Doom 3 finally heats up the Xbox with its long awaited console released. The anticipation couldn't been any more stronger, and now we can see if Doom 3 can keep up to our Halo 2 standards of console FPS.

Doom 3 is the follow up to the old school shooter which can be contributed as the one that started it all. If I wanted to date myself I could tell you how me and my friends stayed up late at night playing this on our powerful 486 computers, but it's kind of embarrassing. The Doom series has shown up on different consoles over the years and now with the third installment released on the Xbox, the only system ID was going to work with.

Even though Doom 3 has massive hype surround the history of the game and its developers
John Carmack's ID, it's really your typical first person demon slaying affair. Doom 3 situates us into familiar Doom ground as a Space Marine who through circumstance is forced to deal with hells wrath. Uh, another day on the job. those demons wont knows what hit them. Doom 3's plot is kicking around, but I didn't care much for the typical space station hijinks.

As you will know from the next few sections of the review Doom 3 is graphically impressive followed up with superb audio effects. Even though the game doesn't have much of a substance you will defiantly ogle at how it looks. It's really a shame the development team didn't try to switch up the formula much, but in the end you might not care. On some levels Doom 3 is pretty clever because they know how to scare the bejeepers out of you. You really never know where the enemy is going to be coming from. It reminded me of the movie Aliens where the enemy could come from the walls, ceiling or floor. Of course I don't have to say how much that adds to the suspense of the game. To survive Doom you need the take no prisoners, gun blazing attitude. Kill them all and let the devil sort them out! Who's going to argue with a pissed off Marine with a chain gun?

Doom 3's multiplayer action has two modes of play, online/offline co-operative mode and the standard multiplayer modes. The co-operative mode lets you and another player rip through custom developed levels made for the most intense action Doom 3 can muster. It's a lot of fun to just let go with a buddy and go bananas. The normal multiplayer mode is the straight deathmatch type affair which is a little weak with it limited at four players. Too bad the game can't support Battlefront numbers, and then we'd have a slaughterhouse of fun.

Now, we unfortunately only reviewed the normal version of the game, but for you who want to spend the extra dollars you can purchase the Collectors Edition. Doom 3's collector's edition has the FPS classics Ultimate Doom and Doom II straight from the old school days. If you have a chance check it out and spend the extra few bucks to witness how it all started. Doom 3 is clearly jumped light years in production. Sometimes it's really hard to believe that those graphics where the king of the hill when those games came out.

Doom 3 is your standard gun em' down gameplay mixed with a heavy dose fear induced atmosphere. I wanted a little more out Doom 3 in its multiplayer mode and story, but the co-op options and commando violence made up for it. Look for a chainsaw and enjoy the demon hell ride.

Doom 3 shows game developers a thing or two on graphics modeling and lighting. Doom 3 looks great and amazing as it sounds the Xbox version can be compared to its PC counterpart. Surprisingly this game takes on similar modeling as last years Chronicles of Riddick, which didn't reach much success giving that the movie bombed. Doom 3 is rich in character design, close corridor environments and shadowing and light techniques. The demons you will be contending with each have their own cool characteristics which sometimes are hard to notice in the fast action of the game. I'm pleased that they brought some of the old monsters back, as well as developing excellent new creatures. Doom 3 is one of the best looking games for the Xbox and will be a contender for Graphics of the Year.

Like the graphics the sound in Doom 3 is at the top of its game. Id has clearly spent the time to make the audio stand out as much as the exceptional graphics. Use of sound is important to impact suspenseful games there are enough creepy audio overdubs to spook any tough guy. The effects are great and as all id games the weapons really pack a punch. If you have a long sitting of Doom 3 you might just start hearing the whispering effects after the little green circle is powered off your Xbox. Excellent job in both the audio and graphic departments of Doom 3.

Doom 3 is a split cause in innovation. Since
Doom II there have been a billion games which use the same run and gun formula as the one who solidified it all. The Doom franchise is the best example of intense gaming which has stuck to its roots even its newest form Doom 3. This standard run and gun action can be seen in two lights, "It's Doom what do you expect" and "It's the same stuff they pumped out years ago" Both statements are true and that's why it's hard to critise a game who is such a rock to the format. Personally I would have liked a little more innovation and dynamics to the gameplay. There are little areas where some cool sequences, but overall this is the standard run and gun format we usually criticize other game for.

One area where you could note Doom 3 as being innovative is the way it uses its great lighting and atmosphere to effect the small spaced environments of the game. Doom 3 achieves this like no other first person shooter giving the player a great sense of paranoia. Not being armed when you switch to the flashlight to see two feet in front of you doesn't help that fear factor either. Great innovative use of space, lighting to make you feel on edge for the whole experience.

Chainsaws, Shotguns, Demons, and Blood. Doom 3 gives us old schoolers a jolt of the good ol' days of shoot first ask questions later. Run full speed at a Beholder with the chainsaws engine tearing through the demons screams and you'll understand the Doom has the mojo.

Doom 3 is a visually suspenseful ride that will have you exercising that trigger finger. If you enjoy first person shooters you will dig Doom 3, but overall it doesn't have impact you might of expected. We love Doom 3; but the stories been told. Let's hope the demons finally stay in hell.

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 9, Innovation: 5, Mojo: 9. Final: 8

Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | April 21st 2005

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Doom 3
Id Software
April 2005