After looking at 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11' on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, we are grabbing our virtual clubs to see how the Wii edition stacks up.

The Wii edition of ‘Tiger Woods’ has always been the version to beat, well that's according to the internet. See, until now, I haven't had the chance to tee off on Nintendo’s console, so I was enthusiastic to see what all the talk was about. Since I had just come the green with "Tiger" on the other consoles, it seemed like the perfect time to see how the Wii edition stacks up. The main draw is obviously the Motion Control capabilities of the Wii, and one better, Wii MotionPlus. Having 1:1 sensitivity captures all the nuances of your movements making the 'Tiger Woods' for the Wii, the one to beat. Until Nintendo's competition roll out their motion controlled devices (Playstation Move especially) the Wii version is uncomparable.

Helping You Get into the Swing of Things
To help you feel comfortable, 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11' offers a number of control selections to make sure get into the swing of things, literally. From ‘All Play,’ for the welcoming beginner to the more advanced options like ‘Advanced Plus’ and ‘Tour Pro.’ EA Sports was adamant in making sure a level of comfort can be found, for every gamer. Finding your comfort level is key, because until then you might feel like the game is putting you on... yelling at a TV will never fix the problem. So if have been known to tell "Tiger" exactly how you feel, give it sometime and with the improved accuracy of Wii Motion Plus, you will find your game.

View it True
Further tweaking you game, EA has introduced a new first-person mode called ‘True View’ that lets you tackle the game from the perspective of a pro. From the first-person perspective you will see your club and hands when standing over a shot. When hitting the ball, you don’t follow the ball like the normal mode, it lets you watch it fly off in the distance as you hope for a green landing.  ‘True View’ brings you “into the game” better than before. It is a great test of your real skill without any tricks to spin the shot your way. It might not be the best way to go for a beginner, however, the more experienced golfers will fall in love with this new feature.

The Ryder Cup
The other new feature is the Ryder Cup, which also made an appearance in the Xbox 360 and PS3 edition. The Ryder Cup experience can be totally tweaked your liking so you can head into the tournament on your own terms. The Ryder Cup is great for getting bystanders into the game as you build a team and face off head-to-head. Tweak it match a little short and you might have found yourself a new partner.

Introducing new golfers, or wanna-be golfers to ‘Tiger Woods’ is an pivotal step for the series. Even though it is built of a foundation of “hardcore” gamers, EA Tiburon has introduced a new ‘Mini Golf’ feature to go along with its other party games. Now before you start the riot, we don’t need mini-golf in "Tiger." Keep in mind this is the Wii platform, and it is another great way to get non-gamers interested in gaming, or the other way around gamers intrested in golf. Really, who doesn’t love mini-putt anyway? The new indoors miniature sport (I use that term loosely) can be played in sets of 9 or 18 holes on four original courses. On minor disappointment about this new mode, which is generally pretty slick, is the lack of ‘True View.’

Better with Friends?
Like all sports games, they are better when played with friends. The A.I. can really do a number on you, and you are not an expert at the sport, well, be prepared for some schooling.  Although it is good to know that ‘Tiger Woods’ doesn’t indorse rubber banding, so you will never have a false hope of winning or catching up with funky A.I. opponents. Friends and golf, well, they go hand-and-hand.

Wii Can Go Online
‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11’ also supports online gaming on the Wii. The online mode is robust with the ability to get four players on the course at once. Obviously, the Wii multiplayer isn’t going to be an in-depth as the “other” consoles, but it is a nice surprise when I really did not expect much out of the games online capabilities. Disk Golf online, anyone?

The Wii edition of ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11’ is simply outstanding. You really can't beat the improved sensitivity of the Wii-MotionPlus added in with the True View 1st person feature, it's a win, win, that will please any fan of the sport. I’m glad I had the chance to tee off with ‘Tiger’ on the Wii; it goes to show that not everything is better on the “other” consoles. Hole in one.

Gameplay:9.6, Graphics:7.0, Sound:8.5, Innovation:8.8, Mojo:9.5  Final: 8.8 / 10

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 07.08.10
  • Wii MotionPlus improves the game
  • New 'True View' is exactly what was needed
  • Added Modes - Ryder Cup tournament and Mini Golf
  • Head online, supporting up-to 4 players
  • Small Gripe- No ‘True View’ in Mini-golf
  • Visuals could be improved

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

EA Sports

EA Tiburon


US Release
June '10



1-4 player
online MP 2-4