Reviewed by Jimmy | 09.11.06

The block building masterpiece from Alexey Pazhitnov eventually makes its rounds to every new gaming platform, so here it is for the Nintendo DS. You know you already love it, and there is a lot to love in this Nintendo inspired version for the DS. Sit back read a few paragraphs in our full review of Tetris DS.

It's been over 15 years and Tetris is still ultra popular with gamers across the board. It's Tetris, and it's a true fact that Tetris can do no wrong. Even before I put the DS cartridge into my slim white DS Lite, I knew I was going to like the results. What I didn't know is how cool and innovate Tetris can still be. If I had to pick a favorite Tetris version over all the years, I believe the new DS version is right on the top of the list.

It's A Me, Mario!
The biggest advantage to having Tetris on the Nintendo platform is the obvious inclusion of Nintendo themes. Nintendo really loves to milk their own characters and who could blame them? Like Tetris, they all have become timeless and you know that Mario, whenever he has a chance at a cameo appearence, he takes it. Right from the first time the original Super Mario Brothers music hits and you see Mario hitting his head on question mark boxes you'll be hit with a double dose of nostalgia. Tetris works well with the themes of Nintendo classics running in the background, and I think it is safe to say, Tetris DS has found a new home on the Nintendo DS.

200 Lines, No Problem
For modes Tetris is loaded up with six new and classic modes including the original Game Boy version of Tetris. The first mode is standard mode which breaks down with three options, Marathon, Line Clear, and Vs CPU. The marathon mode is the most challenging with a goal of 200 lines! The fresh Mario background sounds and images will keep you motivated to complete this monster goal, but you really need to focus when it hits the 80 plus mark.

Push, Tower, Puzzle
The next three modes I'll touch on are fresh and innovative, but not necessary the most fun. I'd pick the basic standard mode before these new additions with the Push mode running a cool second. So what are the new modes about? Here is a rundown on these questionable game modes. The Push mode has you trying to push the opponent down while they are pushing you up. Beat them down by clearing two lines at once and you've cashed in.

Touch is the next mode which has two options, Tower and Touch Puzzle. Touch as you might have guessed uses the touch screen and piles the blocks up through both screens on the DS. Although the use of the touch screen is interesting I didn't find this mode to as fun as the others.

The puzzle mode also didn't have me too interested like the touch mode it seemed to suck some life out of the care free standard Tetris. The puzzle mode has you going though a number of block dropping puzzles which drop the pieces automatically. I guess this mode will appeal to a certain group of puzzle fanatics; overall it didn't work for me.

Two More Themes
Now back to the fun, and the last two themed modes. What's left is Zelda themed Mission mode which gives the option of playing in Marathon or Time Trial modes. In Mission mode you must try and complete tasks like breaking lines with a specific block or clearing an amount of lines at once. It's pretty interesting and of course to earn the big points the theory, the faster the better is attached. Then Samus in Metroid has the last themed mode called catch. Catch is the most unique of all the game modes in Tetris DS which you have to collect pieces off a central piece in an always moving gaming field. You have to collect these blocks in sets of 4x4 then detonate them at the core. The Catch mode the most interesting and different game modes I've seen featured on Tetris copulation.

Yes Sir, Wi-Fi is a Go
Overall these six modes give the gamer a wide range of options for Tetris, and the Nintendo themes that running throughout the game help add some extra flair. You also have multiplayer option, Wi-Fi enabled, which supports up to 10 DS's off one cartridge which is beautiful! If you want some quality time with friends on the DS and you are getting sick of Mario Kart, Tetris DS is a good option.

Tetris for the Nintendo DS will keep the block dropping Tetris fanatics happy. There are plenty of game modes which are supported over Wi-Fi multiplayer that should keep you hooked for a long as you can last. Add some Nintendo themed levels and presto we have a stacked up Tetris game that fits perfectly on the DS system.

Gameplay: 9, Graphics/Sound: 6, Innovation: 8.5, Mojo: 10. Final: 8.5 / 10

The Good Nintendo Themes, Six Game Modes, Wi-Fi Support

The BadGraphics Low Quality, Fun factor a little low on new modes


  • Innovative use of DS stylus and dual screens
  • Six modes classic and all-new modes
  • Incredible artwork inspired by favorite Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda
  • 10 DS players can battle with only one Tetris DS card.
  • Battle on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Tetris DS
Mar 2006