We're ready to put the SBKX tag line of “Nothing as PURE as the ADRENALINE rush of RACING on the official tracks and bikes of SBK Championship” to the test.

Admitting I am not a huge motorcycle racing buff would be true. Although when it comes to the racing genre outside of Superbikes, I have played them all. Being a fan of car racing, how different could it be to loose two wheels? Well let me tell you, racing on two wheels in SBK-X isn't for the bumper cars slamming of arcade racing. This is a pure racer, one that will test your skills to follow the line. And to answer my own question, are two wheels different from four? It sure is, but it still follows the same principles, stick to your lines and brake and excel, which makes SBK-X a racing game that can be enjoyed by all those who loved the "adrenaline rush of racing."

There are three ways to take on the competition in 'SBK-X Superbike World Championship.' Arcade racing, simulation a Xbox Live multiplayer mode. Under the 'Arcade Racing' tab you have quick races, a story mode, quick championship and time attack trials that you can engage in. 'Quick races' put you into the race with several options to customize each run. This goes from your team, rider, class, track and so on. It is the standard stuff with a good amount of options to pop one off. SBK-X also has several racing classifications from Superbike to Legends with many teams put in the game like the Ducati Xerox Team, Aprilia Alitalia Racing, and Team Suzuki Alstare. SBK-X is fully licensed with more than 90 real drivers on their bikes on the official circuits.

The story mode begins with you creating a custom racer. Expect the typical stuff here name, looks, riding style. Although one pet peeve, there is no Canada under the country selection. U.S.A., but no Canada. This process only takes a second and you will be ready to race. On a side note... you also get get an achievement for creating a racer. That one is for you achievement hunters.

Into the career, the presentation is bare bones, cut-out people and charts, and even though it is visually lacking, it gets the job done. The basics, boost your reputation and win trophies. You start in the "Superstock Fimcup Tournament" and work your way up the ranks. Each time you finish a race you will unlock new items (if you beat the goal) to give you more selections while playing. You will also earn points that go towards moving forward. Your goals are listed before each race so you'll have an idea of what you are up against. Racing in this mode is done under a number of conditions including rolling starts near the end of a race. SBK-X isn't going to make you race 30 laps each round, we're thankfully for that. However, that means you won't always be pulling in victories, sometimes you goal will be just to advance a few places to come in 10th or higher. It's not a perfect system, but at least it is different from a stale race-to-race affair .


The simulation side of the game is exactly the same as the "Arcade" selection with the exception of one extra selection called 'Race Weekend' and the obvious boost driving physics and bike mechanics. Making SBK-X more realistic tightens up the gameplay considerably. There is no more race line, no more boost button. This takes more skill then you might expect. Again making me rethink the simplicities of racing on two or four wheels. The 'Race Weekend' is all the bells-and-whistles from the full career mode, skimmed down. Here you can get a taste of the career without investing too much time.

Bike mechanics in SBK-X are in depth letting you talk to an engineer to get the best settings or do it yourself. The engineer will give can also give you advise in a meeting and give your telemetry data. Like other games you can change everything on the bike including the gears, suspension, chain adjustment and more. If you're a bike enthusiast, this game is loaded giving the players a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

The next inclusion is the online mode and guess what? Every time I headed in for a match, even a quick-match no-one was playing. It could be the times I entered or could be the monster called 'Call of Duty' or the other sim-racer that was just released 'Gran Turismo.' Anyway you shake it, the online component isn't going to be seeing too much action. So unless you have a group of friends who are also fans of SBK, you're looking a quiet solo experience.

The one thing I was sad that 'Deep Silver' didn't include is a "building your bike" segment into the arcade mode. It's not like it was 100% necessary. However it would have helped deepen the experience for those who want just a little more depth without the painstaking realism. Another emission is of a full “race replay,” a feature that lets you watch your race. The little clips are cool, but the option for a full review would have bee nice. Lastly, one more nitpick, the feedback you get from your team members can be wrong. For example after a race I was debriefed with “despite the fall and the damaged bike you raced excellently, you really are special” when I didn't even fall. Thanks for the special part, you're so kind SBK-X.

Lastly, the unlockables aside from the individual gear for your racer is a huge gallery that has some fantastic photos of the real bikes from the circuit. There is a huge assortment, which even includes some snaps of umbrella girls. Really, what would racing be without the women? Oh yea, just racing, well a little eye candy never hurt anyone.


'SBK-X Superbike World Championship' is a solid racing package. Either in the arcade style races or the daunting particulars of hitting the track in the simulation mode, the racing never disappoints. If you are a fan of racing games, SBK-X is worth a look and with its $ 39.99 CND sticker, you can't really go wrong.

  • She's a fast one, over 180 on two wheels, oh yea!
  • Simulation mode brings the realism
  • Lots of modes to play, and bikes to choose from
  • Career mode isn't groundbreaking, but it suffices
  • No Bike building in the arcade career
  • Full race replays are not offered
  • No one is playing online
Quote: "'SBK-X Superbike World Championship' is a solid racing package. Either in the arcade style races or the daunting particulars of hitting the track in the simulation mode, the racing never disappoints."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 12.07.10

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Superbike World Championship

Deep Silver

Black Bean


US Release
November '10


PS3, X360

Players 1
Online 2-16
HD 720-1080p
5.1 surround
D/L Content
Fully Licensed