you should know what you're getting into before you run out and purchase Sarge's War.

In this Army Men game you control the gruff war veteran, Sarge. Sarge is modeled after the classic green army men figures which you can find in any toy department. The enemy in Sarge's War is the Tan coloured army men, equivalent to the Greens, separated only by the colour of their plastic. There isn't much strategy involved with the simple confrontations in the game, and every scenario can be solved by charging head to head against the odds. The levels are basically made up of a whole battalion charging at you which you have to dispose of; there isn't much diversity in the game besides firing the occasional gun turret. Again, I didn't expect Splinter Cell objectives, so I am fine with the run and shoot style of gameplay.

The controls are basic and a little too responsive in areas, but they also can be picked by anyone and go. The main complaint with the controls is Sarge's exceptionally un-responsive and wild movements. I wish you could turn down the speed that the Sarge moves and turns, but you can't. I did try playing the game while crouched and it was normal paced. With the sarge moving like he has a hornets nest in his molding it makes it hard to stay focused targets while you move. It's a good thing you can use the 'right trigger' to bring up the first person cross hair to get a little more control. If Sarge had an improved control, this game would come a crossed a little more polish, but as result it makes the gameplay a little sloppy.

Graphics & Sound: Army Men: Sarge's War is as basic as you can get for an Xbox game without being awful. I guess that is a good thing because they could have been worse. The cut-scenes are the done well, and show an intensity out of plastic army men which surprised me. I wish the would of included more of these little scenes because I think it helps the game overall character. Everything else graphically is just standard without any special effects.

The sound in Sarge's War as you can guess is standard like the graphics. Sarge's voice is pretty cool; he has the tough army sergeant stigma down tight. The other sound effects are just your normal run of the mill stuff; I would most closely match it with the first game I played years ago.

Innovation: Umm, right. Our scoring system with innovation really doesn't help the Sarge out this time. Tactical Development did switch around the control scheme, but it is such small change which doesn't really improve the gameplay. Unfortunately we can't throw a point the Sarge's way.

Mojo: Sarge's War can get a little boost because somewhere in my hart I have a warm spot for the little green guys. Using the novelty toys from my youth is a great concept, but it's been played out too many times in the past. They would have to re-think the whole approach to the game to capitalize on this cool concept. I think blowing little plastic chunks off the enemy is great, and if done right would be a blast. There is some mojo to be found in the plastic patriots, but a serious overhaul if overdue.

Lowdown: Army Men: Sarge's War can not be recommended, but keep in mind it's not a bad game if you can accept it for what it is. Sarge's War will entertain younger gamers, but for anyone else please avoid it unless you're a die-hard fan of the series.

Gameplay: 6, Graphics/Sound: 5, Innovation: 5, Mojo: 0. Final: 4

  • Defeat your eternal foe the Tan Army with authentic weapons such as carbine rifle, assault rifles, shotguns, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, flamethrowers, time-bombs, mounted machine guns, and more.
  • Grittier gameplay featuring immersive interactive environments.
  • Updated and streamlined targeting system will allow the player full control over his environment-and what to shoot.
  • 12 levels of gameplay-play in both the real world and the world of toys.
  • Improved AI. Enemies duck, cover, flank your positions, and generally try to kill you as intensely as you try to kill them.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Deconstruction effects. This effect allows you to specifically target certain environments or body parts of your foe for exciting gameplay. Blast a leg off of a Tan soldier and watch as he hops around trying to kill you. Also, as toys, melting and chipping effects are central to the gameplay.

Army Men:
Sarges War

Global Star
Tatical Dev.
July 2004