Those zany Rabbids have occupied the Wii U, and i'ts not just a single Rabbid, it's a whole land. Ready to get your (board) game on? This is Ubisofts' Rabbids Land.

Rabbids Land might not be exactly what you'd expect, if you're a faithful Rabbids follower. Rabbids Land is simply a board game take on Ubisofts' lovely manic Rabbids. While it does have a bunch of mini-games, like Rabbid fans are accustomed to, you won't be interacting with a narrative. Instantly, this puts Rabbids Land in the multiplayer zone; you know, a cheap thrill, lack of substance type of game that is best played with friends. No, Rabbids Land isn't horrible, actually, it passes with flying colours in some areas, just don't expect a lasting impression.

The main selection in Rabbid Land is “Board Game”, a “Sorry-like” board game that has you competing against other Rabbids by procuring trophies. Rabbids Land can be played with up-to four players, with the AI filling in for the other players who aren't present. The rounds are in two variations; 10 and 20. Hopping around a two ring board, you will try to collect the proper number of trophies by competing in mini-games then heading into the center of the game board for the win. It's very basic, which makes it perfect for youngsters or groups of four. However, the more experienced gamers will probably shy away from playing more than 10 rounds.


The mini-games are taken from the board game mode then shuffled to the other modes; think quick-play without the dice rolling boredom. For an example of the games, we have “Octoblow” - a game where you launch penguins onto a boat by blowing on the screen. “Star Cheap Discovery” is another. Here you surfboard along a set of rails while trying to avoid giant balls of fire. This is done by tilting the GamePad to navigate an elementary rail system. It's very basic, yet actually a lot of fun. Next we can talk about “Wet the Bed” - a game which has you drawing a line with stylus, which is actually a lot harder than it sounds, especially because another pesky Rabbid is playing Rabbid-eraser while you are trying to win some points. This is just a microscopic look at the mini-games included in Rabbid Land. Some better than others, but all are good for a few runs.


One area where the Wii U advantage comes into play is the interaction between the two screens. The option is available to play just on the Gamepad, but the experience is better on both. The screens are divided with most of the “play-time” action taking place on the small screen, with the TV view splitting perspectives and giving Rabbids Land some more visual punch. This makes it more enjoyable for onlookers. Really anything is better then watching someone play a game that you can't see.

The visuals are pretty sharp, with the Rabbids looking great in HD. Their expressions are priceless and for many, the Rabbids “look” are a big draw to the game. The display on your TV will presumably be a little sharper than the Wii U controller, if you all hooked up in HD. Of course everything looks very cartoon-ish, which is fine. The colours are vibrant, and while it lacks a certain fine detail, it more than does the job. Hello, HD. Unfortunately, the sound leaves little to the imagination. It's passable, although it doesn't jump like the visual fidelity. Also, can we please get a new soundtrack next time. Thanks.


Ubisoft did an admirable job getting Rabbids Land out for the launch of the Wii U, although its multiplayer centric gameplay will probably leave most Rabbids fans wanting more. This is one of those quick-play party style games that are fun in the moment. However, once that moment passes, it's totally forgettable.

  • Those dang Rabbids are just so damn cute. Instant appeal.
  • Lots of mini-games to try and enjoy.
  • Fun for small gatherings in a “party” atmosphere.
  • Fully playable on the Gamepad
  • Mini-game centric play makes this no fun for the solo gamer.
  • Not all the mini-games are a hit.
  • Too basic for long sittings. Get in and get out.
Quote: "Ubisoft did an admirable job getting Rabbids Land out for the launch of the Wii U, although its multiplayer centric gameplay will probably leave most Rabbids fans wanting more."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 12.01.12 | Platform Reviewed: Wii U

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Rabbids Land


Ubisoft Paris


US Release
November '12


Wii U

Players 1-4
5.1 Surround
HD 720-1080p