Broken Steel, the latest Fallout 3 DLC is anything but broken. Providing a fan service, Broken Steel addresses several key complaints about the games original choices. You could say, Broken Steel is Fallout 3’s latest perk, and it is one that every Fallout 3 gamer should take a look at. Crossing over to the other side, here is our review of the new Fallout 3 DLC.

The third DLC for Fallout 3 launches from Bethesda Game Studio’s giving gamers another reason to throw in their copy of Fallout 3. Although the new downloadable content is called Broken Steel, it actually fixes a number of issues gamers have had with Fallout 3 including its number one complaint, the ending of the game. Even if you haven’t picked up any of the previous releases Broken Steel offers up a few strong changes to make it worth the download.

Without spoiling the ending of Fallout 3, for all those who haven’t completed the main quest. The new missions in Broken Steel won't be unlocked until after the main quest is over. The other aspect of the Broken Steel content, the perks and level cap increasement activates once the content is downloaded. This is an odd switch up from the other content that Bethesda released for Fallout 3; however given the nature of the missions, and the extension of the level cap and game ending, it is understandable. This being said, new gamers to Fallout 3 might want to wait until you are near the end of the main quest before you purchase this content, unless you feel you are ready for a level boost.

Bethesda delivers, Big Time
Two major complaints about Fallout 3 as a project have finally been addressed within the new content. The first complaint about Fallout 3 is that the game ended... well, now it doesn’t and you are free to roam the wasteland partaking in various side missions after the main mission. For all those who have finished Fallout 3, we now owe Bethesda a big "Thank You" for extending the life of the game beyond its orignal intent. Secondly is the level cap. Without the new content installed your game will end and your character will not be able to progress past level 20. Again, Bethesda saves the day by raising the level cap another ten levels to cap out at level 30. Level 30 should be more than adequate to take on all the monsters that roam the wasteland. For all those who still feel underpowerd, or simply want more power, more perks, and more motivation explore the violent vista of the wasteland, Broken Steel is a must.

The Battle Rages On
After the credits roll, Broken Steel revitalizes the gamer into further questing by continuing the struggle against the Enclave forces. As a devote member of the Brotherhood of Steel you will jump back into the heat of battle. The new missioons provide everything from solo, stealthier missions to full out, run-and-gun moments. If you have played Operation: Anchorage, expect a similar balance. The three new missions (Death From Above, Shock Value, and Who Dares Wins) will have you running through the typical Fallout 3 paces with a few nice little graphical effects along the way. It almost seems like Bethesda wants to prove that Fallout 3 can be more then bland and dark environments within their DLC, not that I’m complaining, Broken Steel looks great. Beyond the main three a number of unmarked quests will become available dealing with helping out the Brotherhood’s scribes and soldiers. It’s not much, but a little extra touch is better than nothing.

The Brotherhood of Steel is one area that played a big role in the previous Fallout titles and it’s interesting to see a little depth given to the new founded Citadel and how the Brotherhood operates. Without ruining too much of the story, you’ll follow the Enclave as they fall back into a defensive state which include massive assaults with a big bucket of lead to twisting tunnels and large opened up airfields. As you progress through the story the balance of power shifts back to the Brotherhood, once and for all. It’s almost funny after exploring the new downloadable content because it is clear, the more Fallout Bethesda gives, the more you will want to play. Fallout 3 could go on forever and I’m sure no one would complain. Continuing the fight is great, but now I want Vegas.

It's all about the New!
Like the other DLC for Fallout 3, the Broken Steel content gives the gamer a chance to grab a some new weapons and equipment for your ever expanding inventory. This includes some new power armour with a strong resistance to fire and radiation, along with a new fire based weapon including a tri-beamed laser rifle and a few others that I won't spoil. Along with the new gear Broken Steel has some new perks attached to every other level past 20. Aside from the new missions, Fallout 3’s perks are almost as popular as trekking through a new section of the wasteland. Broken Steel adds a number of useful achievements that come into play at five new increments. This ranges from the awesome and important "Almost Perfect" perk that raises all your atributes to level 9, to "Party Boy/Girl" that allows you to booze it up without the effects of withdrawl. As seen before the perks can really change up the gameplay making it your upgrading choices more rewarding.

A little boost to your Gamerscore
For those looking to boost their Fallout 3 gamerscores even higher, Broken Steel hands out six new achievements. Three based on missions and the other three are alignment caps for level 30. Of course those who play it straight will need three characters of good, bad, and neutral karma to collect the 60 gamerpoints, although we know the vast majority will use the save before activating technique to pick up all three. For those looking to scam a few extra points from Fallout 3’s DLC, keep your eye out for level 24.

Geez, That Scorpion looks a little Pale
What did I leave out? Well, you’ll get to battle it out with a few new creatures which are variations on beasts you have already seen. The first beast is an Albino Radscorpion. Now I probably know what you’re thinking... Radscorpion, pssshh, no big deal... well, this Radscorpion is as tough as three Deathclaws. It seems the Albino scorp can regenerate their health and packs a serious punch. Think something more on the lines of the Super Mutant Behemoth. The next beast is a more common then the Albino Radscorpion, the Feral Ghoul Reaver, basically an alternative version on a Feral Ghoul. This new amped up Ghoul is a little more powerful then other Ghouls mainly because it has some armour left on its decrepit body. They can also throw radioactive goo at you which seems more like a cross breed of the normal Ghoul and the Glowing Ones. Finally, but not least is the Super Mutant Overlord which is another type of Mutant. The Super Mutant Overlord can deal a lot of damage, so I like to sneak up on these bad boys. Again, it’s nothing that you’re player can’t handle, but you need to watch out for their weapons which usually are missile launchers, gatling lasers and Super Sledges. All-in-all I would have liked to see some original new types of creatures, but as it stands these new threats are a little extra spice added to the Fallout 3 collective collection of creepers.

In a nutshell that's the Broken Steel downloadable content. The value is apparent when looking over what the Broken Steel content has to offer, and more than just extra content, Bethesda went above the call of duty to figure out how to fix a few of the major complaints with the original game. This makes Broken Steel a must-have for gamers who can't get enough of Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is an excellent title already, and now with three additional motives to get back into the grungy atmosphere of the Wasteland, it's hard to say no. Out of all the content that has been released for Fallout 3, Broken Steel is by far the most valuable. So if you still want more life out of Fallout 3, pick up this perk and continue your travels in the wasteland.

Final Score: 8.0

Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 05.10.09

  • Extend the life of Fallout 3, Game doesn’t end
  • Level cap is boosted by another 10 levels
  • Learn more about the Brotherhood in three new missions
  • New Perks, New Weapons, New Achievements
  • Mission’s aren’t too far off from anything you’ve already seen
  • New enemies are only variations on old ones
  • Did we have to pay? couldn’t have extra features been patched in?!
  • The content can be completed within 2-5hr

Fallout 3
Broken Steel DLC

Bethesda Game Studios



US Release
May '09


Xbox 360

Player 1
HD 720p
New Achievements
New Content
800 MS Points