Taito has developed the Xbox 360's first modern military fighter. Presented by Ubisoft who brought us 'Blazing Angels' earlier this year, Over G Fighters promises high velocity action while keeping the realistic edge. Is it over for Over G? or is it just getting started? Find out in our review of Over G Fighters.

The Game
Over G Fighters or 'World Air Force' to the rest of the world takes a look at modern warfare of the clear blue skies. Unlike Ubisoft's earlier aerial combat release in 'Blazing Angels,' we are taking a break away from the WWII setting and given some fast highly armed jets.

Over G isn't loaded full of content but what they added accents the game well. Inside you can play through different challenges, story mode scenarios and online multiplayer. I slid right into the Scenario level in Over G and had a few flights in the area keeping the peace as Gargoyle 1. Gargoyle 1 isn't a jet by the way, it's your codename in the sky, actually everyone on your side, the right side, are Gargoyles. Luckily the A.I squad mates in Over G Fighters are pretty intelligent and you have six specific commands you can bark out to help you when needed. Each squad mate has their best traits so it's wise to pick the right guy or girl for the job.

The missions in the scenario level are pretty standard and you unlock new missions as you progress. The global conflict story-line doesn't really do much add excitement to Over G Fighters and their isn't anything overly special about the Scenario mode. You'll probably just glide through the missions without getting attached to any of the extra nonsense.

The next part of Over G Fighters is the challenge mode which gets you into the action more quickly. Three modes are optional in the challenge mode being Strike, Arena and Big Boss. The Strike mode lets you customizable a battle or just create a free space to fly. This mode is good for learning the ins and outs of the aircrafts, or having some fun battles. Arena puts you in the sky with two teammates as you wipe out as many bad guys as possible. A score is pumped up when you return to base, or get fried out of the sky. Lastly Big Boss is where you go jet vs. jet. These dogfights can get really tricky, so be ready for a fight. This is an even playing ground and the enemies will be equipped just as well as you in this mode. Overall the challenge mode is an essential part of Over G and quite fun compared to all the jibber jabber in the scenario modes. If you want a quick overview of the game and you only have an hour or so, try out one of these modes.

The last mode in Over G Fighters is the online multiplayer. You can either battle it out as a team battle destroying marks on the map or in a team deathmatch atmosphere. It's not surprising that I didn't see too many players online when I booted up Over G over Xbox Live. This is a total niche game and since it's considerably new many gamers might have missed the news of its release. I can see a small community forming for this game since it's probably going to be one of a kid for a while.

If you're into military jets then you want to have a look at this list of fighters in Over G. I'm not a fantastic so I only know the basics like the F-15 Eagles, F-14 Tomcats, F/A Hornets and the obvious Stealth fighter. Here are few other names you might be interested in. A-10A Thunderbolt, X-35C Strike Fighter, F-1FJ Eagle, F-117A Nighthawk, TF-18A Hornet, F-22A Raptor. Over G Fighters has included 20+ birds in the game.

You're probably wondering how Over G controls. Is it a total sim? or more like an arcade sim? like other so-called simulation games. Well, Over G falls in with a nice balance between both states. There is enough complexity included that you can get that simulation vibe, but it also gives the gamer a lot of lea way for the gamers who want it to pick up and play. Understanding all the dials in the cockpit is another deal all together, but the manual can help you along and if you're really interested look the topic up online for more pointers. Over G is more like Project Gotham in the sky then the classic flight simulators for the PC.

For innovations Over G has a few neat perks like customizing your jets before combat, gaining skill points, and the visual replay of your mission. The skill points are divided into interesting categories G-Resistance, Visual Range , Hit, Evasion and Mental. These skills make up the players and wingman's parameters and are also attributed over to the aircrafts. This idea is defiantly something interesting in this genera and it gives you something to work towards considering your low starting point compared to your comrades. I also found the instant replays (flight data recorder) to be a nice touch although the pretty boring and not really worth saving.

When you add up the dull scenario missions aside, and the lack of people playing this one online, Over G Fighters come down to a half decent fighter game. The action in the sky really doesn't capture the feeling like other flyers, even the above mentioned Blazing Angels. The game is accurate for the planes and that is half the draw for aircraft enthusiasts. Something is missing from this one and everything seems to be in place, but it just doesn't connect.

Graphics & Sound
Uninspiring and weak would be two good words to describe the visual and audio content of Over G Fighters. This really didn't need to be jumped up to the Xbox 360, which I'm sure it was. The only positive points for the graphics come in the form of the attention to detail in the aircraft cockpits, and the ability to look around 360 degrees. The textures... ukk, the audio.... ukkk, and the cut-scenes, these babies are truly some of the most boring sequences I've had to sit through in a while. Actually it was more exciting just clicking to get past them. For an Xbox title Over G would be a little easier to swallow, but pawning this quality off as next generation is just evil.

I really tried to dig Over G Fighters but I only found a few redeeming and interesting bits while playing through this high flyer. Over G Fighters will quickly be jetting out of my Xbox 360. It could be that I'm not really an aircraft simulation fan or that this was just under produced and simply boring. Judge the mojo accordingly if you're bean gets rustling over dials and blasting engines, if not just stay grounded.

Over G Fighters is for the hardcore fans of modern aircraft simulations. There isn't much here besides the accuracy of the jets and a few entertaining dogfights. The production value really makes me question if this should have been released for the Xbox and not Xbox 360. I would move Taito's Over G Fighters into the rent category, and that's only if you're really interested in modern fighters. Overall Over G Fighters unfortunately is a little dull, a little slow, and under produced to recommend.

Gameplay: 6.5, Graphics/Sound: 5, Innovation: 6.5, Mojo: 6. Final: 6 / 10

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 07.07.06


  • Fly the world's most powerful fighters: Fly every modern jet fighter in the Western arsenal including the F-22A Raptor, the US air superiority fighter of the 21st century. Face more than 90 Western and former Soviet enemies and get in the cockpit of the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16C Fighting Falcon, F/A-18C Hornet, Su-27 Flanker, MiG-29A Fulcrum, and F-117A Nighthawk.
  • Attempt more than 80 intense missions in a modern-day global conflict: Players take the fight to the enemy in aerial battles all over the world and face massive, challenging missions with interlocking sub-missions. After successfully completing the sub-missions, players will attack the most challenging primary mission objective.
  • Check six: With 360-degree cockpit views from realistic, highly detailed and functional instrumentation. Players will feel the G-forces and hear the roar of jet engines in 5.1 channel stereo as they ignite the after burner.
  • Get right into the action: Kick the tires and light the fires! Players can jump right into the action and instantly engage in dogfights either one-on-one or in massive dogfighting "furballs."
  • Flight data recorder: Players can save their combat triumphs and learn from their defeats by recording and replaying their aerial exploits.
  • Xbox Live online gaming service for up to eight players online: Engage in head-to-head dogfights or cooperative team play between squadrons on huge detailed maps with varied geographies.

Over G Fighters

Aerial Shooter
June 2006

Players 1
Xbox Live