'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' returns to the napalm smell of the Vietnam War with this new downloadable content.

The reason why we are still talking about 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' more than half of a year later is because of its solid multiplayer component. From an already stellar multiplayer selection the "Bad Company" gets another resurgence of life with the release of "Bad Company 2: Vietnam." A Vietnam themed multiplayer expansion for the modern warfare game that has sold five million copies to date. Centered on broadening the multiplayer experience with new maps based on the 1960's Vietnam War. Yes, get excited. Bad Company's tight gunplay mixed with foxholes and jungle warfare is a great reason to be happy.

Vietnam is a total switch-up, a separate game of sorts with all the characteristics from the normal Battlefield. This includes new weapons, character models, weapons, vehicles, and maps! Vietnam can be enjoyed in four multiplayer modes, including the highly addictive 'Conquest Mode.' The add-on is reached through a individual menu transporting you to this other time period. With the click of a button, you will likely be astounded how polished this DLC pack is. For $15, or 1200 MS Points this add-on is well worth the investment.

Once you slide over the Vietnam tab, the classic rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) will start pumping from the speakers and you will be instantly transported to the dismal, yet fun gaming atmosphere of the Vietnam war. Like the normal multiplayer offering you can hit up the game, play with friends, check out your weapons and gadgets, see you stats (badges included) or hit up the leaderboards. The mulitplayer allows you to play the normal modes (rush, conquest, squad rush, squad deathmatch) in four new Vietnam inspired maps. Enjoying every second of reviewing Vietnam I will pass on my thoughts on each map rather than blowing over them bullet-point style.


Vantage Point
First we have the 'Vantage Point' map... a North Vietnamese prison camp that has both sides crossing a bridge to gain control of a small village situated on a high spot between both sides. The team that usually securely holds this location can work their way into victory. This makes for some interesting battles leading up and down both sides of the hill. This map is long and not set up as a giant oval that offers up a single tank for each side to use. No Copters here. Sure, a couple of Copters could have helped to make things a little more interesting, however this map is a lot of fun a strong showing of tactics to become successful.

Hill 137
Referenced as "Hamburger Hill," Hill 137 is a NVA hilltop base that overlooks a supply route, this map is built for the sniper included with the foot soldiers treading carefully or using several foxholes and jungle paths to sneak by the eagle eyed sniper (yea, that was me giving you that headshot.) The map does a good job balancing the two sides, however, there are a few “sweet spots” that you can set up and take down the Vietnam forces on the US side near (base C), or even some sneaky shots across half the map for spot (flag B.) The Vietnam forces do have a few places to hide, but your going have to clear some ground to get to some spots. A patrol boat is available at the one base, however, it's a death trap that will only end in a carefully placed bullet to the head. Depending on your play style Hill 137 can be one of the most exciting maps, if you're into sniping, otherwise the slower pace might be daunting paralleled to the more vehicle laden maps.

Cao Son Temple
'Cao Son Temple' is a small fishing village with an ancient temple grounds stuck to the one side. This map has one side starting on a small island with a stream to cross before they get to the main section. The temple offers a good spot for melting point skirmishes, but can also suck the life out of the map. There are lot to places to hide here and each side has easy access to a patrol boat. Because of the dense vegetation this map feels a lot smaller then the Hill, so taking a boat for a ride might not end as quick (but it will end with a bullet.) Teamwork is key on this map with both sides on equal ground... unless the Vietnamese can push the US back to their starting island. Then its all but over.

Phu Bai Valley
The 'Phu Bai Valley' or the "Rice Fields" is the full out warzone in BC2: Vietnam. Complete with multiple tanks (M48 Patton and T-54), jeeps, helicopters, and tuk-tuk rides. The valley is the largest map in the expansion and has a few large sections that can make for some wild battles. The vehicles has wide roads to travel down with a few bridges that can cause for a detour. Fans of the big war feel, this will be your map of choice.

Digging a little deeper at the Vietnam DLC we'll skim over the weapons. All the weapons in Vietnam have been dirtied up to look “vintage” and really meet up with your expectations of the war during the time. Of course your going to see the classic M16A1 that was introduced during the Vietnam War for a replacement for the M14. The M16 is now the primary rifle for most military outlets across the world. Its counterpart, the AK47 is also in the game, this ones an oldie, but goodie. If this peaks your interest, you're likey a fan of the "assault" selection. The engineer has smaller and faster weapons like the UZI and M10. The medic has the big guns, the M60 LMG, RPK LMG and XM22 LMG. Yea that's the biggies and a strong reason why the medic is one of most popular choices for online play. Lastly we have the sniper (or Recon) with the M40 topping the list then dropping down to weaker rifles such as the SVD and surprisingly solid M21 Sniper. Alternatively you can equip the popular, but not as useful, M2 Flamethrower... really what would a Vietnam game be without the roasting of flesh. This weapon is good when strategically used, its a tough go, but if you are crafty enough you might find a few hiding spots to burn you enemies alive... who has the marshmallows?


More "Nam" Please... :)
Now that we've got a taste for “Nam” I am sure more gamers would like the 'Bad Company' side of Battlefield explore this time period more. While its unclear what direction DICE will take with series, a sort of "Black Ops" mixing of conflicts over the years looks the most promising. No matter what they do, the confidence has been established that DICE can make anything work. From the new 'Medal of Honor' close quarter combat to the dense mixed terrain of Vietnam, Battlefield stands strong as one of the leading multiplayer games of this generation.

'Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam' is an outstanding add-on that will rejuvenate your love for carefully crafted multiplayer component of 'Bad Company 2.' Making a purchasing decision is easy, if you still own and love Battlefield, this more Battlefield to fuel your addictive. It's almost been a year, but 'Bad Company 2' still remains one of the strongest multiplayer shooters on the market. If you haven't tried it out, the Vietnam add-on is just one more reason to give it a shot. Lock n' load, we're headed into the trenches.

  • Improves on an already awesome MP
  • Weapons feel great
  • Flamethrowers!
  • Measures have been made to reduce spawn camping
  • Feels highly polished, perfectly balanced
  • Each map is distinct
  • In a few weeks already intimidating for newbies
  • Few "choke" spots during the maps
  • Just a taste? we want more maps!
Quote: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam is an outstanding add-on that will rejuvenate your love for carefully crafted multiplayer component of Bad Company 2. Making a purchasing decision is easy, if you still own and love Battlefield, this more Battlefield to fuel your addictive."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 01.06.11

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Bad Company 2
Vietnam DLC

Electronic Arts

EA Digital Illusions


US Release
December '10


PS3, X360

Players 1
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HDTV 1080p
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