Marooned on the Helghan home-world, the blood continues to flow as you stab and shoot your way through Guerrilla Games follow-up to their highly awarded shooter, Killzone 2.

Killzone 3 takes awhile to get started, but once it does, you will be right back into the gunplay you expected from the bleak sci-fi shooter that is now in its third edition. Similar to 'Killzone 2,' number three is your A-typical FPS blended with gritty cut-scenes, big action segments, and some solid run-and-gun action. The narrative picks up following the events in 'Killzone 2,' on the Helghan home world as fight for your ticket home. As expected things get sticky as our heroes Sev and Rico have to fight for every inch of traversed land on this hostile planet. Stating heavy resistance would be an understatement.

The fiction puts more stress on the situation with lots of cut-scenes breaking up the action. Actually, the amount of cut-scenes is a slight negative on Killzone's part. While a narrative driven shooter is always welcomed, Killzone needed to balance the ratio of time spent playing the game with time watching cut-scenes. As it stands, thing just start to build when the momentum is halted as the next clip or next “level" is loaded/shown. I don't want to hate on Killzone's prose too much (the majority of reviews online already do a good job at that,) but really, the conflict of Helghast vs. ISA isn't overly captivating and watching Helghast senate clips, even less captivating. The heroes are even more bland then the conflict making it hard to care for the ones you should be cheering for.

The gunplay continues the twitchy, but precise shooting that Guerrilla already established within the first two games. Compared to other shooters, 'Killzone 3' takes a little to get used too, mainly because of the great attention to detail, and weighty feel to the weapons (although this has been slightly toned down.) Once mastered with the controller, or with the Move wand (yes, Killzone 3 supports the PS Move) the bodies will start to pile up. The most impressive feature in 'Killzone 3' is the A.I. Which considerably helps immerse the player in its world. While not every standoff will give a sense of impending doom, most will and its the smart enemy A.I. That creates such an interesting playground for shooter fans. Although, the heavy machine gun is a little bit of cheat, thing massive powerhouse that you find early in the game will help you immensely.

In typical shooter fashion, Guerrilla tries to break up standard battle situations with a few vehicles sections, which includes an ultra-cool jet pack sequence. They also throw a few large scale all-out battles, along with quieter components like the sniping and a lengthy Avatar-influenced stealth bit. Each scenario is done well and is on par with most modern shooters, even if it feels a little dull at times. There are a few, “that's cool” moments like the ATAC battle and the first time you suit up in the unique jet-pack, but for the majority, it's more like “been-there-done-that.”

Accenting the “ho-hum” feeling from the campaign is the weapon load-out in 'Killzone 3.' The standards return, and aside from two exceptions that you find later in the game, you won't be wowed by the variety in the gunplay. Weapons and ammo are bountiful during your mission, so you won't have to worry too much about getting suck with an empty chamber. Three weapons can be carried at once, so you will have lots of alternatives available.


Graphically, 'Killzone 3' is stacked. 'Guerrilla Games' has overloaded 'Killzone 3' with an overabundance of clutter and detail, so much that each environment is sickly filled with “stuff.” Honestly, it's a little overwhelming and ends up being a little too much. Although, you can't fault Guerrilla too much because simply put, 'Killzone 3' looks awesome. Still, it's a little distracting with everything that is going on. For the first time in a long, long time, I actually had to take a break for the gameplay because of the visual strain on my eyes. It could be the lack of sleep, or perhaps 'Killzone 3' lays it on too thick. 'Killzone 3' was also designed with 3D in mind, and although we didn't reviewed the game in 3D, judging from earlier viewings and a confident report from 'James Farrington' at the 'Killzone 3 launch Event,' it sounds like 'Killzone 3' is a treat for those who have stepped up to embrace 3D gaming.

Complementing the graphics is a strong audio component that really pushes out the chaotic sounds of war in surround sound, and even better DTS. Killzone is one game that really feels the part, due to its audio. When you fire your weapon, it feels like a real weapon, it sounds like a real weapon. Surprisingly, one area where other games fall short. The soundtrack plays less of a role, only coming in when needed. However, when it does, it is very effective. Lastly, the voice cast is effective filled with some big Hollywood players like 'Ray Winstone' and 'Malcolm McDowell.' There is a real sense of importance with the acting and it helps to bring you into the action. 'Killzone 3' is more than capable when it comes to its production, while it might be a little busy, it works to create a believable world.

One aspect that might expand on the replay value is the plethora of mission based trophies. This will make trophy hunters replay the campaign to try to snag them all... and although they are mainly 'bronze' trophies, it nice to hear that "ping" sound over-top of the games soundtrack. The trophies also help to make you feel like you're accomplishing something more within the game. The difficulty isn't bad either, trophy wise, you will be able to clean house in one playthrough. Although, 'Killzone 3' would be a fun platinum challenge.

Lastly, the multiplayer component has been refined to make it more addictive, more polished. There is a lot to love here and if you are a fan of the gun mechanics in Killzone (possibly its biggest asset,) this is where you can home your skills. The point system makes more of an impact and new modes like Operations (objective based) and 'Guerrilla Warfare' (team detahmatch) help keep the action varied. The online maps are well designed and feels stronger this time around. Secondly, 'Killzone 3' supports split-screen co-op, an awesome feature for those longing for some “old school" same room multiplayer. 'Killzone 3' will have no problem filling any holes, if you're sick of fighting it out in modern times.


It has taken a while for 'Killzone 3' to finally surface, and now that it has, I can't help but to feel disappointed. In theory, 'Killzone 3' has all the tools to be a great shooter, but its “ho-hum” story and broken pacing teeter the momentum, failing to complete an otherwise solid product. 'Killzone 3' isn't a bad game, just look at its score. It's a looker, the mechanics are solid and the online component is entertaining. It's just not quite up there with the top tier shooters like we wanted it too be. Still, fans of the series and shooter fans in general will enjoy fragging across Helgan, just don't expect anything more than 'Killzone 2.'

  • Gunplay is excellent, great feel
  • Multiplayer component is fairly strong
  • The first quality buy for 'PS Move' owners
  • Damn, the jet pack is cool
  • Plenty of objective based trophies
  • The big moments "usually" pay off
  • DTS supported audio delivers in all aspects
  • Lots of eye candy
  • Story doesn't draw you in
  • Someone call hoarders, these environments are cluttered
  • Could have used more original weapons
  • Vehicle segments are weak (especially the icy one)
  • Action can feel "ho-hum" at times

Quote: "In theory, 'Killzone 3' has all the tools to be a great shooter, but its “ho-hum” story and broken pacing teeter the momentum, failing to complete an otherwise solid product."

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 03.07.11

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Killzone 3


Guerrilla Games


US Release
February '11



Players 1
Co-Op 1-2
Online MP 1-32
HD 720p
Dolby 5.1
Move Enabled
D/L Content
3D Enabled
Move Supported