Damn, you fine, portable Rayman.

Thanks to Ubisoft’s ‘Rayman Origins,’ there now exists the quickest tech demo in portable gaming history to explain the prowess leap between PSP and Vita. Rayman Origins is simply magnificent to both look at and listen to, a solid launch title for the Vita to flex its muscles.

With this being said, the Vita version of Rayman Origins appears in no way, shape or form, any different from the XBOX 360 game that produced a man crush on our own Downtown Jimmy. Through the power of hyperlinks, you’ll discover the earlier, conventional console version the proud recipient of Extreme Gamer’s 2011Platform Game of the Year,’ also beneficiary of one the highest review scores ever featured on the Site.

The Vita counterpart produced similar ‘ooh’s and aah’s’ among this less esteemed reviewer, a game – echoing Jimmy - I blatantly consider a must-purchase for platformer fans and/or those devoid of other iterations of the title. With Jimmy covering all of the core components of the game, let’s turn to the elements that make it Vita-specific.

For starters, there’s no touch (front or back screen) components infused. Mirroring ‘Lumines Electronic Symphony,’ I can’t for the life of me understand why a launch title wouldn’t event attempt to show up to the Dance in full tails. While gimmicky touch and/or motion elements are neither wanted nor needed, at least some recognition of platform centricity…especially as a launch title…is really not too much to ask for...?

Related – and borrowing from Jimmy once more – the Vita version likewise screams for multiplayer, the platform literally tailor made for it. The no-show of community integration and/or multiplayer is confounding for an operating system and interface where online interaction is omnipresent. Even more so on a title bursting with colorful characters and co-op possibilities.

Rayman Origins, however, controls like a dream via Vita’s conventional, rubberized analog stick, a terrific reminder on the tremendous advance in this control aspect over the PSP. Aforementioned visuals are sharp as humanly possible, colors popping off the terrific OLED Vita screen. Even on a small screen, subtle details never get lost thanks to the ultra-fidelity of the title’s artistic presentation. The same can be said of audio, where complex mixing and layers sing through the Vita’s base speakers.

Thus, can we really be mad at you, Rayman, for seamlessly porting an award-winning title to a handheld? Sure, I wish you had better grasp of the wine list, but your entrée and mains are simply fantastic.

Rayman Origins is a literal clone of its award-winning console counterparts, and with it one of the best platformers to date, period. Owners of other versions of the game and/or those seeking Vita-centric nuances might want to think first before leaping.

  • One of the best games of 2011…now portable!
  • Eye-popping visuals and audio
  • Outstanding controls
  • Nothing new over earlier versions
  • No Vita-specific capabilities
Quote: "Rayman Origins is a literal clone of its award-winning console counterparts, and with it one of the best platformers to date, period."
Reviewed by Paul Stuart | 03.05.12

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Rayman Origins




US Release
February '12


PS Vita

Players 1