THQ and Blue Tongue Entertainment brings their loveable blob into full HD with 'De Blob 2.'

The original 'De Blob' turned some heads when it was released, exclusively for the Wii in 2008. De Blob's prototypical concept, tweaked by Australian developer 'Blue Tongue Entertainment' turns the idea of colouring to a whole other level. So we are glad to see the quirky hart-warmer return to the Wii and the other "next-generation" consoles in full HD (and 3D, if you have the set-up.)

For kids over the age of 10 (this ones rated E10+) 'De Blob 2' is one of the most interesting “kid focused” game that isn't a movie-tie in. However, just because 'De Blob 2' is an all-ages affair, it doesn't mean adults won't like this game. Actually, I found it to provide a nice break from all the other shooters and expansive role-playing games that seem to take up most of our time.

The story picks up up with the return of Comrade Black and the Inkies (the villains from the original game,) who are up to their old tricks, namely, ridding the world of colour. Of course Blob and his friends won't stand by and let Comrade Black succeed in his colourless oppression, so the adventure commences as you fight to save the citizens of Prisma City. It's not earth shattering drama and it doesn't half to be, it's just right given the context of the gameplay. I felt like 'Blue Tounge' did enough with the kooky tale to make it engaging. You will be hard pressed not to crack a smile or two during this one.


In its essence 'De Blob 2' still feels like original, aside from a few tweaks and obvious graphical HD upgrade. Starting at the beginning, you play an amorphous goo-ish sponge-blob who uses colour as his weapon. This magnetizing creature paints his way across town to liven up the inhabitants and transform the world into a vibrant playground for the people. Using colour to transform the world is instantly gratifying, empowering the player to feel like they are always progressing. However, the paint-and-spray formula can become tiresome because of the repetitive design in the levels. The “been-there-done-that” feeling can be shaken up by playing in shorter spans. For a little credit, this issue has been slightly addressed by the addition of side-scrolling sections that connect each “city” section, but it doesn't mask the fact that a little more creativity could have been spared in the level design.

Jumping around town and bopping on Inkies is a lot of fun, but it's a little underwhelming for the core (adult) gaming demographic. However, for younger gamers, we are dealing with an entirely different beast. Aspects us old sticklers might gripe about like the loopy targeting system, lack of challenge and poor checkpoint/save design that can cause you to replay entire levels will no doubt cause for some frustration, something the younger gamer probably won't even notice. Even with its imperfections (the checkpoint one boggles my mind) 'De Blob 2' might just surprise you even if you're annoyed from time-to-time.

Keeping you interested in surveying each level beyond the quest marker is a significant collection element. Collecting art, upgrades, power-ups, texture styles is just a sample of the extras you can find. The time limit feature in 'De Blob 2' really seems like a waste and contracts this collection feature, but don't worry too much, you usually have more than enough time to complete a level while pursuing those extras. Secondary, 'De Blob' can be upgraded to make him a better blob, although it feels like a tacked on feature. To me, the Blob seems fine without the upgrades.

Bringing a new co-op feature into 'De Blob' was a good idea, and although it's not entirely flushed out, it adds an extra element that will be appreciated in multiple gamer households. In this sequel a second player can join the fun by taking control of 'Pinky,' the female “robotic-catish” character that accompanies De Blob throughout the story. Two players can also complete special missions against the INKT Corporation via a split-screen mode, were you will need to be ready for some switch activating teamwork under a ticking clock. The co-op features could be expanded in the future, still it's a great place to start.


The concept of bringing joy into a lifeless world not only shows in the gameworld, but in the real world as well, as you smile along with 'De Blob 2' and its colourizing antics. 'De Blob 2' has successfully transitioned into HD and is an excellent alternative to the A-typical kids game. While the formula remains untouched from the original Wii-wiggling affair, 'De Blob 2' still has value as a sequel, or as a new IP, if you're checking out the 'De Blob' for the first time, thanks to it's newly debuted platforms.

  • Super fun concept,
  • Fun game for all ages
  • De Blob is looking good in HD
  • Excellent sound design with its progressive soundtrack
  • Pinky can join in the fun, simple, yet effect co-op
  • Instant gratification, feels like you are always progressing
  • Move enabled (PS3 version)
  • As expected, De Blob 2 gets repetitive after a while
  • Challenge is underwhelming for experienced gamers
  • Poor checkpoints/save system
Quote: "The concept of bringing joy into a lifeless world not only shows in the gameworld, but in the real world as well, as you smile along with 'De Blob 2' and its colourizing antics."
Reviewed by DowntownJimmy | 03.04.11

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De Blob 2


Blue Tongue Ent.

Action Platform

US Release
February 2011


PS3, X360

Players 1
Co-Op 2
HD 720p-1080p
5.1 surround
Move Enabled
3D Compatible