Reviewed by Jive Turkey
Dec 26th 2002

Introduction:Lace up your gloves and take to the ring as America's favorite underdog in the fastest, fiercest boxing game to hit your console. Play as Rocky and go head-to-head against Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and many others! Train with Mickey to pound your way from the streets of Philadelphia to become the Heavyweight Champ! Rocky delivers big-time signature moves with thunderous power that cause real-time damage. Are you up for the challenge?

Lowdown:Step in the ring against some of the crushers of the movie boxing world of Rocky! It’s a good game that will give you enough flexibility to have some fun against your opponents. The action is always intense with lots of different variations of hard hitting punches and blocks. The story mode will keep you occupied for a while fighting such people as: Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and Apollo Creed. You get a real feeling for the movies as it goes through the story.

The gameplay is ok, but can be a little weak at times. This has to do more with the genre than then game. When I play I think my thumb is about to fall off! You are constantly pressing the buttons to do the different moves.

Graphics and sound in the game are good for the type of game it is. What can you ask from a boxing game though? It serves its purpose of taking you along through the story of Rocky.

Overall, the game is good. That is, if you like boxing games! If you aren’t into boxing games, or strait ahead fighting game’s this isn’t the game for you. It doesn’t take too long to learn how to play. You will be up and running before long with some good matches. I’m not too excited about this game, but I don’t think it’s bad either. I personally like this kind of game so! If you are like me, you will think it’s a pretty decent game!

"Check it out"

Gameplay: 7, Graphics/Sound: 7, Innovation: 7, Mojo: 7. Final: 7

  • Prepare for the fight of your life. Jump into the ring as Rocky Balboa and go head-to-head against 29 tough opponents, including Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and Tommy Gunn!

  • Train with Mickey and company to pound your way from the streets of Philadelphia to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world!

  • Rocky delivers big-time punch combos and flurries with thunderous power and heart-stopping speed.

  • Movie Mode
    Play as Rocky Balboa as you fight and train your way to the top, first as an upcoming challenger, then as reigning World Heavyweight Champion, against 20 tough opponents, clashing with the bosses of the five "Rocky" films along the way. This is how you unlock boxers and arenas for the other modes. Extra characters can also be unlocked by completing "Movie Mode" at Contender and Champ difficulty levels.

  • Exhibition Mode
    The "no nonsense," straight into the thick of things mode. Choose a boxer and go head-to-head against a friend or the computer.

  • Before the bout begins, you choose where the fight will take place. The length of each round can be set in seconds, and the number of rounds the fight will last can be chosen. The skill level for the computer can then be selected in single-player mode: Novice, Contender, or Champ.

  • Knockout Tournament
    Enter a Knockout Tournament with up to 16 players. Bronze, Silver, and Gold belts are up for grabs.

  • Sparring Mode

  • Perfect your boxing skills against one of three hardened sparring partners.

  • Gallery
    Watch the Intro and the FMV movies you have unlocked from "Movie Mode."

Nov. 2002