Obsidian Entertainment introduces, Dead Money, the first downloadable add-on for Fallout: New Vegas. Feel like another trip into the wasteland?

The first DLC add-on pack for "Fallout: New Vegas" has been released. Titled "Dead Money," Obsidian brings out the scarier elements of the wasteland in this maze like thriller. Dead Money (which is activated by a new radio signal) takes you to a new casino named 'Sierra Madre' which is located in the middle of nowhere. In an elaborate set up the player unsuspectingly falls into a trap, only to wake up in a small town on the outskirts of the Casino. Stripped off all your high-powered weapons, equipment, and caps, you have to start from scratch as you explore your new surroundings.

If things weren't already bad enough you immediately get fitted with a explosive slaver-collar. Under the command of a voiced hologram you are instructed to follow the rules or die. Your objective, gather a team and break into the famed 'Sierra Madre.' This groups your player with a few other collar wearing companions who help you enter the fortress-like Casino. To ensure human greed dosn't play a role, there is a catch, and it's a big one. All the collars are linked so if they die, you all will suffer the same fate. This makes for a strong bond within your forced company of friends as you work together as a team. To stay alive, you will need to work within the system which means using "Sierra Chips" instead of caps to operate vending machines to purchase food or stims to keep yourself alive.


The main enemies in "Dead Money" are called the Ghost People, hazmat suit creepers who are a resilient bunch. Because you are stripped of your collected toys of death, you will have to resort to using whats around you. Having a high unarmed, or melee skill will be benificial in the first few hours of "Dead Money." Fisticuffs are a big part of the combat, so try and dull those sighs from the players who believed the unarmed skill was unnecessary. Accompanying the 'Ghost People' is a new new misty red smoke called “the cloud” that blanks the area. This smoke monster is toxic, so along with all the normal bear-traps, rigged shotgun traps and a new speaker collar triggering mechanism, you have to watch out for this cloud. Oh if you see the “Red Zone,” I would steer clear of that area. This whole place is a deathtrap, just waiting for you to take the wrong step.

For pluses; the level cap is raised by 5 points, which gives you a little more incentive to keep you roaming the wasteland for a little longer. However a few other spots we wanted patched haven't been touched. Common new ending, let's not wait any longer before you fall in tote with Fallout 3. Futhermore, the bugs in 'New Vegas' have not been addressed, meaning save often. I experienced a fair amount lock-ups in this DLC package which is seriously getting ridiculous. Not to mention the higher difficulty of the entire add-on. "Dead Money" should not be explored unless you are near the 20 level mark. Leveling up and possible investing in the unarmed skill would be key before venturing near 'Sierra Madre.'

As a whole tale I found "Dead Money" to be overly tedious with some quests that take the focus away from the main story. This makes parts of the plot feel wishy washy and strangely rushed. Oh and did I mention there is no fast travel? so be prepared to spend a lot of needless time trying to navigate the confusing unfamiliar streets and hallways of this underground lair. Truthfully, "Dead Money" could have been a more focused and doesn't go above and beyond to be more than an average add-on for Vegas. Hopefully the next mouthful of DLC is more tasty.


Overall the "Dead Money" add-on might not be perfectly constructed, but it is an interesting curve for Fallout: New Vegas, one that is worth the caps. If you have already jetted a fair share of hours into New Vegas, you will likely be satisfied with the content offered in "Dead Money." After all a Fallout fan is a Fallout fan. Although like the original DLC for Fallout 3, you take the hits with the misses, so expect a few bumps along the road.

  • More New Vegas!
  • Level cap is slightly bumped up
  • "Good enough" story
  • Great atmosphere
  • New characters, new perks, new weapons
  • No huge reward
  • Still as buggy as the original release
  • Get on your walking shoes, no fast travel
Quote: "Overall the 'Dead Money' add-on might not be perfectly constructed, but it is an interesting curve for Fallout: New Vegas, one that is worth the caps. If you already jetted a fair share of hours into New Vegas, you will likely be satisfied with the content offered in Dead Money."
Reviewed by Tyler LaPlante | 01.03.11

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Fallout: New Vegas
DLC - Dead Money

Bethesda Softworks

Obsidian Ent.


US Release
December 10


PS3, X360

Players 1
HD 1080p
5.1 surround
800 MS Points