Reviewed by Chris | 04.13.06

Jak's cute and annoying fuzz ball of a friend gets his very own game, and much like his small size, it's for the Playstation portable. Size doesn't matter, so they say, and this is true with Daxter, and his first game. Daxter for the PSP is one of the best games to come out for the system, fun, creative, and technically outstanding. Here's our review of Sony's exclusive PSP title Daxter.

Gaming confession. I have never played a Jack & Daxter game. I have heard of them, seen them being played, but I have never really sat down and found out what it's all about. I know gamers and critics across the globe love this popular series and just by exploring a bit of Daxter, I can start to tell. It's a robust world, mixed with easy controlled fun gaming with a host of funny and interesting characters. Yes, gaming gold, and obviously I have been missing out.

Ottsel Hero
In Daxter, you play Daxter. Who or what is Daxter? Daxter is a weasel looking Ottsel creature that seems to be perfect to become a gaming icon. The story unfolds in the middle of the series as you search for Jak who is imprisoned. I guess the start of Jak II?! In search for clues Daxter takes on the role of exterminator which leads him in his town adventure while trying to help his friend. Haven City is huge and there is no shortage metal bugs infestation the city. This pint sized hero seems the perfect Ottsel for the job and he takes on the all the roles we associate with action plat forming games.

Mario Inspired
Right off the bat Daxter reminded me of Mario Sunshine. Yip, good ol' Mario. This is because of the use of the backpack. I guess you could even mention Luigis Vacuum! Oh how terrible... well it's not that bad. Instead of Ghost sucking or water squiring, you have bug zapping exterminator. The backpack, like Mario can be used to propel you across ledges, or to be used as a flamethrower. It's a versatile spray and a nice touch to help this weasel feel more original. I'm sure some are sick of the talkative guy, but this should breathe a new life into the little guy.

Wacky Times in Haven
Daxter is based around the city of Haven. Haven City has the illusion of being a free roaming environment, but you'll be following mission after mission like every other game. The story provides enough entertainment that Daxter doesn't get boring. Along with the fun and wacky storyline Ready at Dawn Studios delivers enough versatile gaming that has you wearing plenty of hats. From normal action fighting sequences to platforming mania you will be jumping, zapping and driving your way through the game. Daxter is sooo smooth that even if it doesn't become a little stale story wise, the gameplay picks up the slack. Daxter is the smoothest game I have played to date on the system; the controls really feel at home, very natural.

Good Lookin'
To gloat more on Daxter's side, I have to talk about the graphics. Now, after playing Pursuit Force, I thought I'd seen the best, well. here is another blockbuster, amazing looking PSP title. Daxter looks like a PS2 game, or better considering the small ratio of the PSP screen. From the cut scenes to the environments everything is polished and detailed. Daxter looks great with a good amount of detail in the characters and worlds, and because of the flawless animation in the lead cat Daxter himself.

Sweet Audio
The audio kicks in as well and delivers. The voice acting is superb, and even though I heard some people think the Daxman is annoying. I dig his sarcastic attitude. The sound effects also fit perfect along side the atmospheric background music. It's as a sure ten all the way in the graphics and audio department. To keep the happy ramblings on track I have to mention the load times. Well, lack of load times! Ready At Dawn has streamlined the PSP and has done away with long drawn out load screens. Daxter is always ready to go and gets as close as we will come to a loading free game.

Daxter is as close as gets for providing all you need in an action / platform game. I think this little Ottsel is ready for the spotlight and I hope Sony continues to push the character forward in new PSP adventures, and with Jak on the PS3.

Gamers who enjoyed the previous Jak games will find a lot to love within Daxter. Actually, any gamer will probably find plenty to love in Daxter. Daxter is the sort of action game that leads you in and holds you because of the excellent level of production, gameplay values, and story. So far, Daxter is the most fun I've had on my PSP this year, and Daxter is a sure in for PSP game of the year.

Gameplay: 9, Graphics/Sound: 10, Innovation: 8, Mojo: 9. Final: 9.5 / 10

Good Fun and Varied Gameplay, Great Graphics and Characters, Quick Loading.
BadStory is only average compared to the rest of the game.

  • Play as the Dastardly Daxter - Daxter allows gamers to play from his perspective offering a distinctive set of moves with agile abilities that allows players to climb walls, creep up on enemies, fit in small places and maneuver vehicles.
  • The Best In Action Platforming - Taking a job as a pest exterminator, to fight an ongoing invasion of metal-bugs, Daxter comes equip with gadgets to rid the city of these metal nuisances. Get close up and personal by using your flimsy bug swatter to squash an army of attacking insects or your spray gun to hover around a variety of environments while picking up various upgrades.
  • Exciting Wi-Fi Gameplay - Compete head-to-head against crushing opponents in a variety of mulitplayer combat arena challenges.
  • All New PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable Connectivity - Gamers can use their PlayStation Portable to unlock drivers, vehicles and graphics for Jak X: Combat Racing or connect to their PlayStation 2 to open up secret features in Daxter via USB connection.


Ready At Dawn
March 2006