Trading in Casino chips for hallucinogenic trips, Obsidian Entertainment introduces the second add-on adventure for Fallout: New Vegas.

The second slice of downloadable content for 'Fallout: New Vegas' takes a different turn from their last offering. Trading in tight corridor creeping and ghostly apparitions, 'Honest Hearts' is a more spiritual journey into the world of Zion. Travelling from the Majove to the open space of Utah's 'Zion National Park,' the Courier will once again save the day. If anything, 'Honest Hearts' showcases just how unique and wide reaching the Fallout universe can be. From the diversity of the original 'Fallout 3' and its expansions, the Fallout universe just might be one of the most distinct gaming worlds ever created.

Not so happy are these trails
In an expediton to Zion, you will play the role of a "hired gun/pip-boy navigator" for the 'Happy Trails Caravan Company.' Quickly things take a turn for the bad as your entire caravan is elemenited by the hostile tribe called 'The White Legs.' Abandoned in Zion, you are befriended by “Follows-Chalk” who introduces you the peaceful tribes who are at war with the rancorous 'White Legs.'

Breaking down the ergonomics of Zion, the 'White Legs' take on the role of the power-hungry savages. This hostile tribe is hunting the other tribes in order become a militant wing of 'Caesars Legion.' Armed with more "modern" weapons than the other tribes, it is simply a killing field as the other tribes are forced to retreat into the rocky crevices within Zion. The "other" tribes are the 'Sparrows' and the 'Dead Horses' who are lead and influenced by the 'New Canaanite' and former 'Caesar Legion' assassin the Joshua Graham, aka "The Burned Man." In correlation with Joshua is Daniel, a Mormon Missionary who leads the Sparrows with a lesser approach to violence. This brings up some spiritual questions that tests each persons personal beliefs and effects the outcome of this DLC package.

It's all a little... rudimentary
While the aboriginal approach feels different, it is rudimentary in its execution. Compared to 'Dead Money' the straight forward "go here, kill this" formula of 'Honest Hearts' feels dull. There is some weight to the spiritual conflict and exploring the new surroundings, but it lacks any high impact moments. 'Honest Hearts' is really for the survivalists who want to wander around a map checking out all it has to offer. In this respect we are thankful the National Park setting to allow this. Zion is fairly large, filled with a good amount of mutated wildlife to test your skills at surviving in the wild. However, the gamers who want more action, more suspense, might find 'Honest Hearts' and its rocky terrain to be a little boring.

Percolated perks
With each add-on comes a few new bonuses and 'Honest Hearts' kicks off with another boost in your level cap along with some useful perks. Six new perks are introduced with two handy ones “Home on the Range” that gives the option to sleep at campfires, and “Tribal Wisdom” -50 limb damage from mutated animals and insects, along with +25 poison resistance and the ability to eat mutated insects-- yum! The catch, you need have a survival score of 70 or higher to activate these two goodies. Beyond that the other perks are useful in their own ways, not to mention a few nice companion perks that are activated when trailing with each NPC.

The new loot you will find is a mixture of light/melee weapons along with some variances in the tribal armour. The .45 Auto Pistol is the big one here, so if you don't have "Maria," you will likely enjoy the quick reload time of this handgun. Beyond this a few clubs and animal gauntlets help those who like to physically solve conflicts. The new weapons will tie you over while you explore Zion, however once you get out you will likely return to your old standbys. For the armour most of it is throw away junk, except for the NCR treat you'll find, if you're the exploring type.

'Honest Hearts' expands the Fallout universe in yet another distinct direction. Slowed down, survivalist players will have the chance to embrace the Zion National Park and its tribal squabbling. While the journey into the rocky wild of Utah lacks the cleverness of 'Dead Money' or the excitement of 'New Vegas,' it will still please fans because it simply more Fallout. 'Honest Hearts' gets are recommendation, just don't expect to be wowed.

  • Has its own distinct feel
  • Come face-to-face with the Burning Man!
  • New survivalists perks are awesome
  • Interesting alternative to the main game
  • Pacing is significantly slower
  • Scenery becomes bland
  • Missions are too rudimentary
  • New weapons won't replace your old standbys
Quote: "While the journey into the rocky wild of Utah lacks the cleverness of 'Dead Money' or the excitement of 'New Vegas,' it will still please fans because it simply more Fallout."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 08.12.11

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Fallout: New Vegas
Honest Hearts


Obsidian Ent.


US Release
June 11


PS3, X360

Players 1
HD 1080p
5.1 surround
254.28 MB
800 MS Points