Jerry Bruckheimer's first 3-D film, the overly cheery G-Force has been adaptated into game form across all the major gaming platforms. Focusing on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version we'll follow a team of special agent animals as they help the government stop an international terrorist bent on world domination. Sounds perfect for a kids film, and G-Force sounds even better as a game. So let's get into the plasma blasting action of G-Force.

Disney Interactive Studios wastes no time releasing the game adaptation of the summer kids film G-Force. This fun comedic adventure shows us that size doesn’t matter and that animals can do a better job at infiltrating and hunting down terrorists then humankind. The game version of this absurd idea doesn’t squander anytime time prompting up clips from the film, or explaining how a Guinea Pig can become a secret agent in the first place. It drops you smack into the action and let you figure out the rest as you go.

Developer Eurocom is no stranger to movie-tie in games as they have previously released Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End both movie-adapted games, and both for the Xbox 360. G-Force falls into the same pacing as both of the above mentioned titles by keeping the gameplay accessible and younger audiences and fans of the flick. Like all the movie-tie in games you need to approach them with a level of forgiveness. Adults might find G-Force a little lacking even on the hardest difficult, but don't let the furry Pig fool you. G-Force might be a little tricker in the hands of a young gamers (depending on their experience level) In no way will it stop them from playing, but I can defiantly see younger gamers becoming wrapped up, and moderately challenged with G-Force’s shoot em’ up gameplay.

The Darwin Theory
G-Force action is based around shooting up bad guys, but it also provides a little bit of exploration and puzzle solving aspects in its stripped down mechanics. The main perspective you’ll be viewing is from the third-person as the main character Darwin blasts his way down hallway after hallway of enemies. Darwin is no slouch as he has been upgraded with the latest in gadget weaponry. Starting out with a Jet Pack strapped to his back and a transforming weapon gauntlet, Darwin is almost ready to handle anything. The weapon gauntlet starts out with a Plasma Gun attachment and can be upgraded throughout the game when you find weapon blueprints. G-Force feels a little like a Ratchet & Clank title in this respect... that's in weapon upgrads, not the outlandish weapon selection.

Besides being able to blast-run with the jet pack across a level, you will be using the flight capabilities of the jet pack often. Jumping around levels with, or without the jet pack is a necessity. In some respects G-Force takes on the role of a platformer, if not only for a minute or two. Climbing is mainly done when you are figuring out how to progress to the next stage in any given level. Each level is filled with its own nooks and crannies, and even though each level is a repetitive rinse repeats of killing bad guys, it can be fun to explore the world as a pint-sized hero.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Darwin isn’t alone as he has to figure out the labyrinth puzzles in front of his furry hands, he is accompanied with another agent, Mooch the fly. Yes that’s right, a common housefly. Although this common fly isn't your typical swatter food, Mooch is outfitted with top of the line gear just like Darwin. Mooch is used to fly through areas to small or high for Darwin to reach. Mooch can slow time to slide through spinning fans, and he also has an electronic zapper that gives a nice shocking jolt to active switches for Darwin, mainly open doors. Mooch takes the player into the first-person perspective and gives a lot of diversity to a game that could have been a lot less entertaining.

Unplug Your Toasters
The enemies Darwin has to defend himself against the unimaginable threat of everyday household appliances turned into deadly killing machines. See this Saberling Company (the bad guys) is using transforming electronic products that are already in place in your home to take control of the world. This goes from everything from headphones, to air fresheners, to the heated up kitchen appliances like waffle irons, toasters, and blenders. Basically, if it’s electronic, it’s alive and on the path of destruction. Defeating each bad guy usually takes a few blasts, some need to be timed when they have their shields down, or are baffled. You’re not going to find too much of a challenge if you’re an avid gamer. Younger, less experienced players might not find G-Force so easy, but if you're already downing Brutes in Halo, then you can handle a little G-Force action.

Old with the New
One aspect that took me by surprise was the use of lives and not a rechargeable health system. It seems like forever since I have lost a life in a game and thought I hope I have enough to make it through the game. In G-Force I never found the answer to that question, but nerveless it was surprising to see. I’m not sure if the old school “life” system was the way to go since so many younger gamers have probably already adjusted to the run and hide health reenergizes system. Going from the old to the new is another surprise, the surprise of 3-D glasses that can be optionally used. Turning G-Force on in 3-D is a cool trick that works in some areas and not in others. Like the new batch of 3-D films it’s nothing special and probably an option most audiences will want to skip.

G-Force is a fun movie-tie in action game designed for younger gamers that focuses on the cool factors from the film without going into too much detail. For fans of the film, you’ll probably be more than satisfied in what Eurocom cooked up even if the adventure is rather short. Heck there is even an achievement/trophy for completing the game in less than seven hours. Really, as long as the kids are happy that is all the matters, and G-Force can do a good job at keeping them entertained. G-Force is simple, fun and to the point, and really what more is would you want in a kids movie-tie in game? Fans, or curious young gamers check out what the world of animal espionage is all about in Disney’s G-Force.

Gameplay:6.5, Graphics:6.0, Sound:7.5, Innovation:6.5, Mojo:7.0 Final: 6.7 / 10

Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 07.24.09

  • Guinea pig with a jet pack! a guinea pig with a jet pack!!
  • Upgrade your weaponry, Ratchet style
  • Tag team action; Darwin and Mooch
  • Doesn’t dwell on the redundant aspects from the film
  • Secret agent animal concept fits perfectly in the game world
  • Without watching the film, not much backstory is given
  • Graphics can't match up to the films production
  • Gameplay is highly repetitive



Dinsey Interactive



US Release
July '09


PS3, X360

1 Players
5.1 Surround
HDTV 1080i