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The layout is the game is still the same. You can suit up with new suits, upgrade your equipment and suit via benches, pick-up ammo and health scattered around the world and in the dead corpses that litter the Sprawl. Save Terminals (love or hate) are back. 'Dead Space 2' still has a checkpoint system, but it's is important to remember to hit a save point before you power down your console. I'm not a huge fan of this system, however given the style of gameplay it's a tool the developer uses to push you through the game while keeping you surprised.

I haven't touched on the Necromorph species that has the ability to reanimate dead flesh. The result horrific zombified monsters. The Necromorphs make the normal "Romaro Zombie" look like a cuddly puppy, no seriously. Even Bruce Campbell would have a work out in this space setting. Bottom line, the Necromporphs don't mess around and attack the player with a deadly passion for flesh, the can be easy to deal with when it's one-on-one, but its rarely that easy, and the confines of the world do a great job of helping the evil beings get the first bite. Starting with the Infector, the small winged creature that transforms the flesh you will have to deal with a number of creatures with obvious names like the slasher, leaper and puker... all doing what you would expect... slash, leap and puke. You will also see some new monstrosities, which I won't spoil. Truly the Necromorphs are an awesome design, pure extreme and perfect fodder for a horror influenced game.

The environments you will be exploring have a little more variety than the original, although it's not to far-off for what you probably expect. The delivery and design is a little more focused, keeping its linear progression. The majority of time is spent in tight hallways and small rooms filled with lots of closed doors. The lack of diversity would be the biggest point against 'Dead Space 2,' and even though Visceral slightly switched things up, something aspects are avoidable. The tight claustrophobic feeling of walking through the world only amplifies the sense of importance and fear. Starting in a hospital, heading through an apartment to a unitology resource center are the first few chapters which branches out a little more after chapter 6, but really, none of the levels outshine the others. They're all careful crafted, tight and visually dark and filled with gore. I know some of you expected to 'Dead Space 2' to be a little more open, but unfortunately it's not.


Lastly, 'Dead Space 2' introduces a multiplayer "Human vs. Necromorph" component complete with customizable character options, leaderboards, and the ability to make a four player "playgroup." There are four maps to test out this new feature, which include Titan Mines -- construct a shockmine while being assaulted by Necromorphs. Escape that is based on the Sprawl, the idea, evacuate the Ishimura via the escape pods, along with a few others. While multiplayer definitely feels unnecessary, Visceral did their best to make it more "off-beat" then the average deathmatch multiplayer. The objective based, "Monster vs. Human" idea is interesting and good when you have a solid group of players. However, it's not going to hold your interest too long and before you know it you will probably be headed back to the Sprawl for the real 'Dead Space' experience.

'Dead Space 2' provides a tense hell ride into another Necromorph infestation. While Visceral plays it safe with basically more of the same, 'Dead Space 2' is still a top notch experience unlike no other game on the market. So if you enjoyed the first 'Dead Space' you will love this, and if you haven't had a chance to play a 'Dead Space' title yet, 'Dead Space 2' is a must have for horror/suspense shooting fans. I'm not sure how much life 'Dead Space' has as a series, unless things are shifted up in the future. However for the moment, it's a great ride. Addictive, suspenseful, and beautifully intense, 'Dead Space 2' impresses.

  • above average production and attention to detail
  • suspenseful, well crafted tale
  • sold mechanics, gunplay is very satisfying
  • creepy creepy creepy, solid horror influenced atmosphere
  • can be very challenging on harder settings
  • narrative doesn't always hit its mark
  • environments could use some opening up and diversity
  • good or bad, still feels like more of the same
  • multiplayer enjoyment is short lived
Quote: "Dead Space 2 provides a tense hell ride into another Necromorph infestation. While Visceral plays it safe with basically more of the same, Dead Space 2 is still a top notch experience unlike no other game on the market."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 01.25.11

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Dead Space 2

Electronic Arts

Visceral Games


US Release
January 2011


PS3, X360

Players 1
Multiplayer 2-8
HD 720p-1080p
5.1 surround
D/L Content