Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy
Dec. 18th 2002

Introduction:Packed with combat, Halo will have you battling on foot, in vehicles, inside and outdoors with Alien and Human weaponry. Your objective: to uncover Halo's horrible secrets and destroy mankind's sworn enemy, the Covenant.

Lowdown:This is review is for Halo and if you're on this website than i can bet you have played this game by now. What more can be said about this game?! Halo 2 is expected in 2003. The follow-up to all follow-ups. Halo is breathtaking and revolutionary in the world of video games.

Every aspect of this game is top notch. I am a huge fan of FPS and until i played Halo i was bias against console shooters. I believed the PC was the only way to play a FPS. I was dead wrong! Sure the PC has some great shooters, but Bungie made the controls easy to grasp. (i didn't miss my mouse/keys) and besides that the game was perfect. I was quickly enwrapped in the storyline and the atmosphere in Halo's world. The enemy AI was smart and i couldn't save and fight, save and fight so i was in for a challenge.

I played through the entire game and there not a way to fully describe the experience Halo provides. Halo crushed all my expectations of what a FPS should be. The graphics, sound and enemy AI wrap up Halo into the total package. If you couldn't tell... I love this game.

Bring on Halo2, and if you don't have this game Get It! It's freaking Halo and you have a freaking Xbox.. Hook it up!

Gameplay: 10, Graphics/Sound: 10, Innovation: 9, Mojo: 10. Final: 10


  • Huge weapon variety: Vanquish your enemies with a vast array of Human or Covenant weaponry ranging from the stealthy (semi-automatic pistols, Alien Needler guns) to the fierce (rocket launchers and assault rifles).
  • Vehicle and foot-based action: Tackle missions anyway you choose-be it storming an enemy base or taking the wheel or gunnery position of a variety of powerful vehicles. Vehicles range from stolen Covenant flyers & hovercraft to Human buggies, tanks and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor combat: Fight seamlessly in Halo's ultra-realistic indoor and outdoor environments as you hunt the Covenant in dozens of single player missions and multiplayer battles.
  • Intense multiplayer shoot-outs: Form a team, choose a role, and fight cooperatively with your friends, battle it out Deathmatch style via intense split screen combat or fight co-op with a friend through the single player missions.
  • Incredible mission variety: Fight the Covenant in dozens of missions as you uncover the dark secrets of Halo. Among your many objectives - attack enemy outposts, raid underground labs for advanced technology, rescue fallen comrades, steal alien vehicles and weaponry and snipe enemy forces.
  • Reality-bending special effects: Halo features the most advanced graphic system on the most advanced gaming platform in the world. Gunfire rips off the screen, explosions light up a living room, and environments blur the line between your couch and fantasy.
  • Rich sci-fi experience: Halo transports gamers into a science fiction universe fresh out of a Hollywood movie. With a detailed twisting story-line, complex characters and cunning enemies Halo will fulfill every sci-fi enthusiasts dream.

Halo: Combat
Nov. 2001