Holy flying comic-books Spidey - Spider-Man returns in Beenox's film-driven epilogue; The Amazing Spider-Man. In this twisting version of the popular web-sligning hero, it's time to take on Oscorp as they plays gentic gods.

Cashing-in on a movie is a smart opportunity for a publishing studio to take advantage of. Although making sure the game makes the development schedule versus being a properly developed piece of gaming masterpiece is another dilemma altogether. Here we have a property released to meet the date of the new Spider-Man reboot; however, while it gets the timing right, can it live up to the high standards we have for the series? Not discounting its pure sense of fun - developer Beenox has done it better (re: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions), making 'The Amazing Spider-Man' slightly disappointing. Even so, this "alternative" take on Peter Parkers' life has its moments and is worth a look.

Fans of Spider-Man will likely be interested in this latest digital offering, since not only is it another Spider-Man game, but serves as an epilogue to the film. Penned by Battlestar Galactica wordsmith, Seamus Fahey, a sense of cohesiveness is brushed forward. For a plot, which I won't spoil too much, it involves Oscorp following up on the cross-species research of The Lizard (Dr. Connors). This turns into the typical, experiment-gone-wrong type of ordeal and Spider-Man obviously has to save the day. Taking on several villains from Rhino to the Scorpion, the tale does enough to get the player involved in the action, so it's up to the gameplay to hold it.

Following the success of prior Spider-Man games, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' also uses open-world gameplay mixed with indoor “set-piece” missions. The diversity is what's expected, but admitting, it's doesn't stand up in long sittings. Although other activities can take your mind off the drawl indoor missions, you will likely waste a good portion of your time simply gliding around collecting comic-books and solving minor crimes – and trust me; with a 500 wide collectable addiction, it is easy to get wrapped up into web-slinging these pulp pages.

Collection aspects aside, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' is an action game, so expect to be battling your way through the plot taking on various shapes and styles of trash (aka villains). Getting into the groove takes a little over an hour, but once you do, the game plays like a charm. Spider-Man's new “quick-jump” system works quite well, and the combat has been give a more modern counter-attack feel. Some small hiccups are bound to happen, and in this case its simple navigation/combat in tight spaces, which is a normal issue in 3rd person action games. Minor details aside and depending on your expectations, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' does a good job holding its own against other 3rd person beaters.

The production is about average, yet very acceptable for a sandbox game. The increased level of attention goes into our hero with the other characters following behind. New York isn't too interesting, but does its job as a high rise jungle-gym. What is interesting is the new camera angel implemented which brings in the camera closer to the action. It's not quite an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, but its apparent someone at Beenox has been taking cues from the DC caped crusader, Batman. Initially I was put off with the new perspective, but grew to love and accept it as the game progressed. It's a tricky situation and I applaud the spirited change.

Taking on the lead from the new film, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' is both a little new and old. While the gameplay and dull ominous New York City doesn't offer much new, a few tweaks and revival into the plot helps. Spider-Man fans will likely get enough out of this Oscorp clean-up, while others might expect a little more out of their superheroes. Swing into this one with Spider-sense tingling.

  • Controls are nailed, feels great to play as Spider-Man
  • Although not too interesting, the “film” take on Spider-Man is a nice change
  • All the Spider-Man familiars are here
  • Lots of collectable items that effortlessly become addictive
  • Production is good, but nothing great
  • We've played this one before; not overly original compared to other Spider-Man titles
  • Gameplay becomes bland in long sittings
Quote: "Spider-Man fans will likely get enough out of this Oscorp clean-up, while others might expect a little more out of their superheroes."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 07.29.12 | Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360

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The Amazing




US Release
July '12


X360, PS3

Players 1
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p
D/L Content