Professor Genki invites you into his mad world of death and excitement with the 7th annual? Genkibowl. But is it worth participating? we'll let you know.

Genkibowl might sound like an oriental cuisine of noodles from a late night restaurant, but its more hazardous than unexpected bowl spicy Hiyashi Chuka noodles. Genkibowl VII is a free download for those who purchased the Saints Row: The Third “Season Pass” or available purchasable for those who haven't bit down on the Season Pass. Bragging about Genki Girls, Angry Tigers, Sexy Kittens and more, Genkibowl VII gives us a little more of that funktastic “Saints” mojo wrapped up into a small downloadable package. Although light on expectations, Mr. Genki sure knows how to have fun.

By selecting the mission “Apocalypse Genki” from the menu, you will be prompted to head to Wesley Cutter International to start your participation in the Genkibowl. Mocked up, strapped on with ESPN flair, the commentators will quickly have u laughing. In this first maze of Genki you might find the navigation a little confusing and possibly frustrating, but the clever and sarcastic nature of the writing keeps the random blasting fun. However, I did encountered a bug that wouldn't let me finish the level. A quick re-boot of the entire game fixed that problem, but be prepared to for some imperfection. Still you've played this format already in the main game, so its basically another flavour of the same.

From here you are off to the “Super Ethical PR Opportunity.” (Psst: I think i was at one these events last year) This section is more exciting then a elementary maze run. Here you will have the one-and-only Professor Genki in a flaming propelling good time around town. Sure this event is just a variation from the main game, but the inclusion of the new whip and having Genki as your wingman adds a necessary dosage of spice. Following this “Sexy Kitten Yarngasm” comes up on the agenda. Interesting name and a even more interesting event. Here you will put on your Katamari rolling hat and roll a giant ball of yarn through the city causing mahyam. Its straight forward, totally ridiculous, but a whole lot of fun. Rewards a plenty, and for this event you will get the Verminator quad (a quad dressed up as a mouse.) Creative sure, I can't even imagine what doesn't make it into the game.

After the quick secession of "cell phone" missions are over you are left up to your own devices to re-engage these missions. Like the rest of the mini-games, you can find them on the map and enjoy. Although, there isn't enough mission to keep you busy for long. Additionally, Genkibowl feels like a cop-out from the visualization splash in the beginning. Even though I didn't expect, much I hoped for some sort of cohesiveness. Still, the events themselves are fun and better yet, you earn more unlockables are highlights giving you more allies and toys to play with.

So the question of the moment is Genkibowl VII worth the points? well that really depends on how much you love Saints. If you really, really, really love the Saints, then a few points will provide you with about an hour of enjoyment, minus the reusability of the unlockables. But beyond a quick whisking into mayhem, Genkibowl is lacking more of, well everything. Luckily this is a freebie for "Season Pass" holders, but for those with sparse points, I would hold out for something with a little more grit. You can't say Violation isn't creative, we just need more milk with our kitties.

  • Lots of whacky unlockables
  • While short, activities are still fun
  • Yarngasm, sure why not
  • Tricks you into thinking this is a cohesive collection of mini-games
  • Ultra-short play time, we're talking about under an hour
  • Nice unlockables, but ultimately uncessarry
  • Needed more... well, of everything
Quote: "But beyond a quick whisking into mayhem, Genkibowl is lacking more of, well everything. "
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 01.19.12 | Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360

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Saints Row
The Third DLC
Genkibowl VII


Volition Inc.


US Release
January '12


PS3, X360

Players 1
Co-op 2
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p
D/L Content
HD Required
800 MS Points