5th Cell follows up their remarkable word puzzler by making it “Super” in 'Super Scibblenauts.'

Last year we lavished Sciblenauts for its innovative concept and prototypical gameplay, so peeling off the shrink wrap to the sequel was very exciting, spirited to see what 5th Cell packed into their “super” edition of Scibblenauts. Before you get snarled, 'Super Scibblenauts' isn't a remixed “super-sized” edition of the original, this essentially is 'Scibblenauts 2' without the digit.

Adjective Enabled
Continuing from were the first game left off, 'Super Scribblenauts' is a puzzler that lets you use creativity and vocabulary to help the hero Maxwell advance through the levels. The big change to 'Super Scribblenauts' is adjective support. How many adjectives, 10'000 to be exact. Adjectives are mainly used to change an objects property, like its colour, size and behaviour. Adding adjectives was a logical step in the progression of 'Scribblenauts,' one that opens even more creative freedom to solve problems. Like before, it's super fun to fool around with 'Scibblenauts' just to see what can be combined. Robotic Cannibal, sure why not.

D-Pad or Stylus
Along with this improvement, '5th Cell' has address the issues with the controls. However, they haven't added any “real-world” weight to the objects in the world. Listening to fan feedback, the controls have been adjusted to choose between D-Pad or stylus control. Even though I was one of those old schoolers who wanted the D-pad added, but the D-Pad doesn't work as fluidly as the stylus, so no change was really needed at all. Who knew? The main problem with the D-Pad is switching your grip when you need to move Maxwell. It's simply too awkward compared to simply swipe.

Outside the Box
In a quick glance you might fooled into thinking the cut-out styled graphics in 'Super Scribblenauts' means the gameplay is only for kids, while think again. 'Super Scribblenauts' is a lot tougher then the original with some clever and challenging puzzles, well, at least for a few seconds. The idea, "think outside the box" is what 'Super Scribblenauts' is all about, promoting creativity, 'Super Scribblenauts' will stimulate your mind and improve your puzzle solving skills. Difficulty aside, kids will still have a strong attraction to 'Scribblenauts' because it's so freeing. If you are having some trouble with a puzzle, hints are always available at the price of in game money (Ollars) or if you wait long enough, they are free. The hints usually help you out of your predicament, although I was still left bewildered by a few of the puzzles.

Endless Possibilities
All together you will have 120 levels to work through. The puzzles are combination of platforming puzzles to simple “find what fits in the box” puzzle. Scribblenauts can be traditional and at the same right inventive with its puzzles. Beyond the puzzles '5th Cell' has created you can use the built in 'Level Editor' to construct an endless assortment possibilities and share and play other created levels via Wi-Fi. If the community keeps up like it has been 'Super Scribblenauts' should have a long shelf life.

'Super Scribblenauts' provides an extremely individualistic experience that can not be found in any other game series. While 'Super Scribblenauts' has lost some of its gusto, it's still a solid puzzler for your DS. More then a game, 'Super Scibblenauts' is a learning tool that encourages creativity. Highly recommended.

  • Same as the first, gameplay is only limited by your imagination
  • Multiple ways to solve a problem
  • Puzzles are harder this time around
  • Bigger dictionary with adjectives
  • Excellent production, still unique
  • Level editor opens endless possibilities
  • Doesn't have the same “wow” factor
  • No real-world weight to the objects
  • Some levels can be frustrating
  • Sound isn’t anything spectacular
Quote: "Super Scribblenauts provides an extremely individualistic experience that can not be found in any other game series. While Super Scribblenauts has lost some of its gusto, it's still a solid puzzler for your DS. More then a game, Super Scibblenauts is a learning tool that encourages creativity."
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 11.08.10

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WB Games
5th Cell
Released (US)
October '10