Borderland's get “Claptrapified” as Gearbox and 2K Games release the fourth add-on for their addictive wasteland shooter. The time for singing and dancing is over, these Claptraps' mean business.

For most Borderlands' players this DLC pack isn't the first round in extra curricular activities. If you still have a copy of Borderlands kicking around, then it is likely that you have download one of the other offerings from Gearbox. Although, we really want 'Borderlands 2,' more content is better then nothing. So right before the launch of the 'Game of the Year' edition that will have have coupon vouchers for all the downloadable content up to this point, Gearbox pushes out one more bite sized addition for their acclaimed shooter.

Featuring the break-out all-stars of the game, the Claptrap robots, the new DLC has them up in arms fighting against the Hyperion Corporation and anyone else who gets in their way. More then a army of little robots, the Claptrap collective has “claptrapified” many of the inhabitants of Pandora, including some familiar faces from previous games (and DLC.) They might be small, but these little ticking timebombs and their new found allies are anything but pushovers, well unless you are above level 40.

The first concern most of you will have when jumping into this DLC is how is the challenge? And what new loot, or locations can I expect? Sadly, this 'New Revolution' disappoints in all regards. Now that doesn't mean its not fun and worth the download, just don't expect another episode as strong as 'General Knoxx,' which has to be the most impressive pack released for Borderlands.


Scaling depends on your character level, and prior achievements in the main and the other downloadable additions. If you're one of the brave that faced-off and defeated the Clawmerax, then things will be boosted accordingly. If not, well, then be prepared to cruise through this DLC without breaking sweat. Unlike 'General Knoxx' and 'Moxxi,' the Claptrap featured DLC is a push over for any character above 40. If you are under that marker, this DLC will be a lot more fun. All the clever re-designs don't really matter when you can stand face-to-face exchanging bullets without a care in the world, which is exactly what I did against many of the boss battles in the game.

One of the shinning moments in the Claptrap DLC is hearing the phrase “operation trap claptrap trap” repeatedly. It is that sort of ridiculous writing that makes Borderlands stand out from all the other shooters on the market. It's pure silliness, but it is highly effect. Although its great to see a new level of creativity enter the Borderlands world there is too much recycling of ideas in this "robolution." Reintroducing old enemies feels somewhat like a swerve from creating a whole new cast of bad guys. That being said the final boss in the game kind of makes up for it. I loved the end boss! However, just like the final boss in the first game, you can exploit the battle by hiding behind a conveniently placed rock.

Adding more incentive to keep the electromechanical innards from the Claptrap's flying are several achievement/trophy points to collect. Two of the achievements are big points winners that will take a big chunk out of collecting all the rewards; Muerte la robo-lucion (Kill The INAC-- the final boss) and The Collector (Complete a Crazy Request for Tannis.) The achievements are fairly reasonable to get, which is nice to see after so many other DLC patches have been littered with ridiculous goals.


Even though I enjoyed having a new excuse to fire up Borderlands, 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' seems a little dry after General Knoxx's monumental adventure. The Claptrap "robolution" doesn't have the same punch, or nearly the same challenge for players above level 40, which is a good portion of Borderlands gamers. Out of the four DLC packs that have been released for Borderlands, 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' is the least inspiring, yes even over Moxxi. Still, if you need to fuel your loot shooting addiction the 'Claptrap' DLC is worth checking out, but don't expect to be dazzled by our little mechanical friends and their robotic robolution.

Final Score: 6.8

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 10.05.10
  • Gotta love, operation Trap Claptrap Trap
  • Interesting spin on the story (Who doesn't love the Claptraps?)
  • Claptraified enemies might be recycled, but they are fun to see
  • Loved the end boss!
  • Not challenging enough for higher levels
  • No new weapon types or vehicles
  • Underwhelming objectives
  • Feels too recycled
  • We expected a little more

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Borderlands DLC
Claptrap's New
Robot Revolution

2K Games

Gearbox Studios


US Release
September '10


1-2 player
MP co-op 2-4
system link 2-4
5.1 surround
HDTV 1080p
DL: 1.0 GB