Reviewed by Jimmy | 03.20.06

What do Mercenaries, Drug Pushers, Convicts, Gangsters, and Ex-Hollywood Vixens have in common? They are all wanted by the law in Pursuit Force! Get ready to hunt down the criminal element by jumping, racing, and shooting your way to the answers. Who even said there was questions? Let bust heads! Pursuit Force is an original property developed exclusively for the PSP, get read and jump in to our review.

Developer bigBIG Studios have really worked over the PSP, and like the recent Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Pursuit Force impresses. Besides visually outstanding Pursuit Force has more in common with GTA then really any other game and that can't be a bad fact. Variation and fast action is the premise behind Pursuit Force. You can feel the influence and love the developer has for old styled arcade action games. Pursuit Force isn't the ultimate PSP killer app, but it will tide you over for a while.

Minority Report
In Pursuit Force you play an extremely agile officer of the law who has to take down an assortment of bad guys. The story is pretty no existent, I mean. The story is there but it's nothing to be concerned about. Like the over the top action you even have an over the top story line with all the clichés of a 80s Hollywood action movie. Pursuit Force is like a big action blockbuster with the lead being Minority Report's Tom Cruse cloned with Froggers genetics. It's unrealistic, insanely crazy, yea.. it's pretty cool.

To Race, or To Race
The action in Pursuit Force you have a few options of gameplay one being the Career Mode and the other two option for Racing, against other gangs or against the clock. Racing is fun especially with the amount of vehicles in Pursuit Force, but most of your time will be spent in the Career Mode.

The Career Mode gives you a list of gangs you want to go against, and from there a number of missions for each one. You start with two rival gangs unlocked and work your way up from there. The two starting gangs are the Capelli Family, the stereotypical Capone gangsters and The Warlords who are elite mercenaries. The other gangs consist of Killer 66, Organization of thieves and pushers, Convicts who don't need an explanation, and lastly the Vixens. The Vixens make me laugh; they are Ex-Hollywood stunt girls straight from Charlie's Angels. Each gang has a number of challenges over multi layered levels. It's not uncommon to start off in a boat chase and end up racing after bad guys through a desert. Each mission although different starts to feel the same, and this is the biggest downside of Pursuit Force. Pursuit Force can be pretty shallow and even though the gameplay is solid it might not be enough for gamers to stick around.

The Pressure
Pursuit Forces fundamentally is a lot of fun and challenging. The action often jumps from being easy to devilish hard. Some levels are just downright nasty and are plagued with an evil timer to add more pressure on top of being out numbered. You normally will also take the repeat formula of jumping car to car and taking them over rather then spraying them with bullets. There are a bunch of other cool mechanics besides car jumping like the power boost of the justice bar, ducking and moving around on vehicles, and even the on foot missions pass off and can be just as fun. Rapped in a marvelous sense of speed Pursuit Force gives the goods and it sure to turn a few heads of any onlookers. What else is in Pursuit Force?! Well, that's about it minus some art and movies you can unlock.

From lows to high, Pursuit Force delivers in its graphics and sound. Visually this game is pretty outstanding and pushes off a similar vibes as Grand Theft Auto. The whole package is extremely polished from the art direction and design of the logos, vehicles, and into movies, to the character animations and the actually in game graphics. They even put in a lot of small effects like rain, and dust kicking up from your tires. It all adds up, and it would be hard to say anything negative about the visuals of the game besides its borderline stereotyping. Pursuit Force is definitely on the top of the list for best looking PSP game, and the future keeps looking up for what this machine can handle.

The whole Pursuit Force experience is pretty cut and dry. If you enjoy arcade styled action games Pursuit Force is going to be the absolute best thing going for your PSP. Pursuit Force is an excellent game, you just need to be the right gamer. I found it best absorbed in small doses every once and a while. I'd recommend this Sony title, but a little more meat on the bones would have been nice.

Good Controls Good, Great Arcade Styled Action, Looks amazing!

BadLoose Storyline, Too Hard at Times, Gets Old Quick

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 9.5, Innovation: 8, Mojo: 7.5. Final: 8.5 / 10

  • Pursuit Force features more than 30 heavy action cases to crack, set across five distinctly unique districts, with their own hazards and dangers. The player must exploit the unique ability to leap between a variety of different vehicles whilst racing at breakneck speeds of over 150mph.
  • Prepare to engage in intense combat with gang members whilst hanging onto moving vehicles, dodge bullets and defy the natural forces of gravity to avoid being thrown off whilst on the move - all in the Pursuit of Justice!

Pursuit Force

March 2006