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Sackboy and his dynamic world returns in Little Big Planet 2. If you have played the original creative wonder then you will likely be smiling ear to ear with anticipation to see what Media Molecule has cooked up for a sequel. LittleBigPlanet was a bonafide hit, winning five awards in our 2008 GOTY awards. Can lightning strike twice? Read on to find out.

'LittleBigPlanet 2' starts off by introducing its in-game mechanics, and much like the original, 'LBP2' is simple, following naturally between controller and on screen pulpit. LBP (LittleBigPlanet) experts will breeze through its introductory levels while newbies have a chance to get antiquated with the nuances of the controls. LBP2 doesn't over complicate its formula, although enough content has been added to be worthy of the # 2 on the box-front. The main addition, a few new "accessories" for Sackboy to match up with a bunch of new tricks that 'Media Molecule' has crafted into the game. LBP2 isn't so straight forward anymore and straying slightly away from its title of being a platformer, LBP2 is more of an action platform game, unless you're checking the listing from Sony, then we have an "adventure" game. Either way, LittleBigPlanet has returned for another enchanting run, and you have to hand it to 'Media Molecule' for making this Sackboy "adventure" as engaging, if not more than so than the original.

The progression and level design follows the original design with a patches to jump into, things to fetch, high scores to attain and puzzles to solve. The story mode is the gateway drug to get things going, but beware, it's addictive. LBP2 is so addictive that you might not only replay the entire game, but you will probably find yourself heading back to each level multiple times to find all the collectable's while looking to score big on the online leaderboards. Although making to the top will be tough, in one week rankings are up already up into the hundreds of thousands.

To patch things together 'LBP2' narrative is a wish-washy fable that is both comical and admittedly a little annoying. Sackboy is the hero and your courageous deeds require you to take on the evil Negativitron who wages war against the peaceful world in LBP. 'Media Molecule' has created over 30 pre-made levels that are diversified and masterfully designed to showcase just how impressive and multifaceted LBP2 can be.

For a glimpse inside some of the diverse levels in LBP2 you will take part in epic platforming segments (like you probably expected,) however this time around 'LittleBigPlanet' is more contrasting with its use of themes and level design, and with the bonus of some new Sackboy tools like the grappling arm and Grabinator (which I touched on above.) LBP2 continues to be more diverse and all around fun than the original. From pin-balling Sackboy through a level to use snack foods to defeat robot monsters, LBP2 borderlines on genius.

LBP2 also encourages you to hook-up another controller, or head online to probe the co-op aspects of LBP2. Injected into the normal or specifically designed levels are co-op levels that can be competitive or co-operative. The puzzle levels really take some team work and can be some of the best moments within the game. Four players is a bit too much to follow, but with two its solid, even when you're simply tossing one another around the game world. Again, Sackboy isn't just about jumping platform to platform, you will be doing everything in LBP2. Need an example check out the pick of LBP2 transformed into a top down racer. Pretty cool, 'MM,' pretty cool.


Even though we are overly impressed with LBP2, the complaint could still be made that Sackboy's motions are too floaty, and it is, but you will get used too the more you play the game. For beginners it might be more of a problem, and you will likely suffer many embarrassing deaths. However, death is not a bad thing in LBP2 as you will quickly be transported the nearest checkpoint, and thankfully there are lots of those. I am not sure why the physics weren't tightened up, but they must have a reason.... maybe Sackboy lives on the moon? Still frustration is a part of “most” platformers and LBP2 is no different. Issues will arise like getting stuck on objects, slipping off platforms, jumping at the wrong time, but this (take it or leave it) is all part of the game. Thankfully “Sackers” is a cute sucka.

When you finish what the developer has crafted for you, LBP2 still has hours on hours of game left. Rewinding to the precursor, LBP2 gives you access to all the content from first LBP, which means millions of already crafted levels, not even touching the plethora of new content made with early adaptors to LBP2. Of course you don’t have to be involved with the "create" part of the tag line, but its open for those with a creative bone to itch.

The "create" tools have been redefined the second time around, giving creative minds even more freedom to make your ideas a reality because your not just creating platforming levels anymore, almost anytime of game can be made from shooters to top-down RTS game. Like 'Media Molecule' states “imagination is your only limitation,” and it's true. Blossoming your ideas into a playable level is very inspiring and like anything, the more time you spend creating, the better you will get. This level of freedom is inspiring. Like I said earlier, there is "genesis" in LBP2 and you can be the next level wizard to make a splash on the LBP community.

LBP2 also has a new “Me” section where you can customize your own online space called 'My Earth,' with your very own Moon. A spot where you can test your creations before you unleash them on the world. Some of these “Me” functions can't be reached without an online connection, but it's something you should have to get the best value out of LBP2. Still in “Me” you can check out some tutorials, decorate your planets and access another new area called 'My Pins.' Here you will find an extra set of achievements to strive for. So with the already full pallet of trophies, the pins will keep you busy for a long time. It's similar to Bad Company 2's medal system, simply more in-game achievements spanning different categories like Story Pins, General Pins, Share Pins, Secret Pins and more. Pins can also be “pinned” to your LBP profile making LBP2 an even more robust and complete package. Man, why can't all games be this polished.


Oddly our summary from our original LittleBigPlanet review is close to what I would write for LBP2. “Little Big Planet isn’t a perfect game and falls into some pitfalls along the way, but as a whole product the project is larger than life and immersive. The greatest asset to LittleBigPlanet is its motto which allows you to unlock your imagination and create your own creations within the game.” this statement still remains true. While the gameplay isn't totally nailed, you can't argue with the creative, imaginative world within LBP2. From all its frustrating jumps to news ways to create, 'LittleBigPlanet 2' is one of the must-have purchases for the PS3. Create, Share, Play.

  • Even more innovative then the original, a platformer like no other
  • Great dream-like artistically impressive atmosphere
  • Ingenuous level design with some tricky spots
  • Intuitive level editor has been streamlined
  • Awesome community, sharing and backwards compatibility
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Frustrating navigation between the background and foreground
  • Inconsistent level of difficulty
  • Co-op not as immersible as the single player game
  • Mr. Paper mache, you’re annoying
  • Physics still inspired from the moon
  • If you don't have an internet connection, you will miss half the game
Quote: "From all its frustrating jumps to news ways to create, 'LittleBigPlanet 2' is one of the must-have purchases for the PS3."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 02.04.11

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LittleBigPlanet 2


Media Molecule


US Release
January '11



Players 1-4
Online MP 1-4
HD 720p
Dolby 5.1
Move Enabled
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