After visiting the last generation of gaming consoles, Disney Pixar Cars game adaptation of the animated motion picture blockbuster hits the Xbox 360 and Wii for the final lap. Can lightning strike twice in Radiator Springs? Hit the road, drop her into third and enjoy our review of Disney Pixar Cars.

In Disney Pixar's Cars you get behind the wheel of Lightning McQueen, or better known as the red corvette inspired sports car and his group of friends. Cars is more than a simple set up racing game with a number of cars and tracks, in Cars you have free roaming story that has all the charm of the Disney, Pixar motion picture, along with arcade racing and various mini-games. Get set for a number of environments, from hick to pro; multiplayer gaming, mini-games and arcade racing as you'll progress up the charts to fame.

The racing takes place in a number of different locations taken straight from the movie along with all the characters and voice talent tfrom the movie. It is an important element to have all the assets poured into a game adaptation of a movie and cars does an excellent job mirroring the movie. With cast in line it easy to bring out all the loveable charm the movie provided, and even though this is a 'kids' movie, the list of talent is impressive for any game. So now that you know the production value is in check, let's talk about the actual gameplay elements.

Respectfully Cars doesn't just recap the movies events, rather Cars rebuilds the inspiring story with key situations taken from the movie. For a movie videogame, Cars does a good job standing out on its own. A nod towards THQ for keeping up the good work with another licensed movie game. Fans should note that Cars isn't all about the ambitious cover auto, Lightning McQueen. A number of other autos are in game with some new additions as well. 'Larry the Cable Guy' - Mr. "Get R' Done" is present as Mator the old 1955 Chevy tow truck, the light blue sleek curves of 'Sally Carrera,' is cruising around, and even Luigi, the 1959 Fait 500 voiced by Monk's 'Tony Shalhoub' is present. There are over fifteen playable characters spread over Cars sharing the fun, no matter what chaise sits on the rubber.

Cars is a racing game separated into a few traditional modes, that being, story mode, arcade, mini-games and multiplayer. Since the Story Mode is the meat and potatoes, I'll get down to business. In the story mode is split into five chapters each with a patched story and free roam environment. Starting in Radiator Springs Grand Prix, as little lightening you will race your way up to the Los Angeles International Speedway in the final Piston Cup race. Along the way you'll have new challenges, unlock mini-games and probably fall in love with the infectious corvette and the other autos that populate the Disney Pixar Cars universe.

The controls in Cars are responsive and smooth on the Nintendo, although the speed of the game is a lot slower then the racing powerhouse Excite Truck. Using the controls to tilt and power slide your way to victory is fun and easy to pick up and play. It is understandable that they kept it simple given the cars target audience. It's nice that we can still have simplified games for everyone without singling out the hardcore, but in Cars case this hurts the gameplay a bit with the lack of speed. I think Lightning and his friends could have used a drink of nitro with a splash of Red Bull.

Cars eight mini-games, multiple playable characters and multiplayer give more life to Cars shelf life. If your kid loves the movie, or you're a fan yourself, then Cars will be around until the studio cashes in their next big digital movie. THQ has done an excellent job filling Cars with love and care to match the value of the movie. I liked all the new characters that where added along with the storyline arch, with so much good, the lack of speed doesn't seem to slow down Cars from the finish line.

Cars for the Nintendo Wii is a lot of fun, especially when using the Wii-mote control scheme. Playing the game version of the film might not be as exciting as watching the film, but it has its own elements that make it as enjoyable. Even though Cars has been released for all the other consoles it might be the most fun on the Wii given the motion sensitive controls. However, you have to keep in mind Cars is a turtle compared to the rabbit-like Excite Truck, so if you have a need for speed look elsewhere. If you're fine with a shell and four legs, Cars is a fun light hearted game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Reviewed by Jimmy | 01.27.07

  • Good Controls
  • Excelent Production
  • Multiple Characters
  • Support from the Hollywood Talent
  • Fun to explore Radiator Springs
  • The cars are too slow
  • Simplistic gameplay

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Disney Pixar Cars

Rainbow Studios
Incinerator Games
Nov 2006
Nin Wii, DS, Xbox, X360, PS2, GC, PC