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'Time Crisis: Razing Storm' is the first third-party Wand enabled shooter to be released for the Playstation 3. A classic in its own right, we now get to jump into a “light gun” battle in our living rooms with Namco Bandai's arcade shooter compilation.

It is only natural that Namco Bandai would want to port their Time Crisis arcade series to the Playstation Move. It's essentially the experience of the arcade without leaving your home. Along with the titled game 'Time Crisis: Razing Storm' you will also get 'Time Crisis 4' and 'Deadstorm Pirates' included on the disc. All three games are pulled straight from the arcade with the simple premise of destroying everything that moves. If you're a fan of the genre, then this package should be very enticing.

Obliterate Everything
While I probably don't need to summarize the gameplay for you, I will quickly run over what to expect. All three titles are on-rails shooters made for the arcades were you grip a light-gun and shoot the objects on the screen. The objective, obliterate everything. The majority of your time is spent shooting. However, once in a while you will come across a simple objective to complete that doesn't involving shooting a bad guy, it involves shooting something else in the background like a switch. Each game has slight adjustments in their arrangements, but this is the basic formula for all three.

Figuring Things Out
There is no tutorial in the package, so you will have to figure things out for yourself. Even though it is basic, a simple tutorial would have been nice. 'Time Crisis' can be controlled by the 'Playstation Move,' 'Namco's GunCon3' or your everyday PS3 controller. If you've already purchased 'Time Crisis 4' when came around in for the PS3 in 2007, then probably already set up with the plastic GunCon3 blaster. Setting up the 'PS Wand' can be a little frustrating, if you're having “sensing issues.” Navigating with the Wand is very difficult when it's not working right, so you'll likely need to do the initial set up with a normal controller in hand. A point and click interface would have done wonders, but once it's running you will get used to it. The entire system is a little ancient and the entire compilation could have used a navigational update.

Continuing with the dated system are some long install times and long load times. This goes hand-in-hand with the overall production that is behind the times. Really, nothing has changed since their original release date, which is a shame. This means the annoying arcade music with the over-the-top announcer that is meant to grab your attention in a crowded arcade, is pumping excessively loud in your living room. Uh, how about a new 'Time Crisis' built ground up for the Playstation 3?


Is a hour enough?
For length, each game can be completed in under a hour each. Although, the concept behind an on-rails shooter isn't to provide a long in-depth adventure, it might not be long enough for everyone to justify the purchase. Gamers who are a little obsessive compulsive and love getting high scores are the ones who will find real value here. You could spend a whole lot longer then a hour on each map, if you're hunting down the elusive “special” rankings or trying to better your leaderboard score. For the “core” audience who enjoys shooters, this will likely be enough. However, if you're the casual fan, then you might be left wanting more.

Deadstorm Pirates
Getting into specifics for each title, let's start with my favourite out of the bunch, 'Deadstorm Pirates.' 'Deadstorm' is a little different from the military edged 'Time Crisis' series focusing on a blend of fantasy magic and modern warfare. Ported from the arcade, 'Deadstorm' will take awhile to load on your system, thanks to its mandatory 3.5 GB install, but the wait will be worth it. 'Deadstorm' is a different type of adventure following a group of swashbucklers throughout 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed adventure shooting giant crab monsters, skeleton warriors and more. The pacing is quick and you will likely be locked in as you advance through the five levels (stormy sea, cave, mountain stream, great whirlpool.)

Aside from the "Pirates" setting, 'Deadstorm' also emulates the "helm" (pirate ship steering wheel) that was attached to the arcade cabinet. By rotating the wand (or GunCon3 analog stick) left and right in a circular motion you will complete sequences that allow you to free steer and others that are intense sea-worth avoid spins. Both aspects are fun and varies the action from straightforward blasting. The weapons that are strangely like laser pistols never need to be reloaded and can beheld down to fire. It's easy breezy, it probably the easiest out of all three games.


Time Crisis 4
'Time Crisis 4: Arcade Version' is an exact replica of the already released title for the PS3, which originated as an arcade cabinet in 2006. The game is your basic soldier fighting terrorist scenario with an extra sci-fi twist with Biologic Weapons an insect-like weapon codenamed "Terror Bite." The action is split between two characters 'Captain William Rush' and VSSE agents 'Evan Bernard' and 'Giorgio Bruno.' The plot is really silly and isn't too engaging, but the shooting is fun, however, not nearly as strong as the next game in the series, 'Rising Storm.'



Time Crisis
Razing Storm

Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai


US Release
October '10



Players 1-2
Online MP 2-8
HD 720p
Dolby 5.1
PS Eye Required
Move Enabled
Navigation Stick
GunCon 3 Enabled
3516MB HD Req