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Almost like the good ol' days
The multiplayer component of 'Goldeneye' supports classic split-screen action for up to four players. Like the N64 classic you will be able to select your characters comprising of a popular selection of Bond villains, which in total brings 'Goldeneye' up to a whopping 50 playable characters! Now that's a selection. Even better, the matches are customizable affecting everything from the guns you shoot to the only being able to do melee attacks. 'Goldeneye' is intensely enthralling to play as an "old school" throwback, it definitely brought back a lot of good memories while I was testing this feature. Although I was a little disheartened that guns are no longer scattered around the game world. I guess it's not a perfect world.

Heading online you are back up to a more modern take on multiplayer. Reminiscent of shooters like 'Call of Duty' you can shoot through eight different online modes. The standard deathmatch modes are present in Team Conflict and Conflict, but 'Goldeneye' has a few creative modes like the 'Golden Gun' mode that gives you more points if you kill the enemies with the golden plated gun and 'Black Box' objective based match up.


Leveling up is another aspect of 'Goldeneye' that makes the multiplayer seem more relevant. Earning experience for things such as 'Golden Gun' kills, kill streaks, kill/death ratio is a great incentive to keep player engaged, along with a slew of unlockables including new levels. While I wish the online experience was perfect, it's not. 'Goldeneye' has some technical issues like frame-rate stuttering and connection issues. Not to mention, 'Goldeneye' doesn't support 'Wii Speak', so there is no communicating with your fellow players and subsequently lots of rage disconnecting. You would figure a quiet gaming field would be more peaceful, but no, people still get angry and rage. Gotta love the future.

Offline, the visuals don't have any issues and looks great. The different locations and weather effects help create a realistic moods while the explosions add just enough oomph to make you feel like you are in a larger-then-life motion picture. The textures take a little hit, but the animations are good and the voice work, while not drop dead awesome, works. Of course Daniel Craig along with other cast members return for 'Goldeneye' which is commendable and only adds to the experience.


'Goldeneye 007' might not reclaim the FPS crown from the original N64 release, but it is still a solid offering and one of the best shooters available for the Wii. Online 'Goldeneye 007' has some issues and will not captivate you like the other top-tier shooters on the market. Still the single player experience delivers enough diversity to keep you rolling through its longer-then-expected length. Depending on your view of online gaming, 'Goldeneye 007' is a solid rental for the weekend or a safe buy if you want to shoot up with friends online or off.

  • pleasing single player campaign
  • comprehensive mechanics, one of the best FPS for the Wii
  • production is above expectations
  • while not perfect, multiplayer is included
  • higher difficulty levels are obtainable
  • found memories here, Oddjob and the crew return
  • unskippable cut-scenes
  • aside from the voice acting the audio is lacklustre
  • online can be laggy at times
  • be prepared for lots of silent raging
  • another Bond game just been released
Quote: "Goldeneye 007 might not reclaim the FPS crown from the original N64 release, but it is still a solid offering and one of the best shooters available for the Wii."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 11.17.10

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Goldeneye 007

November '10