We are getting fit with Ex-Spice Girl, Mel B in the first fitness game built to take advantage of the Playstation Move. Do we have the stamina to keep up, there is only one way to find out.

Most of us probably still remember 'Mel B' aka 'Scary Spice' from her fame in the UK super-group 'The Spice Girls.' Well things have changed since 1994 and Mel B (Melanie Brown) is still in the entertainment industry. However, she has managed to find the time to work with 'Deep Silver' and 'Lightning Fish' to create her own fitness game. In today’s world, it's a prerequisite that modern pop stars look well and stay fit, so Mel having a solid workout regime isn't too far fetched. Staying fit shouldn't only be past onto pop divas, everyone needs to look and feel good, even videogame reviewers. So over the last two weeks I have been attempting to 'Get Fit with Mel B.' I'm not going to kid you, 'Get Fit with Mel B' is one hell of a workout, and that's a good thing... if you're up for it. Mel B is set to appeal to all fitness levels, so don't worry beginners, all the settings are adjustable. Although, at least once you will have to attempt a full out workout -- just call me “jell-o legs.”

Getting Started with Mel B
Starting the "Get Fit" program you will have to input your particulars (sex, weight, height, age, build) then it digs a little deeper with your food preferences (what you eat and don't eat) to better gage a dietary nutrition plan. Next you will need to point out your fitness goals, the real reason why you are here. 25 selections available to personalize your workout. My choice, 'lower cholesterol' and 'weight loss' -- typical of a male in his thirties who enjoys a few cold beverages and red meat. Ending the set up process you will select the location where you want to work out and what fitness equipment you own and want to use in the workouts. 'Get Fit with Mel B' doesn't provide this equipment in the box (that would be a big box) nevertheless if you own resistance bands, weights, a fitness ball or an aerobic step you can bring them into the workout. The entire set-up might be long to explain in words, however, it only takes a few seconds in the game.


Prepare to Sweat
Your first workout will give you a good dose of what “getting fit” with Mel B is all about. Before you start the workout you can select how long you want to exercise and which routines and sets you want to run. The default setting for a workout is defaulted at 30 minutes, but I would suggest starting slow in the 10-15 minute mark to build up your endurance. The workouts run at a good pace and even continues while each routine is loading, "walking on the spot" is popular activity Mel will use to keep your blood pumping. The 'Playstation Eye' is used to place your image on the screen besides Mel B, who barely breaks a sweat in the most intense of workouts.

Each day you boot up 'Get Fit with Mel B' you can continue towards you target goals by heading into “Today's Workout” or you can select individuals routines based on fitness and aerobics. Don't worry if your initial workout was a little much because the “Custom Workout” route is a great way to go. Fitness workouts put a lot of the workout on your legs focusing on strength training such as lunges. Aerobics is the cardio part of the workout that burns those calories by doing a number of fast paced movements, kind of like aerobic dancing. More then testing your limits, Aerobic training takes coordination, something I was lacking, until I started to memorize the routines. Alternatively, you can just scratch those "harder" exercises in the 'Custom Workout' or head into the “Practice” section of the game and work through the challenges.

We're Watching You
The 'Playstation Move' and Playstation Eye provides an excellent system to track your movements, which also gives you direct feedback on your actions. Depending on how well you do in each routine you will awarded a star based score. This is based on how accurate your movements matched up with Mel B, although you will likely know which way the percentage is headed from watching your own movements on the screen. Timing is important along with doing the actual physical motions. I found some of the high cardio exercises to be a little tricky to match Mel's exact movements and would have to resort to alternative movements. As long as you are in time you can still be successful. Slide baby slide.

Along with your percentage rating, Mel B will give you feedback by letting you know how many calories you burned and the number reps you completed. From the main menu you can check out you stats by going to the “Your Progress” selection. This will let you know when you last workout along with a diagnosis on your workout types, reps, and total calories burned. A star and medal award system also helps puts everything into perspective and to help keep you motivated, and like any workout plan, persistence is key to achieving your goals.


You Are What You Eat
Nutrition is covered from the main menu as Mel gives you a list of her favourite recipes to inspire new ideas for your own dietary program. This can be followed on your own will, of course the game has no way of knowing if you're sticking with it or not. On good faith you its expected you take the guidelines into consideration. Me, I'm way to stubborn. Umm, Pork Chop!


'Get Fit with Mel B' is an excellent alternative to the other workout games on the market. Although, I feel 'Get Fit' is tilted more towards the already fit, it will get you in shape. Mel B is a workout machine and watching yourself beside her incredible physique can be both discouraging and empowering. Even so, if you are currently spending hundreds of dollars at a gym for fitness aerobic training, giving Mel B at shot at $39.99 sounds like a great idea.

  • Mel B looks great coaching you through the workouts
  • Can fine tune the workouts to your needs
  • Health and nutrition advice to go along with the exercising
  • Social Networking integration, if you're brave enough
  • You wanna sweat? Mel B can help you out. Intense workouts
  • Great Tech. Watch yourself workout
  • Limited access to the whole game unless you have all the workout extras
  • Even with the wand, I miss the balance board. Sony?
Quote: "Get Fit with Mel B is an excellent alternative to the other workout games on the market. Although, I feel 'Get Fit' is tilted more towards the already fit, it will get you in shape."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 10.21.10

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Get Fit with Mel B

Deep Silver

Lightning Fish


US Release
October '10



1 Players
HD 720p
16:9 Support
Dolby 5.1
PS Eye Required
Move Enabled
200KB HD