WB Games gets sexy with Grasshoppers raw and viciously crazy high-school zombie slaying opus, Lollipop Chainsaw.

Obvious to anyone who has “checked” out 'Lollipop Chainsaw', the lead character makes the game. Of course I am referring to the cheerleading blonde-bombshell, Juliet Stirling; who shares a passion for boys, slaying zombies and lollipops. Not your typical girl in not your typical story, Grasshopper introduces us with a brief rundown of Juliet's life which revolves around her family, her boyfriend and all the other trappings of high school life. To quote Juliet, she was taught to “we wear our vagina’s proudly”, and apparently how to dismember legions of zombies with a chainsaw. Again, 'Lollipop Chainsaw' isn't your “average” action game; this is Grasshopper Manufacture after all, and if you know any of their previous work (most recently Shadows of the Damned), you should have a good idea of how “unique” this adventure will be.

Beyond all the vibrant colours and bleach blonde nonsensical dialogue, the core mechanics are one of a beat em' up action game. It's 'Ninja Gaiden' without the complex combos, breathtaking visuals and ninjas – just think of Ryu Hayabusa turned into a brain-dead “Buffy” armed with a pink heat-embroidered chainsaw and apparently ultra-durable pop-poms. Basically, you will slice through hordes of zombies in a high-school setting. In respect to Grasshoper, it's actually quite clever and an approach that totally works. They did it in “Shadows” and apparent haven't lost a step with “Lollipop”. The only negative here is that “Lollipop” reminds me a lot of 'Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad' which wasn't the most impressive endeavour. However unlike the above mentioned title, 'Lollipop Chainsaw' is actually fun and deceiving challenging.

Aside from disposing of zombies, you will rescue other people/classmates (with clever timed repercussions), collect a lot of “stuff” and even team up with your boyfriend (well part of him at least). All-in-all, it's an ornamental, straight forward affair. If you've played a beat em' up in the past, then you've played 'Lollipop Chainsaw.' The difference here, an edgey concept and clever coat of paint attached to its light and heavy attack button barrage.


After each level, you will be rated on your skills, which include medals earned, sparkle hunting (multiple zombie kills) continues and completion time. With an overall score and a hunter level rating, you will want to better your score and head back in for an above B average (in my case anyway). Additionally an alternative mode called 'Ranking Mode' lets you compete against Zombie Hunters from around the world with strict stipulations added to the rules. World and Friend Leaderboards are provided.

The narrative, yes narrative, isn't so bad. Like Garcia Hotspur, the games romantic overtones help build a connection to the characters (in this case it is literal too). The other characters which are mainly mini-bosses don't really add much. You'll mainly be in this for the bouncy blonde and her whimsical remarks as she rainbow slashes her way through a teenage nightmare, or in here case, a teenage dream (Katy Perry approved). Language and adult content is full out nuts and more than deserving of its “M”ature rating, so keep that in mind if you adolescent boy wants to give Juliet a go. Ah, hormones.

Voyeurs you can also take a jot into Juliets room, which is basically a spot to check out all the in-game collectibles. From Juliet's Room, you have a 'Zombie Album', a listing of achievements, Lollipops, and 'Telephone Messages' (topically excerpts from the game). This “bubblegum” approach to the extras and basically everything in “Lollipop” lends itself to the graphics that also have a “comic” styled approach. Amiably comparable to the beat em' up surprise slasher 'Splatterhouse', Grasshopper does a remarkable job handling their duties between artistic flair and technical fidelity. 'Lollipop Chainsaw' won't blow you away with its visuals, but they more than work in this context.


What can you really expect out of a game named 'Lollipop Chainsaw'? Well whatever your expectations are, you will likely get just that. “Lollipop” is a silly, over-the-top hack n' slash zombie game featuring a scantily clad blonde bombshell lead. Crazy, original and repetitive, this "not quite" recipe for success might not be the best meal, but it doesn't taste bad; nonetheless. If you're looking for something “different” then Juliet is your girl, and “Lollipop” is your game. It's an always a good day to hunt zombies, so take a pink chainsaw for a spin and checkout this unique slice em' up offering.

  • Umm, ya, Juliet like rocks!
  • Even with all the bubblegum, “Lollipop” is interesting
  • Several funny moments and odd situations
  • Although repetitive, combat is simple and fun
  • Lots of reasons to replay this one
  • Repetitive combat, you're going to have sore thumbs here
  • If you don't like things silly – you're gonna go bonkers
  • Not much to it, its basically a washing machine of the same objectives
  • Mature rating might stir away a more suitable audience
Quote: "Crazy, original and repetitive, this "not quite" recipe for success might not be the best meal, but it doesn't taste bad; nonetheless."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 07.17.12 | Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360

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Lollipop Chainsaw

WB Games



US Release
June '12


X360, PS3

Players 1
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p
D/L Content