Microsoft cleverly turns the popular DVD movie trivia game Scene It? into a fun adaption for the Xbox 360. 1’800 questions, new game modes, the Big Button Pad Controller brings the most out of the board game turning it into something special.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is the perfect board game to adapt to the gaming world. If you’re not familiar with Scene It? it’s a movie based trivia game that quizzes the player on various films with clips, clues and other tidbits of information. The goal of Scene It? Is to answer more correct answers then your opponent to win the game and walk down the red carpet with the swagger of a winner. Even if you are a proud owner of the board game there is still value in owning the Xbox 360 version. Microsoft's Scene It? takes the flaws of the DVD formula, mainly the lack of content and the frequency of repeated quests and brings the videogame beyond the board.

One aspect of Scene It's mass appeal is because it is aimed at a mainstream audience. You don't have to a film fanatic or obsessed with movie culture to enjoy Scene It?. There are a few stumpers, however overall Scene It? remains accessible for casual movie fans. Another reason why Scene It? has been so successful is because of its simple format of questioning after watching a movie clip, along with other simple trivia staples. Using new clips with various questions that can be unorthodox at times keep the fun rolling even after hours of quizzing. It’s easy to see why the original format has sold over 10 million copies since it launched in 2001. Out of all the video-based board games, Scene It? is one that has taken off exceptionally over the years.

Besides the main questioning mode behind Scene It?, several new mode have been included exclusively on the Xbox 360. Three new puzzle types are included on the Xbox 360 version bring Scene It? to a total of 21 puzzle types. Starting off the new Xbox 360 exclusive puzzles is the challenging "Credit Roll" which lets the player guess the film based on the credits, "Quotables" which makes the players finish a quote from a movie. Lastly is "Child’s Play" which has you guessing the name of movie while a childish cartoon image is drawn on the screen. These images in Child’s Play can be pretty funny inducing a few laugh out loud moments. In total over all the game modes you can quiz yourself with over 1’800 questions. Each gamertag who plays Scene It? Will have their questions scene saved in their profile to prevent from a lot of repeated questions. This solution to a major flaw in the DVD format works rather well and until those 1’800 are done then you are close as you can get to repeat free.

A new controller is introduced along with Scene It, called the Big Button Controller. The BBC (Big Button Controller) is an obvious choice because with each one of the four having a large coloured button on the top, with the normal A,B,X, and Y displayed vertical underneath it. The controllers work by plugging a USB sensor into the front of the Xbox and simply turning them on with the silver X interface. The controllers are run on two double A batteries which have lasted me hours and hours of play through. Everything is included to get you running which is also nice, not to have to run to the store and grab batteries.

The colours (red, blue, green and yellow) represent a player choice on the screen and make it easy for getting new gamers into the game and never loosing track of which controller is yours in a party setting. A tribute to its design the BBC fits nicely in the hand. It’s ergonomically designed has the same high level of quality that lends itself to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 standard controllers. Hopefully we get more games that support the use of the BBC.

What the Big Button Controller does besides the visual difference is helps capture the feel of a game show buzzer. This helps get players into the mood of a playing a game show styled game. When the controller is in your hand, you’ll feel the Jeopardy urge to hit the big button increasing the competitive nature of the game.

Keeping the buzz rolling, Scene It? takes advantage of the fact that the Xbox 360 is a HD console. Now instead of the standard image you’ll get the pleasure of watching these clips in 720 progressive scan. If you're a true movie buff, then I know you'll be interested in HD quality and the 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Lastly, the future seems bright for Scene It? that will be supported through the excellent Xbox Live service. I’m sure the minds behind the game are whipping it a lot of ideas for downloable content. Adding frequent downloadable content could make Scene It? a console spanning game that you repeatedly revisit. All you have to do is look at the collection of themed games on the DVD format of Scene It? It has over 15 different version including a Disney, James Bond, Nickelodeon, and Marvel Comics edition. It’s almost limitless on where the downloadable content could lead. Personally; I think a videogame questioned theme would be appropriate given its gaming translation.

If you’re a fan of movie trivia, the original Scene It? board game then Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is must have. Microsoft has picked the perfect board game to translate into the consoles format, and they have done it by adding more value to the product then its DVD format. Over 1’800 questions, HD content, and four new Big Button Controllers is enough to justify Scene It's modest price tag. Scene It? on the Xbox 360 fills the void of much needed party styled games on the console which life can only be extended with the eventual addition of downloadable content.

Gameplay:9, Graphics:7, Sound:7, Innovation:8, Mojo: Final: 8.0 / 10

Reviewed by Jimmy | 12.12.07


  • New puzzle challenges: The Xbox 360 game includes more than 1,800 questions not seen before in any other Scene It? game.
  • Game types: Enjoy "Credit Roll," where you guess the film based on the list of characters and actors, "Child’s Play," where you guess the name of the film based on a child’s drawing of a film scene, and "Quotables," where you are challenged to finish a famous line from a featured film. In addition, all 21 puzzle types have been designed to provide the ultimate multiplayer experience on Xbox 360.
  • Big Button Pad: Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is shipped with four new wireless Big Button Pads, so each player has his or her own buzzer. Making games such as Scene It? more approachable for all types of players.
  • Hi-def visuals: The game offers a wide assortment of movie clips in HD format, as well as hundreds of stills and audio clips from your favorite films.
  • Minimal repeats: The Xbox 360 version keeps track of questions that have already been asked and minimizes repeats so you rarely get the same question twice.

Scene It?
Lights, Camera, Action


WXP & Screenlife Games

Game Show

US Release
November '07



1-4 Player
Dolby 5.1
HDTV 720p
Xbox Live Aware