Reviewed by Tinnanski
Sept. 22nd 2005

Introduction:Even if the Evil Dead movies aren't invading the movies, we can count one a Evil Dead game or two. THQ is back again with Ash Williams in sawing form taking out Deadaties in another Evil Dead demonic slaying adventure.

The Game:In the game you start are introduced to the gameplay by playing through a rough demo of zombie killing at Dr. Knowby's cabin from Evil Dead 2. After the smoke from your chainsaw clears you switch pace and move into the future where the real game begins. You play Ash Williams the bad ass from the Evil Dead movies and it seems you've been locked up in a mental institution, I guess they didn't believe your little tale of zombies and books of the dead. Unknown to them it's not long before the Necronomicon is accessed and demons are unleashed to create hell on earth.

This time the obligatory evil scientist is urging for power and of course, he gets more then he bargained for. The asylum gets overrun with zombies and senior Ash decides it's a good time to make a unarmed break. It isn't long before you get back to Ash's trademark weapons (chainsaw hand and shotgun) to start blowing zombies apart. The controls are really easy to handle and you can make Ash effortlessly shoot and saw your way through the opposition. Although I found the button mapping to be a little strange with the melee and ranged weapon buttons diagonal from each other it was easy to adjust. The one problem I did find with the control was the targeting system. You have to use the right thumbstick to target the enemy. It's not so bad with one or two bad dudes, but when the horde attacks it gets tricky.

Dealing with those Deadities is a little bit easier when Ash uses his inner evil. Inner Evil is activated when your evil essence meter is full then the unleashing begins. It's the Suffering where he turns into a giant evil killing machine, although that sounds cool. Ash just gets turned into a fighting machine doing more damage with his attacks. This feature could have been more possibly, but it's funny how little you actually use it. Ash also has a bunch of combo moves that do attacks especially with the chainsaw and he can also hit the "Y' button to execute a finisher which usually decimates the enemy. Wait a minute I almost forgot the weapons, during the game you will have the chance to a measly .45 Pistol, The Boomstick (Sawed-Off 12 Guage), and a Bomb Lance (grenade launcher), besides these Ash can prosthetically attach his famous Chainsaw, a new Harpoon Gun and a sweet cooking Flamethrower. Ash's arsenal although basic is enough to triumph over any undead sucka that gets in his way.

The twist in Regeneration is Sam. Sam (possibly named after Evil Dead director Sam Raimi) is Ash's undead helper of sorts. Sam is mainly a glorified soccer ball that sam gets to kick around to solve problems. He can be a weapon for Ash or just a pint size helping hand when confusing puzzles arise. The puzzles are spread out, so don't worry it will only take a few minutes then its back to slicing and dicing. Although gimmicky Sam provides a lot of fun and helps push the story in a different direction. It's nice to see the chemistry between these two characters and the one liners burn like fire. It's not rocket science, it Evil Dead and the gameplay is perfectly balanced with humor, fun and action.

Graphics & Sound: Graphically Evil Dead is a middle of the road title, but for its low price it looks good. Ash and Sam are the best looking characters in the game, and it's too bad there good looks didn't catch on with the rest of the gang. Besides nitpicking over low textures and lack of character details, there is a lot of good in Regeneration. The special effects done well and not over done, the death animations are brutal and have Sam Raimi fun written all over them. I was surprised and happy with the presentation of Evil Dead: Regeneration, it looks great for a budget title.

The sound category follows along with the graphics and provides a fun sense of humor with the man himself behind the voice of Ash. The other voice over work in the game including Ted Raimi is exceptional, I was chuckling at the games B-Humor script. The sound effects and music play right along beside the good voice work, and I would have to say that this project was a success in the audio and graphic department.

Mojo:You gotta be kidding me! Evil Dead Regeneration has the mojo. One does of the iconic character Ash; thrown into a mix of zombie sawing goodness. oh yes we have a game and thank you Cranky Pants for bringing another Evil game to life. Sam is also a bomb to play with and is more fun then you would think. I must of kicked the little sucker in that wood chipper about twenty times! If you played the game, you know what I mean. This cast has the mojo, the Deadities are back and if you forgot his name is Ash. house wares!

Lowdown:Evil Dead Regeneration is the best Evil Dead game to be released to date. For the low price they are asking any Evil Dead fan or action gamer needs to check this out. Ash is back with some Bubba Ho-Tep style. Hail to the king, baby!

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 6, Innovation: 6, Mojo: 9. Final: 7 /10


  • The Ultimate Evil Dead Experience! Experience some of the fiercest, action-packed, and punch-in-the-gut hilarious gameplay this side of biblical Armageddon.

  • Meet Sam! For this first time ever, Ash has been forced to take on a partner - Sam, a three-foot tall Deadite who's part empath, part wiseass and all corpse! And he's willing to use his flea-bitten carcass as anything, from a tiki torch to a bowling ball, to get his revenge. Ash would rather behead Sam then befriend him, but he's going to need all the help he can get against the army of monstrosities that lie in wait.

  • Dual Weapon Combos, Hordes of Baddies, and Non-Stop Action! Join Ash and Sam as they battle evil-and each other-killing anything dead that moves with everything from harpoon guns to flame throwers to the world famous chainsaw and shotgun combination special.

Evil Dead: Regeneration
Cranky Pants
Sept. 2005