The Xbox Live Arcade brings gamers a slice of Greek mythology in the pint sized dungeon crawler, Arkadian Warriors. Featuring random dungeons, three playable character classes, magical powers, and giant animal transformations, Arkadian Warriors dares gamers to brave the controller and confront the monster, Gorgon.

In all its glory, Arkadian Warriors tries to be larger than its miniature scale giving a surprisingly entertaining form of mindless entertainment. Starting off, you get to play through the game as one of three warriors, a solider, a sorceress or the ranged character, the bowed Archer. Each character class has their advantages and skills over the others, but truely any one of the three will do as you save the land of Arkadia from the mythological creature Gorgon. Even though Arkadian Warriors is the generic hack and slash, dungeon crawl doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any worth. Arkadian Warriors in all its straight forward action, basic dungeon structure and sloppy and pointless plot, it’s still fun!

The beauty in being simplified in a game like Arkadian Warrior’s is that it can appeal to a younger audience and bring them into a nice adventure with creatures they likely enjoy and lead characters with a kid-like looks. In the Xbox Live Arcade younger gamers have a lot more choices rather than jumping into a full game of something a little to deep like Mass Effect. Arkadian Warriors is the perfect as a pick-up-and-play role-playing styled game; just don’t expect a deep storyline, or overly immersive action. Arkadian Warriors is a basic as basic can get.

Arkadian Warriors might seem like an open-ended world when you start the game and wander through the blank streets of Arkadia, however you’ll soon find out that you have to finish the game in a linear fashion accepting quests and then ploughing through them. Besides the dungeons being randomly generated you are powerless to attempt to save Arkadia your own way. In total Arkadian Warriors gives you 18 quests to clear before you get to the finial showdown. During this dungeon crawl expect a few boss battles, a few spiders and crabs, and of course goblins.

One interesting twist to Arkadian Warriors is that you characters have the ability to transform into an animal based alter ego. These alter egos are powerful beasts that cause major destruction while crushing all enemies in their blast radius. During the game you will build your yellow Alter Ego meter and have it available to activate when you deem the time is right. In the beginning of the game, you will need to relay on this power more often if you’re a weaker class, but as the adventure goes on you will become a powerful opponent in your own right, even without summoning your inner beast.

You will also be able to upgrade you weapons and armour during the game with items you either pick up from fallen foes or bought from venders. Weapons range from basic types like swords, staffs, bows, hammers to magically enhanced weapons that can boost your abilities with elemental attacks, or even health regeneration. The armour splits into three sections, helmet, body suit, and shield. Your equipment can be adjusted in or out of a dungeon on the fly by simply hitting your trigger. Wanako’s approach to interface in Arkadian Warriors is easy to use while giving you control over every aspect of your character. Normal attack, magic, transforming, potions etc... are delegated to their own button to make each activity easy to active without confusion.

If Achievements are you thing then you will be happy to hear that Arkadian’s 200 points towards boosting your gamerscore will be easy to obtain. Breaking down the 12 achievements be expected to make a chain together 10 kills, play a quest with each character class, complete 2 quests in co-op continuously and kill 100 monsters with exploding vases to earn 10 points each. Then you have three 5 point achievements that are easy, equip a full suit of armour, morph into an alter ego form and kill 10 monsters and destroy all monsters in a level, all three of these will likely unlock in your first play. Moving up to level 20 will earn you 20 points with the “God’s Champion” achievement, then it’s the tougher ones, that aren’t really too tough. For 25 points each you will need to accumulate 500’000 gold coins, buy or sell 100 items and find 15 secret rooms. Finally to make it up to 200 points you will need to finish the game by killing Gorgon, this awards you with the “Snake Slayer” achievement and completes the game.

Arkadian Warriors follows in the dungeon crawl experience that allows you to turn off your brain and hack n’ slash your way through the adventure. Falling in the middle of good and mediocre, Arkadian Warriors stacks up as an adequate action game for the Xbox Live Arcade. If you have a friend that wants to share the duty of slaying Gorgon, then put your 800 Microsoft Points through the pipeline and download Arkadian Warriors.

Reviewed by Jimmy | 01.23.08


  • Three mighty warriors: Choose to play as a Soldier, Archer, or Sorceress To save the land of Arkadia.
  • Unique abilities: Each warrior has unique fighting and shape-shifting abilities. Turn into a Phoenix, Lion, or Dragon to increase your power and crush your foes.
  • Character development: Build up your warrior's skills and inventory along the way with more powerful magic, deadlier weapons, and stronger defensive units.
  • Unique dungeon generator: Never battle enemies in the same dungeon twice.
  • Intense multiplayer co-op action: Play side-by-side with a friend, or take the battle online and conquer Gorgon in co-op multiplayer.

Arkadian Warriors

Sierra Online

Wanako Studios

Action RPG

US Release
Dec '07



Player 1-2
Co-Op Player 1-2
HDTV 720p
Dolby 5.1 Surround
D/L Content