Reviewed by Jimmy | 11.27.05

Introduction:If you wanted a fast-paced shooter for your PSP, you are in luck. Majesco brings us a game that runs on full tilt and does not slow down even to help the wounded. Infected is your best bet for a fast paced, blood soaked game with guns and zombies. Here is our review of Infected.

The Game:Infected marked with the radiation handprint brings a new style of game exclusively for the PSP handheld. Infected can be narrowed down to being a simple shooter, but Planet Moon has added a few new tricks into the game. The plot revolves around a virus infecting the population and turning everyone into violent mutated zombies. Your character, Officer Stevens survives the attacks because of his rare blood type and with the help of a mad scientist/doctor Dr. Schaeffer, you learn how to use your immune blood to destroy the mutant savages. Basically... kill zombies.

Bullets & Blood
The concept of using your blood, and how you use it is interesting. Your blood pump out through a "viral gun" that is hooked to your blood stream. The trick to the biomechanical gun attached to your left arm is that you use it to finish off the inflected, but only after you have softened them up with normal weapons. Infected uses a two handed weapon system where you can fire either weapon at any time. First you pump some bullets in the infected with common gaming weapons like shotguns, rocket launchers and machine guns, then after they turn a glowing red, terminate them with the viral gun.

The system works flawlessly in Infected and makes the experience more exciting then the normal standard formula. Zombies can also be splattered by linking them together before you wipe them out. This happens when more then one is turned red, and they will link together if they are close enough. If you hold down the button for the viral gun then release, you will get a bigger explosion of blood. The best part is holding it down and trying to chain link as many infected as you can. It is a good way to eliminate enemies, score points and find cool bonuses. (see first screen, Bloodbath)

Short Sittings
The gameplay in Infected besides the two-weapon deal is straightforward for the single player game. At times, you are protecting innocents, others just destroying the infected. You finger never really lets up and each level just throws more and more enemies at you. What else do you really want from a shooter? It can get a little tedious if you want to sit down for a few hours and roll through the single player. Infected is more designed for short sittings from an hour to five minutes which to me is a good example of a portable game.

Heavy Metal in Red
Graphically, Infected is a sharp PSP titles that uses many bright colours with an overdose of blood. The four main characters (avatars in Infected) are all right, but really do not have to much detail. When the game is running you won't really notice this anyways, and to vary it up there is almost a million different configurations for the different characters. The cut senses which come in the form of news broadcasts are brilliantly animated done and help convey a sense of urgency in the game.

If you like your metal then you will dig the soundtrack in Infected. The metal mayhem plays right along with the games dark, violent overtones and features a few tracks from Slipknot, Chimaira, Junkie XL, plus others. Slipknot actually plays a bigger role then just music; you can also unlock the band members as playable characters. If you are fan it's really cool, and these guys look just as scary as any of the infected freaks in the game.

Lastly, I want to touch on the most unique aspect of Infected, which is the multiplayer mode. By winning multiplayer games against other players, you can infect the other persons PSP! Now it's nothing too serious, but it is a great concept for a game. It copies your custom character over to their game replacing all the zombies. To get rid of the "infection" on your PSP you have to go back to each level and wipe out every single character avatar, or they can go back into multiplayer land and successful infect three other machines to cleanse themselves. The best thing about the second option is that it spreads your virus over to the other PSP units. The coolness doesn't stop there! You can also go online and track your virus all over the world! That's pretty crazy, but inventive. The team at Planet Moon really shined on this one and makes infected one of the most innovative online experiences for the PSP.

Lowdown:Infected is the perfect game for a quick fix if you are in a hurry. The concept behind the game is solid, and the action is quick and fun although it can get a little old in extended sittings. If you do get bored of the single player missions, you are in luck because the online ability to infect other PSPs is sadistically satisfying and enough to recommend this game on that fact alone. If you enjoy bullet blazing blood bathes then this is your game.

The Good:Two Handed Weapons, Infect Other PSPs, Quick Fun Action

The Bad:Not suited for Long sittings, Have to Like Gore and Heavy Metal

Gameplay: 8, Graphics/Sound: 8, Innovation: 9, Mojo: 9. Final: 8.5 / 10


  • Infect the world with your PSP - spread your unique avatar like a virus to other players' PSPs Ultra-fast paced, two-gun action in the streets of New York Set off massive chain reactions of exploding Infected, showering the streets with blood.
  • Exciting multiplayer modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Through multiplayer victories, players spread their avatars around the real world, player to player.
  • Form clans with shared uniforms, spreading the same unique virus to the unsuspecting Immersive story injected with lots of humor features vivid characters and a range of unique and wildly imaginative environments.
  • Access a huge arsenal of guns and viral weapons, as well as special weapons like air strikes and fire trails that ignite chains of Infected.


Planet Moon
Nov 2005