Reviewed by Jimmy - 11.06.06

Pandemic and THQ are invading earth again in their campy sci-fi sequel Destroy All Humans! 2. This time the Soviet forces and free love is running wild in the 1960s, which is the perfect satire for Crypto's sarcastic wit. Into the saucer we go to review Destroy All Humans! 2 from THQ.

The original Destroy All Humans! was one of most diverse games in 2005. Featuring an alien internecine with the human race in the 1950s, destroy All Humans! stepped into the empty shoes tongue and cheek science fiction gaming. With its references to politics, and pop culture, Destroy All Humans let us look at humans from the perspective of an alien. It's all in good fun deciding to control of humans or destroying them. The premise is oddly brilliant and non-existent in games. This leads us to the much appreciated sequel which is pretty much more of the same just set ten years ahead of the original with a few more tweaks and gaming elements boosting the DAH universe.

It's good to be bad, should be the lead character, Cryptosporidium 138 (Crypto) motto. He is one nasty gray that is always in a foul mood with a sarcastic mouth. This must be a Furon personality trait across the board because 137 in the original was equally as nasty. If there are aliens above I hope they are a little more pleasant to then the Furon race. Along with Crypto, Orthopox 13 (Pox) returns as the inventor and high ranking commander in the Furon army.

The plot quickly has you running and zapping with the Russians hot on the Furon invasion. They are waging war, and have disabled your mothership and have forced your commander Pox hastily download himself into a HoloPod. You have to rebuild from ground one while taking on the KGBs. In typical fashion DAH!2 plot is absolutely absurd and escalates into wackiness with mutants, ninjas, and robots. Like, Destroy All Humans! Number 2 is the furthest thing from being serious, it's about the player having fun, and laughing along the way.

A big part of Destroy All Humans! Was the weapons which included the intensely crazy Anal Probe. Well, the old weapons are back, with four new additions to the gun rack. Returning is the Zap-O-Matic, Anal Probe, Disintegrator Ray, and Ion Detonator. For the new we have the Dislocator that fires a rubber ball type of disc. Meteor Strike that is like it sounds, which is one of the most destructive weapons in the game. The Gastro Gun that drops a guy named Gastro to help you in battles with his plasma gun. It's pretty whacked out, but hey we're not done yet. Lastly is the Burrow Beast which causes an alien worm to chase down and gobble up your foes. The weapons are just another example of the creativity put into this franchise and if they continue, you can be bet they will increase into the more bizarre and strange.

Aside from material weapons, Crypo has the powerful mental abilities. These abilities act like they did in the first game and you will be mainly using the Bodysnatch feature which allows you to take control of a person's body. As a human you really can't do much besides pass as a human sneak into certain areas or past some heat. It would have been nice if you could use the personalities more, like being a cop and arresting people, or at least shooting a gun. This feature had less of an impact as it first did and I think the main reason is because it seems limited, not only because of the lack of features, but with the repetition of characters in the game. They really need to spice up the variety rather then only have the same four models run around town.

Crypto also has some other mind powered abilities such as the ability to make people follow him, or protect him with the 'Follow' and 'Protect' command. Crypto also has a new ability to cause people to forget they saw his alien prescience and make them dance on the spot. This is called 'Free Love' and goes along with the 1960s theme. Also new to DAH2 is 'Transmogrify' which destroys vehicles or objects and turns them into ammunition. Lastly, Crypto's Psychokinesis ability is still intact, although its fun to throw things around it seems like it has a lower damage rating. That's not so cool because the way these people flop around they should certainly be pronounced dead.

For other new features you now have the ability to visit other countries around the globe from Japan to America , you will five different locations in total. This adds a great deal of much need variety, although the missions are always cut and dry at least the new locals bring some new spice. Another feature that is welcomed is the 'Abduct-O-Beam' with this you can abduct humans into your ship for experiments. This is a given considering in the real world, people claim aliens do this all the time. If they do, and exist, I don't really need to know.

The controls in Destroy All Humans! 2 is a well mapped for the amount of options you have, but things like running as humans and the general look of the characters is very dated and wooden like, which goes along with the feeling when you control them. I think Destroy All Humans! needs to have a new engine built from ground up if they expect to head over to the next gen platforms. I'm all for a PS3, 360, or even Wii version of Destroy All Humans, but they will definitely need to up the production on certain aspects.

One area that could use some work along with the animations is the writing. For the majority the script really works and there are some crazy lines, but at times it seems like DAH2 is tiring a little too hard. Overall, the good out ways the bad, but if it was solid all the way around this would a world of difference. I'm not going to complain too much because I had a few laughs and even in beginning once I heard Coyote Bongwatter, I was hooked. Yes, Mr. Bongwatter is a character name for the record books.

Destroy All Humans! 2 bring more outlandish campy sci-fi action from our favorite fowl mouthed alien, Crypto. Much like the original Destroy All Humans! 2 maintains a balance between action and humor that gives it some extra charm. Destroy All Humans! 2 really isn't a huge improvement over the original, more like a mild upgrade. If you need a mindless action game with an absurd storyline and over the top action, Destroy All Humans! 2 is a good spot to probe.

Game: 6.5, Graphics/Sound: 6.5, Innovation: 6, Mojo: 8 Final: 6.5 / 10

  • Play As The Alien - Destroy All Humans! 2 turns the tables on traditional sci-fi action games allowing gamers to play as the Alien and take on the most feared enemy in the galaxy - mankind
  • Unleash Massive Destruction - Players have total freedom to destroy anything and manipulate everything in the world - battling enemies with an explosive arsenal of alien weaponry, or wreak havoc from above in their Jetpack or UFO
  • Probe the World - Explore 5 open-world game environments - from Bay City , to Albion , to Takoshima Island and more. Start new story missions without returning to the Mothership or explore the open world with a huge variety of side missions relevant to the game's storyline
  • Co-Op Multiplayer - Team up with another player and Destroy All Humans together via split-screen Co-Op Game mode. Play through the entire single player game together or replay missions already completed. Plus, play in special two player mini games throughout the game like PK Tennis and more
  • New Weapons, Mental Abilities and Upgrades - Take on the world with enhanced alien weaponry, including the all new Meteor Strike, and Disclocator, or utilize your mental abilities with old and new favorites like PK, Cortex Scan, Transmogrify and Mind Flash. Upgrade your weapons and abilities or purchase new ones through the Abduction Vault on the Mothership.
  • Irreverent Personality - Enjoy sidesplitting humor lampooning humanity and parodying the hallmarks of the sixties: free love, counter culture, the space race, spy movies, the cold war, and hippies.



Oct 2006

Xbox / PS2