• Best Downloadable Game
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Sound
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Mojo
  • Best Multiplayer
  • Best Follow-Up
  • Best Character
  • Best New I.P.
R&C: Quest for Booty | Publisher: Sony | Developer: Insomniac Games

Downloading has reached an all time high in 2008 with more gamers download games, and content then before. Downloadable Content is quickly becoming the new trend in gaming and either for the good, or bad, we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the years to come. Our notable winner of our "Downloadable Game" is a full add-on pack from the cats at Insomniac Games. Insomniac keeps up their high level of production in their Ratchet & Clank add-on Quest for Booty. Quest for Booty continues Ratchet's adventure after the events in Future: Tools of Destruction giving a little more closure and development in the Ratchet world while providing a new adventure to behold. More than a simple pile of maps, Quest for Booty introduces some new swashbuckling characters, new weapons, and new game play ideas into the classic Ratchet formula. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty gives you more than enough bang for you buck and is our Downloadable game of 2008.


Runner-Up: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (Activision/Bizarre Creations)
Honorable Mentions: Castle Crashers, Braid, World of Goo, PixelJunk Monsters, Mega Man 9

GOTY07: Pac-Man: Championship Edition


Metal Gear Solid 4 | Publisher: Konami | Developer: Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions has produced more than a graphical masterpiece in Metal Gear Solid 4, they have demanded everyone's attention with future bending graphics that are wrapped around a breath taking cinematic sequences and hardcore gaming mechanics. Either watching one of the many extended clips in Metal Gear Solid 4, or simply running around as Solid Snake you will realize Metal Gear Solid 4 is above the curve and a brilliant looking game. Better than Gears, Call of Duty, and Prince of Persia, Metal Gear Solid 4 gives us an early glance on the next wave of quality with their outstanding effort in MGS4. Congratulation Kojima, you deserve it.


Runner-Up: Gears of War 2 (Microsoft/Epic Games)
Honorable Mentions: Valkyria Chronicles, COD: World at War, Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry 4

GOTY07: Bioshock GOTY06: Gears of War GOTY05: Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty: World at War | Publisher: Activision | Developer: Treyarch

Graphics and sound go hand-to-hand, however Metal Gear and Snake's grumbling can not match up with Call of Duty's stunning deliver of voice overs, and magical layering of sounds of war in World at War. From the opening bits, to the final red curtain falling over the Nazi army, World at War is top quality, crisp sounds from the leader in World War II shooters. Marching in second place is other title that was close to the mountain top in Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto IV deserves attention as well with its always impressive soundtrack and even more impressive character driven narrative powered by great voice actors. In that respect no game can complete with Rockstar's impressive line-up, however Nico Bellic and his rambling cousin Roman fall a little short compared to the music cacophony that is Call of Duty: World at War. At ease soldier, Treyarch wins this one.


Runner-Up: Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar Games/Rockstar North)
Honorable Mentions: BIA: Hell's Highway, Fable II, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War 2, Condemned 2

GOTY07: Mass Effect GOTY06: Gears of War GOTY05: Jade Empire


Fable II | Publisher: Microsoft | Developer: Lioneadhed Studios

The world of Albion will never be the same as Lionhead Studios gives the gamer more choices than ever to create and shape the world around them. More than a detailed level editor, the changes in Fable II happen in real-time, inovlving your character as they progress through the storyline. In basics, Fable II's story isn't the innovation, it's the game mechanics that are. The interaction between other characters in game has been pushed further than before, social status, and interesting elements like marriage, love, a parenthood have also been tackled within the action based role-playing game. Not to take away anything from the Honorable Mentions, but Fable II gives us something a little more than any other developer was willing to go making Fable II our Most Innovative Game of 2008.


Runner-Up: Little Big Planet (Sony/Media Molecule)
Honorable Mentions: Papaton, Valkyria Chronicles, Far Cry 2, TC: End War, Mirror`s Edge

GOTY07: Mass Effect GOTY06: Viva Pinata GOTY05: Phychonauts

Fallout 3 | Publisher: Bethesda | Developer: Bethesda

Our top two Mojo filled games of 2008 are no stranger to blood and guts, Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2 provide a brutalized stylistic look a violence, cool weaponry, and over-the-top situations. Gears might have the numbers, but Fallout 3 has the V.A.T.S. Fallout 3 in all its retro-science fiction charm is a radioactively charged with the mojo making it our winner of this years Mojo award. Taking out gangs of mutated Super-Mutants in desolate wasteland, destroying entire towns with a rusty atomic bomb, and, perking out our characters with the coolest attributes in gaming are only a few good reasons why Fallout 3 is radiating with the mojo. Be what you want to be, playing how you want to play, bring the mojo as hard as you can, Fallout 3 is has the most mojo in 2008.

Gears of War 2 (Microsoft/Epic Games)
Honorable Mentions: Grand Theft Auto IV, Little Big Planet, Devil May Cry 4, Saints Row 2, Fallout 3

GOTY07: Heavenly Sword GOTY06: Elderscrolls: Oblivion GOTY05: Amped 3

Call of Duty: World at War | Publisher: Activision | Developer: Treyarch

Last years Call of Duty 4 welcomed gamers to the world of multiplayer play within the Call of Duty franchise and boosted the life and achievement of the game well past the scripted sequences of its single player game. In 2008, Call of Duty returns to its WWII roots and gives a new round at multiplayer built on the spectacular Call of Duty 4 multiplayer model. This means WWII action with all the tricks and perks from Call of Duty 4. Really it can't get better, making World at War the most addictive online multiplayer action a gamer could hope to find.

Runner-Up: Resistance 2 (Sony/Insomniac Games)
Honorable Mentions: Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Far Cry 2

GOTY07: Halo 3 GOTY06: Gears of War GOTY05: Perfect Dark Zero

Fallout 3 | Publisher: Bethesda | Developer: Bethesda

2008 had its share of high profile follows ups, just look at our list of Honorable Mentions to see a who's who of games that have already cleaned up at our 2008 awards. This is a big year for the follow up, however one game has been waiting for a remake for a long time, this game is Fallout 3. Disregarding a few failed spin-offs we have been waiting for a return to the wasteland since 1998. That's ten years of waiting, and ten years of expectations that have been solidly met within Fallout 3. No even our runner-up, Grand Theft Auto IV can say that. Fallout 3 was a long time coming and our best follow-up in 2008.


Runner-Up: Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar Games/Rockstar North)
Honorable Mentions: Fable II, Gears of War 2, MGS4, Prince of Persia, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

GOTY07: Super Mario Galaxy GOTY06: GRAW2

Sackboy (Little Big Planet) | Publisher: Sony | Developer: Media Molecule

Last year the City of Rapture gave us the iconic character, Big Daddy and Adam sucking Little Sister(s), and 2008 comes into the fold with a more happy, go lucky character with Sackboy from Little Big Planet. Sackboy who is a speechless, playable character in Sony's platformer Little Big Planet has gone beyond an fun, and cool character in a game, he has become Sony's mascot. More familiar than even Kratos, this little bundle of thread is the new face of the Playstation 3. Sackboy's instantly loveable looks and fun playful demeanor make him our best character of 2008. I'm sure Nico and Roman will get over the loss... Better luck next time boys.


Runner-Up: The Cousins Bellic (GTAIV) (Rockstar Games)
Honorable Mentions: Solid Snake, Travis Touchdown, Marcus Fenix, Matt Baker, The Apprentice

GOTY07: Big Daddy & Little Sister(s) GOTY06: Tony Montana GOTY05: Conker the Squirrel

Little Big Planet | Publisher: Sony | Developer: Media Molecule

Like 2007, 2008 has been a year of sequels and successful original I.P's. The original games have to be exceptional to measure up against some of the big franchise players, however a number of titles have planet roots to become popular staples in the future. A few of these include Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, No More Heroes and the loveable tribal rhythm game Papaton. The one game that is a little more noticeable then all the others games is Sony's Little Big Planet. Picking up its third award, there should be no question the impact Little Big Planet has made on gaming in 2008, and will no doubt become a faithful franchise for the Sony brand.

Runner-Up: Left 4 Dead (Valve)
Honorable Mentions: Dead Space, Viking: Battle for Asgard, Mirror's Edge, No More Heroes, Papaton

GOTY07: Rock Band