All The Other "Stuff"
Beyond the story Guitar Hero keeps rocking with a 'Quickplay+,' 'Party Play,' and 'Competitive' and 'Training' modes. You can also create up to 20 unique rockers, dead or alive. Shop the online store and keep track of everything happening in Guitar Hero under the 'My Stuff' marker. Out of all these modes I really dug the 'Party Play' mode that automatically cues up songs to let players jump in-and-out of the game. The title 'Party Play' is perfect because this mode was designed for social gatherings. In a social setting, its a lot of fun and easier to get people then interested in joining the party then loading into the 'Quickplay' mode. If you want a little more challenge the 'Quickplay+' mode has over 10 challenges to whip through, which matches up good with the 'Competitive' mode that allows you to challenge another band.

The Wii edition of 'Warriors of Rock' is similar to previous editions with some more of the Nintendo DS connectivity added into the mix with its 'Roadie Mode.' This allows you to interact with the console game in real-time. It's not something everyone will want to explore, although if you have a Wii and DS, why not.

Now, That's a Guitar
We also have some new hardware being pushed along with 'Warriors of Rock.' The new guitar control is a real switch up with all the electronics being held in the main body of the guitar, with the sides being detachable to add different housing on the guitar. The batteries are now moved into the fretboard and the slide strip has been removed (also where the Wii-Mote fits). Don't worry if you don't want to use this new guitar and still like sliding around on the strip, support is still in the game for ample tap shredding. For drums, we also have a new kit with improved symbols and a detachable MIDI-capable brain that allows you to snap it on a real set of 'V-Drums' and hit the skins. Making the game more accessible with “real” electronic drums is a great addition and one that makes the purchase worth the upgrade.

The Music
For the music, the soul of the game, we have over 90 songs that are diversely ranged from old and new rock music with a few surprises along the way. 'Warriors' doesn't get too sidetracked as the developer is focused on matching up appropriate music with this "Monsters of Rock" theme. Two songs have been re-recorded for the game being Alice Cooper's “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and The Runaway's “Cherry Bomb.” Dave Mustang from Megadeth has also created an original song called 'Sudden Death' for 'Warriors of Rock' which lives up to his chromatic wizardry on the guitar. Additionally, 30 songs from 'Guitar Hero: Metallica' can be imported as long as you have both 'Warriors' and 'GH:Metallica' in your possession. Along with adding Metallica songs to the mix, all your downloaded tracks will work in 'Warriors.' Like previous editions, there is something for everyone, and even if you're not in-touch with all the acts on the disc, you might find yourself a new act to follow.

Fans of the 'Guitar Hero' series can safely continue on with 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.' The game that started the revolution might not be as revolutionary as it once was. However, it's nice to see the formula changed up to embrace the characters it has established over the years. The 'Quest Mode' Gene Simmons narrated adventure is the highlight of the game as the rest of features fall into familiar territory. It might be ultra goofy, but it is fun to have an actual objective to work towards while you gang of rocks transform into true monsters of rock! Beyond this, 'Warriors' boasts of 90 songs that will give you a good workout and challenge even the best Guitar Hero's or even better, the drummers in the crowd. While, we would love to see a little more innovation to the core experience, 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock' is still worth the buck, and great way to get the party started.

Gameplay:8.5, Graphics:7.0, Sound:9.0, Innovation:7.0, Mojo:8.5 Final: 8.0 / 10

Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 09.30.10

  • Plays to its strengths, the characters
  • Venues, track lists and character have their own personality
  • Enjoyable to see the “classic” characters re-imagined as monsters
  • Quest Mode might be silly, but its a lot of fun
  • Diverse rock-based soundtrack
  • New power-ups are fun, change the dynamics
  • With friends, you just can't beat the fun multiplayer
  • Storyline is absolutely ridiculous and anticlimactic
  • Gene, we love ya, but man, those lines are cheese
  • Gameplay looses momentum

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Guitar Hero
Warriors of Rock


Vicarious Visions


US Release
Sept '10


PS3, X360, Wii

Players 1-4
Co-Op 2-4
MP 2-8
HD 1080i
5.1 surround
D/L Content