Growing into one of the most reliable sport franchises for the EA Sports brand, FIFA 14 fires another goal into the net. Put on your jerseys, it’s footie time.

FIFA 14 showcases another focused effort from EA Canada. In sync with the spirit of the sport and spotlighting even more realism, FIFA 14 is another win to their current streak of success. Regardless if you have been following the series over the last few years or not, FIFA 14 is the landmark edition of FIFA and the best gaming version of “soccer” you can find.

While not overly drastic in its design, FIFA 14 provides enough fanaticism to the details to make it a note-worthy installment in the series. The animation and mechanics have been retooled to make the movement even more precise. Every pivot, shift, and explosiveness of the real athletics has come to life. Having more realistic players, means a more realistic game – a noticeable adjustment, especially if you’ve been on the virtual field before. It is true that this makes FIFA 14 a tad slower, but it is more like an illusion of speed loss rather than a technical deficiency. Any loss of speed is merely the act of the redefined with improved physics.


The new physics (aka Precision Movement) touches on every aspect, and when you mix in teammate A.I., FIFA 14 starts to really define itself. It’s truly mind-boggling the amount of “behind-the-scenes” work that goes into making something like the ball react with the proper force, trajectory and finesse. FIFA 14 just feels a little more right making each adjustment seem worth it. While some might mistake the lack of constant speed as a negative, I believe the more disciplined player will find a more controlled and rewarding experience.

The evolution of the A.I. is another contributor to the new “feeling” in FIFA 14. Old strategies that have been a staple in your playbook might not be as effective with this more “in-tune” A.I. Reactions between strikers and defenders since their movements are more fitting to what is happening on the field. While you might see a few mischiefs out of character, FIFA 14 has been improved for the better.


On the front end the navigation has been “Madden-ized” to fit with the other EA Sports titles. It’s more of an adjustment then an improvement. The graphics have also been slightly upgraded, but considering FIFA is usually pretty stellar, it’s not a “game changer”. FIFA 14's production is solid, matching EA's consistency across all its sporting titles.

In the modes, a few confident alterations have been made to the Career mode making it more fun to player either the management or the player. Again like the physics, it is the small things that matter to make FIFA 14 more robust. While it’s still a little daunting for the casual fan to make it through an entire player career, it’s excellent for those who are in FIFA for the long haul. More so EA Sports continues its legacy to other game modes like the Pro Club and other “football” indulgences. If you have the time, FIFA 14 can be your best friend for years… and yes, this is a good thing.


Constantly creeping towards true realism, FIFA 14 is built for the evolving fan who doesn't mind working a little harder for their rewards. Focused and deliberate, FIFA 14 steps forward as the pinnacle sports title from EA Sports. Without hesitation, FIFA 14 is worth the yearly upgrade. [9.0]

  • Improved handling and physics
  • Next proper evolution in the series
  • Filled to the brim with football goodness
  • Huge roster of customizable teams and players
  • Learning curve mildly steep for beginners
Quote: "Focused and deliberate, FIFA 14 steps forward as the pinnacle sports title from EA Sports."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 10.29.13 | Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360

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EA Sports

EA Canada


US Release
September '13


X360, PS3

Players 1-4
Co-op 2-4
Online MP 2-22
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p
D/L Content
Kinect Optional