EA Sports injects a dose of personality into FIFA Soccer 11, making this already solid series, even more enjoyable. If you love the game of soccer (football to our other readers around the world) then you will want to check out the latest edition of FIFA Soccer.

Unless there is a big fluke in a new feature, you can assume the latest edition of a EA Sports game will be the best one. With FIFA Soccer 11, EA Canada continues this trend by making FIFA Soccer 11 the edition of the FIFA that you want to own. While their might be nothing that blows you away like FIFA 10 and its 360 dribbling, FIFA 11 is one solid game without fault. Since, you already understand the game of soccer and have presumably played a FIFA game in the past, let's check out the new elements in FIFA Soccer 11.

FIFA has Personality
The main feature EA is buzzing about is the new Personality+ addition that adds a dose of authenticity to the soccer game. Personality+ makes each players move and interact differently depending on their skills with notable differences and reactions. FIFA 11's improved diversity and individual feel makes a world of difference, creating a more "realistic" game. Overpowering players, maneuverings passed defenders, and utilizing the star players seem more in-touch with the real game of soccer. The game might run slightly slower then before, but that's just the difference between the average and good players. The personality doesn't stop there, FIFA 11 also has more custom celebrations that sprinkles to make the game more lifelike. This injection of personality really works in FIFA and shows were EA Canada will be pushing the game in the future.

On a side note, FIFA 11 seemed a little more difficult then when jumping from previous editions into this year. It could be a retooling of the A.I. Or the new Personality + feature running, not sure, but its worth noting for those who normally have troubles getting the wins in FIFA.


Add your own personality
FIFA continues this theme with the 'Creation Centre,' a web-based application that lets you create material and download it to your console and share it with friends. Adding more tweaking ability is the ability to customize music and chants to really tailor make your experience. Although, we did hear some buggy behaviour from the audio customized tracks, it is easily overlooked. Customization is key, and although a good majority of players won't touch these features the ones that do, will appreciate them.


Pass like a Pro
A new passing system called the 'Pro Passing System' has also been introduced that works on the pressure that you hold down the pass button. Each pass calculates your accuracy on the control pad, the in-game situation, and the skills of the players on the pitch. The concept works, but sometimes the system doesn't exactly always go as planned. It's touch and go, but it is a worthy bridge for players who like to have an auto-pass styled mechanism with a little more depth. You can take the manual approach, but this new passing system does a good job once you get used to it.

Goalied Up
The 'Be a Pro' mode has added the goalie into its repertoire Adding the goalie is a popular decision, although not the most exciting, it something that was missing from the game. In the net the camera angles can be a little jarring as they shift around the net and behind the player, which might detour some gamers from doing the time behind the lines. I really didn't find a comfortable fit playing as the goalie, but it's not your typical spot. I am sure some players will appreciate hanging in the back, but its likely not to be one of the more popular Pro's to be. The best part of this new feature is that you can now head only lines and compete as the goalie in 11-on-11 matches. Sweet!


Making thing Simpler
A new 'Career Mode' is also being advertised, which is basically a hub between the 'Manager Mode' and “Be a Pro Mode.' Several improvements have been made to certain areas like signing new players (who are quite demanding,) more feedback about players and extra comments to help you better manage your team, and a new budget allocator that gives you a little flexibility in managing your cash. It's a very commendable package that doesn't radically change the game, but serves as a refinement to the micromanagement fun of FIFA.

FIFA 11 is another solid entry from EA Canada. The personality+ is the golden marked feature that makes a big difference in this year's FIFA. FIFA 10 was excellent, but FIFA 11 is a little better, and worth the upgrade. The only thing that FIFA 11 doesn't have going for it is the "wow" factor that we felt in the last two editions. Still, this is an easy pick for any gamer who loves their international game of footie.

  • Personality + changes the game
  • More dynamic and personable
  • Extremely customizable
  • Passing Pro, great in-between controls
  • You can now be a Goalie
  • A little tougher then previous years
  • A few bugs here and there, but nothing major
  • Not as "wowing" as last years FIFA
Quote: "FIFA 10 was excellent, but FIFA 11 is a little better, and worth the upgrade."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 10.07.10

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FIFA Soccer 11

EA Sports

EA Canada


US Release
October '10


PS3, X360

Players 1-4
Co-Op 2-4
Online 2-22
5.1 Surround
HDTV 1080p
Custom Sndtrks
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