Red Dead Redemption sweetens its pot with its second DLC offering called ‘Legend and Killers.’ As we saddle up our Hungarian Half-Breed, here are our thoughts on this latest addition.

'Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers' follows up the free DLC co-op mission pack ‘Outlaws to the End.’ The ‘Legends and Killers’ pack doesn’t expand on the single player tales of John Marston as it opts to broaden the multiplayer component of the game. Depending on your views of the ambitious multiplayer selection, this add-on is either going to be good or bad news. However, whatever way you slice it, the 'Legends and Killers Pack' adds several features to expand Rockstar's turbulent world of Wild West shootouts.

Red Dead Revolver Returns
If you have managed to find some enjoyment out of Red Dead's multiplayer modes, then the ‘Legends and Killers’ will be right up your alley. The first thing the new DLC offers up is eight classic characters from the original ‘Red Dead’ — ‘Read Dead Revolver.’ For those who remember the original Xbox/PS2 gunner, you will likely remember ‘Red Harlow,’ Red Dead Revolver's original protagonist. Also joining Red is Pig Josh, Shadow Wolf, Annie Stoakes, Mr. Kelley, Ugly Chris, Buffalo Soldier, and Jack Swift. It is cool to see the whole ‘Revolver’ clan sitting together when you head into select a multiplayer avatar, but a few new skins isn’t overly exciting. This addition isn't going to sell any tickets to the ride; it’s more a pleasant gesture that pays tribute to Rockstar’s first Western.

A Man and His Axe
What is exciting is the new weapon that can be used in the single player campaign and the multiplayer arenas, and that weapon is the scalping infatuated ‘Tomahawk.’ Armed with a tomahawk you will find a new joy in ‘Red Dead’ as you launch these deadly hand-axes through the open air to pummel your foes. The tomahawk is a powerful addition to your arsenal; however it's not overwhelming powerful that it ransacks the balance of the game. The Tomahawk is slower then its cousin, the throwing knife, and its realistic properties and limited range make it the shotgun of melee weapons. Really, the Tomahawk fits into the world of 'Red Dead Redemption' so perfectly that I am surprised it wasn't introduced earlier.

Messing around with this new weapon in and out of multiplayer is fun, and for all those looking to boost their profile score, the weapon has two attached achievement/trophies “Axe Master” and “Hail Mary.” The only real drawback to the Tomahawk is its availability. Tomahawks can only be purchased at Manzanita Post, unless you are lucky enough to find them hidden around the world in trunks or on dead bodies. Secondly there is $10 a pop, so they aren’t exactly cheap. Depending on how much cash you’re carrying, you might want to skin a few more bears before you start hunting axe achievements. In total the 'Legends and Killers Pack' has 10 achievements/trophies to strive for. This is great if you have maxed out the game and need an extra incentive to put the disc back in your drive. Most of the achievements are based around the multiplayer game, although like I mentioned a few are tied into the new weapon.

New Playgrounds of Death
Following up the achievements or trophies depending on your system of choice, ‘Legends and Killers’ has 9 new multiplayer maps to gun around. These include the tightly concentrated maps like Fort Mercer to more expansive maps like Tall Trees, to more “landmark” staples like Hennigan’s Stead, Thieves Landing, and Blackwater. Of course you visit these locations in Free-roam, but in the competitive spirit, it’s pleasant to have alternatives. Running down the rest of locals you will see Manzanita Post, Repentance Rock, Escalera, and Sidewinder Gulch in Punta Orgullo. In my multiplayer experience I had the most fun playing Gold Rush in Repentance Rock while testing the sprightly shootout waters of Blackwater. Alleyways and rooftops are gunslingers best friend.

Aside from the obvious draw of the deadly tomahawk, the quality of the multiplayer maps is the real seller here. For 800 MS Points or $9.99 you receive nine stellar maps, a few new characters and a bunch of achievements to work towards. This pack of ‘Legends and Killers’ might not be as invigorating as a narrative driven adventure. However for the multiplayer gamer, the price tag of $0.55 a feature seems worth the investment. For those waiting for the next Marston chapter, Rockstar plans more additional content in the months ahead, ensuring everyone can enjoy a piece of DLC pie.

  • A scalping I will go - loving the tomahawk
  • Red Dead Revolver cast has been added
  • 8 new multiplayer maps vary up the action
  • 10 new achievements/trophies
  • Tomahawk can only be purchased in one spot
  • Not much love for the single player gamer
  • That's it? We want more!
Quote: "This pack of ‘Legends and Killers’ might not be as invigorating as a narrative driven adventure. However for the multiplayer gamer, the price tag of $0.55 a feature seems worth the investment."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 08.12.10

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Red Dead Redemption DLC
Legends and Killers

Rockstar Games



US Release
August '10


PS3, X360

Players 1
Online 2-16
5.1 surround
D/L Content
800 MS Points
$9.99 US PSN