Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy
July 28th 2003

Introduction:Here we have NBA Inside Drive a fairly standard basketball game, nothing much to offer besides basketball. That could be bad and good, for players who want a strait ahead simulation of a regular basketball NBA Inside Drive will be enough. For others who expect online play or flash and arazamataz this won't be your court of choice.

The Game:NBA Inside Drive rightfully so sticks to all the rules and regulations of the NBA. They give you a bunch of ways that you can adjust in the game, you can turn down the overall ability of other teams, adjust the amount of fouls, you can customize almost everything about the rules and gameplay in Inside Drive, which is cool. I was getting ticked by the number of fouls I was getting for trying to snatch the other teams ball, this was weak... so I tweak! It worked out nicely.

Inside Drives most appealing game mode is the Dynasty mode, which lets you run a career over a span of 25 years. Every sports game should be required to have a career mode! Without it sport titles are just a little boring. I always enjoy making little Jimmy's in the create-a-player feature, in Inside Drive you can make a custom baller and tune them up to get ready for the court. I through some sneakers on Lil' Jimmy and hit the worked out through the well made tutorial and hit the court without a problem. Through the game getting skill points and making your character more skilled is one reward on top of winning games and crushing the opposition.

The main letdown in NBA Inside Drive is the lack of Xbox Live play. It would be a great bonus to shoot hoops online. Since NFL Fever had online play, one would of assumed it could of been accomplished in Inside Drive.. why it wasn't implemented is beyond me. Its Microsoft... common show off your system, show off live.. giddy up and go!

Graphics & Sound:Inside Drive doesn't aim to impress much, although the graphics aren't necessary horrible, they are nothing special too. The arena's had a nice polish to the floors, but a shinny floor with jaggies in the crowd and jaggies in the players equals only a shinny floor, which realistically isn't enough to be class A. Inside Drive just needs a new paint job and she will be up to the standards, which hopefully is done in 2004.

The sound is pretty low key in Inside D. The announcers are not always on key and can they can get dull and repetitive. The music is average, but the sounds of the shots and sneakers have been better in other basketball games. The sound really takes away from the game more then it adds.

Innovation:This review is of a game that is over a year old, but at the time and now it really doesn't strike shinning moment of innovation. Most of the comments I heard weren't overly positive for Inside Drive 2003. The added the Dynasty mode which the original didn't have, this gives it its innovation score, but comparative to other basketball titles, their is nothing new.

Mojo:No Mojo, to report. Mojo of the NBA real style is granted... if that is your cup of tea, but for Downtown J. its a drag, after just finishing my review of NBA Street Vol.2 of course Inside Drives mojo takes a wilting dive. It had a few moments of tension and appeal, but overall the mojo wilts and fouls.

Lowdown:If you're a fan of regular season basketball, with little to offer besides strait ahead basketball you will get into Inside Drive. If you want more flash, wild gameplay and extra modes you will have to look elsewhere. NBA Inside Drive comes off like a down the middle average game which doesn't overly impress. It's a step up from last years, but doesn't step far enough.

Gameplay: 6, Graphics/Sound: 6, Innovation: 5, Mojo: 4. Final: 5

  • High-intensity NBA Gameplay: Dozens of dunks, including tip dunks, multiple jukes and an enhanced post-up game with new post dekes, put an entire hoops arsenal at gamers` disposal. Team-specific playbooks and tendencies along with one-touch coaching options provide gamers with the true experience of strategic, on-the-fly play calling.

  • Ultrarealistic Player Models and Graphics: NBA Inside Drive 2003 features more than 1,000 animations with enhanced skin textures, hundreds of individually modeled player heads and multiple custom body types for each player, complete with headbands, branded shoes, tattoos and cornrows.

  • Dynasty Mode: Gamers can play up to 25 NBA seasons, win championships and retire to the hall of fame. In addition, "NBA Inside Drive 2003" challenges gamers to manage their team and players season after season. Gamers have full GM capabilities, including the ability to make unbalanced trades, conduct a rookie draft and trade draft picks to build the ultimate NBA team.

  • Dynamic Player Performance: This offers gamers a stake in the development of their favorite NBA teams and players. DPP adjusts player ratings up or down after each season based on how the gamer plays.

  • Practice Mode: Gamers can perfect their dribbling, shooting and passing skills in the new practice mode. Included in the new practice mode is the new two-on-two game on the hardwood of any NBA arena.

  • Player Editor: NBA Inside Drive 2003 gamers can create their own hoopster to battle with the big dogs down low or hit the trey from downtown. The ability to create and adjust player ratings, attributes and physical traits, with hundreds of faces, heads and body types to choose from, puts the gamer in control of the NBA.

  • Real Sound: New player introductions, more sideline animations and coach and referee chatter increase the emotion and drama of the game to mirror the real NBA game.

  • Trophy Case: Gamers can amass NBA Championship trophies along with player of the month, triple-double and double-double awards. Awesome Announcers: Kenny Smith joins last year`s dynamic duo of Kevin Calabro and Marques Johnson to call the exciting NBA action. The new three-man booth will include a revamped pregame and post-game sequence and introduce a new half-time analysis featuring the unique commentary from these distinguished broadcasters.

Inside Drive

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