The first downloadable add-on for Fable III has been released. Titled the 'Understone Map Pack' you will search out a mysterious dwelling underneath the streets of Bowerstone.

As you soon as boot up Fable III after downloading the new 'Understone Map Pack' you will have two new guns awaiting you in the sanctuary. I received the 'Marksman 500,' a musket used by Reavers elite guards with a high damage of 74 that has a unique objective called “Show Off" - score 350 points at the new shooting range, doing so will give your character a boost of 25% attractiveness... oh behave! The other weapon is a pistol called “The Fully Monty” that packs a punch with 66 points of damage. No unique objective attached to this one. Although presents are nice, what we are here for is another adventure in the world of Albion and sadly Lionhead's first DLC pack leaves us feeling a little high and dry. You didn't think you could buy our love, did you?

Something Lurking Underneath Bowerstone?
The story element of the DLC beings when you click on the quest titled "The Voice." This mission directs you into the deep underground of Bowerstone in a combat heavy quest to find "the voice" who has hundreds of minions at his disposal. As you learn the Underground is run by a cat named 'Montague Hummes' who communicates to his citizens through megaphones planned all over the underground structure. If you are wondering if his voice gets annoying, yes it does.

Aside from navigating and battling your way closer to this "Wizard of the Understone" you will fight a new mechanical enemy, although this enemy does little to spice up the adventure, it's actually underwelming once the dust settles. In typical 'Fable III' fashion you will also be faced with a moral choice that has surface morality, but doesn't feel as connected as it should. The entire mission only took me 15 minutes to complete, which left me wanting more. As the main attraction for the 'Understone Map Pack' add-on, I would have to say, it's a little weak.

The Wheel of Misfortune
There are two other quests/mini-games that are "unlocked" when you purchase the DLC. First being the 'The Wheel of Misfortune' a quest that gives you ownership of Reaver's Lakeside Manor and unlocks an arena styled mini-game. Through the doors of the mansion you will be prompted to spin the “Wheel of Misfortune” and by doing so puts the mechanical wheel in motion that starts a series of timed arena battles. Battling in each area has set rules 1) Increase your multiplier with each kill 2) your score will be reset if you're hit and 3) if you're knocked out, the round will be lost. Expect to do battle with an assortment of 'Fable III' bad guys including wolves, mercs, hobbes, hollowmen, and sand people.

Finishing the tournament breaks down you score and net you some rewards. In one go around I snagged a rare diamond, a new pistol “Dead Ned's Revolver” a rifle “Dirty Harriet.” Completing a round also gives you guild seals, which are invaluable if you're interested in unlocking all the chests. My second time around I scored a Reaver Portrait to decorate my home. As you can see, no matter your reward its a good way to boost up your skills, earn points toward weapons objectives and snag some loot. Great for questers in the middle stages of the game. More than the other two entries in this DLC, "The Wheel" is worth spinning more than once.

The Money Shot
The other mini-game/quest is 'The Shooting Range,' which is exactly as the title describes. Located in the Mercenaries Camp you can shoot up your score to win prizes. The two weapons being “The Money Shot” a rifle that does 84 damage and has 3 money perks. The other weapon is “The Black Dragon” a sister pistol of the “Red Dragon” that does a whopping 94 damage and has some more tried objectives and rewards. That's it. The shooting range offers little in the way of enjoyment, especially because 'Fable III' uses a auto-lock on feature for its gunplay. While its nice to have some extra variety, I can't see why this wasn't slapped into the retail game, it seems like they are reaching on this one.

The Fable III 'Understone Map Pack' add-on will please those who want to search out more loot and have a one-stop shop to help boost their weapon objectives. Aside from extra loot the 'Understone Map Pack' is a shallow experience without much substance or challenge, really a disappointment for those looking for another reason to be pulled back into the Albion. Breaking it down you're getting two loot grabbing mini-games, and a 15-20 minute adventure for 400 MS Points, if that sounds like a deal, then by all means, head to the marketplace.

  • Wheel of Misfortune can be used to boost weapon objectives
  • Main "mission" isn't overly interesting
  • Short - this sucker only lasted 15 minutes
  • The Shooting Range feels tacked on
  • Little value for your points
Quote: "The 'Understone Map Pack' is a shallow experience without much substance or challenge, really a disappointment for those looking for another reason to be pulled back into the Albion. "
Reviewed by Downtwon Jimmy | 12.13.10

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